2.26 - I'm a Stalker, Not a Fighter

Continuing where we left off...

Lettie watches her sister awkwardly flirt from the new balcony with a snort.
Lettie: It's about time she found someone as awkwardly cute as she is.

His name is Mason, apparently.
Yes apparently our new neighbor decided to drop by at 4am to say hello to the neighbors just Martha though. Funny doesn't he seem familiar?
Lettie: Quite.
Hmmm. Can't put my finger on him, can you? 
Lettie: Not even a little.

Caleb takes care of Haku before finally taking a Quirk-B-Gone. I forgot he got emotional time bomb and lol, he apparently doesn't WANT that.

Lettie tucked in the girls, and Martha tucked in her son Shira as Mason made himself at home downstairs.

She then joined their new neighbor downstairs dancing.

For only knowing each other for about 2 sim hours... I'd say they're getting along rather swimmingly, wouldn't you? Curious curious curious!

Oh whoops, I left the dorks on free will and they found each other. Caleb had a wish to kiss Lettie, so I had him kiss her cheek.

She responded by autonomously going in for the full kiss.

And he popped a confetti popper immediately after.
Caleb: Celebrate!

Lettie: *laughing* oh, it's not midnight for a little while now you realize that, right?
Caleb: No, I was celebrating you kissing me. Does this mean I get another one?

Lettie: Oh, you.

I wanted to put in a vault because I love the idea of it... but was soon put off by the fact that it's only good if you have the lowest ceilings?

Oh yeah, that looks safe. GaPING hole in the top but it's cool, it's covered by glass. Glass totally isn't breakable.

So I was looking over my spreadsheet and saw the skills we still needed to max... seeing as it was a holiday I decided to put the Ghibli's to work on Bowling... so down everyone goes.

Martha and Mason play a game on one lane, Lettie and Caleb on another, and when all the kids woke up I put them on yet another together.
However, the kids need to wake up first...

Ah, fucknuggets.
Do I need to pull the trick I did in my Wonder Child Challenge and cover the walls in lights for this damn thing to not show up? Yuna and Ami got completely spooked.

Ami tried to make friends with it...

It didn't work.

So what does our darling do?

Get big brother Kao on the case, of course.

The girls got cleaned up as Kao sprayed away those monsters - giving up his own shower time to do so, mind you.

Kao: *loudly so his sisters hiding in the other room could hear* Alright monster here's how it's gonna go down... you're not going to come back here, cause if you do...

Kao: I'm going to take you down. Ok? Ok.

Kao: Coast is all clear!

Kao: Now finally time to hit the shower.

Caleb and Lettie: *staring at each other with that look*
Lettie: Mhm, I like him.

Caleb: Yeah, he's a good fit.
Lettie: You know what else could be a good fit...?

Caleb: *talking easily with Mason*
Lettie: *my mom senses are tingling*

Lettie: You're not getting sick, are you Yuna?
(Notices Yuna's the only one in the orange)
Oh my, Lettie IS on the case today.

Shame she sucks at Bowling so much.
Mind your hip, grandma. 
Lettie: Oh just you wait until I get over there, Ms. Wears-a-brace-every-night-to-bed.
Hey! I have carpal tunnel...
Lettie: Who's the grandma now?

Lettie spent some time getting to know Mason.
Lettie: I'm so glad more single people are moving to the neighborhood. You know my sister's single?

Mason: *to himself* I knew someone was looking out for me!

Poor Kao. I briefly had a moment before I realized I'd put him in a game with children. I'm excited for when Shira ages up so Kao won't be alone in teendom.

I love Ami's faces. She's got those big brown eyes... the freckles help too.
I'm a sucker for freckles, ok? 
Like Olivia. Robert. Catrina. Adilyn. Soliana. Lucie. I have more than I can count. Really.

The kids start to work on their New Years Eve holiday requirements.

Mason seems to be very smooth at bowling... he's caught someone's attention.

Martha: *closing eyes* I'm not staring no way. Nope.
Martha: *opens her eyes and wheezes* ohyesrightum. He's very nice looking that's all.

This is a stray cat in a top hat and a bow tie. That's all.
If more cats dressed this way, maybe they wouldn't be strays?
I'm not ready for pets in this file, though. No sir. Not for a long while.

Lettie went from 0 to hero, just like that!
Look that wrist snap, though.
Ooh. Ahh. Much admiration here.
Ah, time to make new years resolutions, yo!


Caleb's gonna complete an aspiration milestone.

Kao's gonna be a better student.

So is Yuna.

Lettie would like to get a promotion, since she's so close to level 10.

And Ami plans to complete an Aspiration Milestone.

We put up the house decorations, but as you'll notice Shira didn't pick his resolution. Well we were struggling to see what he had left to decide, seeing as he'd be aging up really soon. I wasn't planning on doing any Aspiration milestones, and he was maxed out in the school department.

LOL when even mom Haru comes back from the grave to meddle in your dating life Martha... *snorts*

Caleb began working on his aspiration milestones to complete his resolution when I settled on the one I wanted for Shira.

Shira had some badges left, so he's off to earn a scouts promotion.

Ah, these wonderful notifs. I do love that Kao gets them though. What I DISLIKE about this though and why I took the picture is because I'd DEFINITELY tell him NO to not over send messages (unless you're me and you know the person well). However, I desperately need Emotional Control in my kiddos for the green, and it's so hard to get, so... 

Ami decidedly crawls all the way down to the basement to eat and nearly runs late for her scouts stuff.

Caleb finishes a masterpiece.
That's a masterpiece.

Lettie tutored Kao so we could ensure he improves his grades for his resolution.

Mason, despite not being in the house, decided to help Martha in the garden. We added him to Club Ghibli for ease of inviting him over more frequently.

Noteworthy: apparently playgrounds are for kids. Poor Kao can only play on them when children are there to supervise his fun.
Anyways, the romance festival is in town and I decide to send the adults... and Kao.

Anyways, you may briefly remember a girl from Kao's childhood - she had blue hair? They became partners in crime?

Well I was trying to invite her out, since she was now a teen too. I thought she and Kao might get along nice, but she refused to come out to meet him, stupidly.

So I was feeling bummed after he called her 4 times and she said she'd show up (but didn't) when I was suddenly pulled all the way across the lot by a siren of another kind:

Hi there.
Ahemright. I'm minding my own business. 
Also she disappears on the lot and I feel depressed about life. 

Caleb and Lettie decided to paint pictures for the requirement that called them here, which left Mason and Martha to chat a bit.

Martha: *attempting to be cool*
Martha: *failing at being cool*

Mason: *gets hit by her smile*
Yeah I'm just riding these emotions.

Martha attempts to be flirty... but...

She always ends up back being dorky as she realizes she successfully flirted enough to get a romance started, ergo giving her her resolution.

Martha: *randomly blurting out* did you know I have a fear of DINOSAURS!
Mason: It's a very legitimate fear...!

Uncle Howl is a supportive Uncle who calls Kao to congratulate him on his promotion.

Caleb: *sneaks a wink at Lettie* Hey good-lookin'. Come here often?
Lettie: Depends on who's asking...
Caleb: A very interested fellow who looks a lot like me.


Martha: So yes, you're the first person I've really felt comfortable talking to like that...
Mason: *trying to not swoon* I feel similarly.
Me: sldkjga;sdlkgjas;dglaksdjga *flopping like a fish out of water*

Kao was getting love advice.

Something tells me he's takin' that one a little seriously. Look at this cute boyyyy! I need to get him a cute lady.
Maybe one with teal hair.
If she'd only freaking show up! 

I left Martha and Mason alone long enough that they had scurried over to get some of that tea everyone was on about. Of course them being the hermits they are, they had to walk back to the edge of the lot to resume their cute conversation of subtle flirting.
Martha: So this whole festival has... a very... um... flirty... vibe right?
Mason: *looks around nodding, equally nervous* yes I feel this flirtatious vibe quite deeply... *smiles and stares at her*

So apparently my plants are up and walking away? Ok, you do you, plant buddys. Just try not to trip up anyone as they attempt to walk.

BTW this guy I'm keeping my eye on. His name in Genji and Lettie turned him ages ago, you might remember (I barely can and I'm not gonna go digging for it). He's really good friends with the family - he was their mailman for a while and always helped out when Lettie was starving as a teenager/early young adult. She eventually turned him as a thank you and I want his genes in my house.

Caleb: *draws a sappy picture of a heart* Hm yes. Looks good. Now where did my heart go...?

Lettie: I beat you finished!
Caleb: Ah, there she is.

Kao is being a sucker and daydreaming about weddings. Look at how cute this precious child is I need to find him a good partner!
What way do you swing boy? Do you like boys? Girls? Both? I'll try them all!


Mason: I feel like we might've known each other in a past life, is that weird?
Martha: Sometimes I wonder if we're just in a simulation or something, and we've been tested together before...
Mason: ...Huh that's really interesting to consider.

Martha: *random confetti rains down from the sky* *they both look up*

Martha: Yeah, no, right?
Mason: Hmm probably not.

Caleb: SAY, what's a chance that I could convince a gorgeous woman such as yourself to maybe marry me right here, right now?
Lettie: *grinning* Hmm, I think the odds are in your favor.

So Lettie and Caleb started to renew their vows when...

Oh my gods hi. There you are.
Huh? Oh? What's happening?

Oh right. The dorks renewed their vows and I'm a sucker for them. Only what's this?

Girl: *tosses petals on Kao*
Me: las;jdglaskdgjas hitherepretty. *mouth dry like desert*

Me: *creeping in on her*
Kao: Woah... she's really pretty.
Me: dlsjag;ldskajgsIKNOWRIGHT

Me: canIgetacloseuponthatfacepls?

Me: Haaaaaaaaathat'sthestuff.
Lettie: are you done causing problems.
Hey now, I'm a stalker not a fighter. I just wanted a closer look at this beauty.

Mason and Martha have devolved into having fun and I feel bad for being so distracted by my stalker habits. 

LOL JK guys did you think I learned something? Cause I'm too busy slipping on my own drool puddles. Hi.

God hello she's gorgeous.
Caleb: WHY YES, Lettie really is.

Caleb: En-chan-té mademoiselle.

Lettie: Oui, oui, monsieur! You flatter me.
Caleb: I'd like to do more than that, if you're keen. 😉😏
Lettie: I'm feeling very keen.

I had finally sent Kao home when this girl finally shows up. (Groans and rolls eyes) Well if that isn't my luck. Ah well, it was time to pack up the couples and send them back to watch the countdown for midnight.

So they bid adieu to... Planet... Honey... Pop? 
Ok then.
See you next time!
PS, only 2 more weeks of my semester left. I'm so excited.


  1. OMG, that girl is *so* gorgeous! I can totally understand why you were distracted by her. But then blue haired girl is also great looking. Maybe hottie could be Shira's partner? Or that might be too much of an age gap - is she a teen or a YA?

    1. Isn't she though?! I'm FLOORED by her! Lol forget the boys I might pursue her myself! XD She's a YA in game, and I think she's been for quite some time. I did freeze her age right now, though. THANKS MCCC! I'll see who clicks with her. Kao's not leaning one way or another. I'm preferable to fancy genetics (teal hair girl) but Kao is also my first baby of this gen so I really wanna find him someone he connects with well.

      <3 I just know I need that girl in my life. Somehow. Some way.

  2. HOhohohohoho
    the bachelor challenge worked out
    Mason is already LOAAADDSSS better than whateverhisnameDude

    Kao is good big bro A++

    oiadsa slapping links to all your cuties over there in ts3 MUA

    HHAHAHAH ohpoorMartha even her dead mom be coming to give well wishes to her romance life

    omgwhowasthat she got pretty FACE

    (bursts out laughing again as you shame the fake Santa)

    Caleb is like a dog. Can only be satisfied upon seeing his wife and being in the same room and its super cute.

    ooohshegotNiceGenes mustTieThatDown


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