2.27 - Who Are You Again?

Wow, it's been a while since I've been on Blogger. Can't complain about them not updating things anymore it seems...
*Takes ten minutes to ogle over new controls*
Right I was doing something wasn't I? 
*Looks around*
Oh! Ghibli's! Right!
Pardon as I readjust to life without school breathing down my neck. Ahem. 

It's a bit of a trippy experience right now. Right so obviously it's been a while, and I have pictures leftover from the last play session I had, which took place over many days in the last several months of school as I booted the game on and off and then forgot about it entirely.

Ah, school.
*Rereads my last chapter* Ooh I have a spreadsheet too. 
*Opens spreadsheet*

So. I just spent the last four days fixing it up. It's not yet finished but isn't it pretty?

7/1/2021 Update: Yes so, I did play around with that sheet, then got weirdly inspired and made a whole new spreadsheet and I'm using that now. 

It's mostly because I'm a sucker for spreadsheets and it's been... a long time. Like. A year.

(coughs) And-that-wasjust-thelast-time-I-opened-this-doc-to-edit-it-not-since-I-started-it. Either way so it's been a while and I wanted to automate all the things on my spreadsheet, so I did. I also made a version for the layman to use, though it's unfinished at the moment, so I guess I can post about it later?

Ok well this is going to be a journey of figuring out how to make this post, as this is kind of a huge mess of me figuring out how this works and what these formatting options even are. Or rather, how to undo things.
Ahem anyways, where were we last?

These two slay me.
So since everything is practically like new to me, except these two's indefinite love for each other, so that means most people will be getting makeovers. Weeeeee! Only I didn't take pics of it so you'll just have to catch it as it comes.

The family returned from the festival in time to do the countdown for New Years. Of which, happy dad Caleb settled in with his family to watch the TV prep to the countdown, and outside?

Martha was getting comfier with Mason.
Mason: It's almost like- oh? Wait we're here now. How did we get here?
Martha: The writer does that. She hates outings in general. I'm amazed we got to see the outdoors at all, honestly.
Mason: Ah, I see.

Haku can't even turn a little blue before someone comes to smother him.
I'm telling you, being blue for a while builds character.

But I am weak for Dad Caleb so...

Dad Caleb who barely made it in time for the countdown.

They had the big count in and then--- what? 


MASON! Did you coordinate this?!
Mason: Coordinate what?

And everyone was too busy counting down to actually notice that poor Martha had gone to the great alien abyss beyond...

Well these two always have an excuse.

Mason though puttered around looking for her, seeming quite concerned.

It was actually really cute to watch them all hugging each other for it. Shame Martha got a crap holiday thanks to a really poorly timed abduction.

Haku wants for nothing in this house. Every adult is super eager to meet his needs, and all the kids gather 'round just to poke their noses into the crib.

For what it's worth, Martha survived the trip to the great beyond.

Whether or not she's all there anymore is to be seen. But in this family I suppose being "all there" was never in the cards to begin with.

Especially as the first thing she did was spill her life story to one of the many plants she's been growing.
Martha: And that's why probing should be illegal.
Well, if that plant talks back to you dear, then we'll have a real problem.

Erick popped in to check on his little girl and they had a really nice chat. I don't remember about what, or what Lettie was even doing. Perhaps writing a book on the computer? My brain is stretching a bit here. I do know I recently added the University expansion so I started looking at options for Kao potentially to go... and since Kao was busy, it just meant dad Caleb could-

Caleb: (wailing) mybabyisgrowingup-!
Ah... um... you need a sec there bud?
Caleb: (loud sniffling) I'mgood.

Caleb: These colleges do seem questionable though. Why would two colleges stake up so close to each other? I bet it's all a conspiracy!
Ah... sure thing daddy dearest. 
Why do I get the feeling this will carry on for a long while? (Looks at line of eventual 10 kids that will go through)

I can't get rid of this baby stage fast enough, honestly. I want to see what he looks like!

Caleb went to relieve some emotions painting with his father-in-law. As you can see here, Mason did his best to attempt but... it didn't turn out so great.

The family money pile is growing... but the fact that I can still see other things in there tells me this isn't nearly big enough! Moar money! Moar! 

New Skill Day arrived and... you don't realize exactly how difficult "new" skills are until you have vampire legacy families with a shit ton of skills. So Caleb found the telescope to have a good holiday.

I also set about putting the new vacuum cleaner robot that they got for... the Christmas holiday? And it asked me to name it. So I picked Rufus. Hello Rufus~!

Also Lettie got her 103rd makeover and asdlghjalsdkgja isn't she adorable? This leads us, my dears, mostly to the present. Where I was going 'round doing head counts.

Lettie: Here!
Me: asdkjhgadsklghasdga

Martha: Present.
Me: laksdjgladsjgaljga

Kao: This is weird...
OmgKaobabyyoulooksogood- (tearing up)

Caleb: I'm just amazed you remember anything at all.
Listen I have a great memory. It's just selective.

Unfortunately some of the kids were at scouts, so I didn't get a headcount for Kashira (pictured above), Yuna (not Yuma) and Ami. But there all here... right where I left them.
Gods it's weird to be a graduate.

Kao is working on his skills for New Skill Day and lookit'sYuna!

And these two can't be alone for long, they always gravitate back around each other.
However, it's New Skill Day, so Lettie, get to work!

She learned the piano. All went smooth and steady!

Caleb is getting really good with painting, which should be helpful for getting Lettie's portrait. See, I could've sworn I already did that, but it wasn't in the basement, so, I'm going to assume I didn't.

Kao has been working diligently to put a good dent into his aspiration. I noticed I set Caleb to also do that aspiration and career, and so that was likely me planning ahead to move Kao out... which... that's a scary thought for me.
(heavy swallows) 
I can't just say goodbye to this baby! not that easily! 

He did max the cooking skill! Good job baby!
And Haku is miserable again. Ugh these bassinet object babies!

Expert mom Lettie was already on the case! 

And that counted for New Skill Day, apparently. Hey, I'll take it.

As a reward, we took off to the Flea Market - which, hey I know that guy! Man this game file has not been good to you Howl...

He was serenading the Flea Market goers. And... that lady looks like she either popped out a hip or is dropping it low enough that she might pop a hip.
You do you, lady.

We tipped him well. Poor man has baby mouths to feed apparently, and Billie has been useless. This is what I get for trying to marry off spares.

Speaking of spares, Sophie is also here! She looks so much like Haru it does me heart a hit.

They all gather round to support their big brother.

I don't remember why I took this, so here have Lettie being pretty. 
Lettie: Which I always am.
Well ok, Ms. Confidence.
Lettie: That's Mrs. to you. I'm married to Mr. Confidence don't you know. 
Ah yes, of course.

Martha has been crunching through the Vampire Lore skill slowly. I've already decided I want to swap her into being a Spellcaster but I figure I should finish what I started.

Poor Kao went to collect some recipes and only ended up burning his poor mouth. I relate to that...
A lot...

Prof. Farnsworth comes for us all, you see.

I'm sure I had witty things for this one too. 
Lettie: It's fine, I'll keep carrying the team here. I'm just happy to have my family.

The rest of the kids finally got time to join them and they all gathered around to watch Uncle Howl play the blues.
Cause I sure would have them in his shoes.

Speaking of Mr. Confidence, here he is in all his glory. 

And I'm pleased to say that, even though he's adopted, Kao takes after him quite nicely. He goes in for another round of food collection too. 

Shira, Yuna, and Ami take turns shooting some hoops. It was super cute watching them dribble. It brought me back to my pathetic and short-lived basketball days. Only... this was much nicer as I didn't take any basketballs to the face.

Martha: We're always here for you bro.
Howl: Thanks, sis. Can I come home?
Martha: Well, no, the house is full, but mentally we're always with you.
Howl: 😭

Lettie: Maybe I can work something out.
No. No no. No no no. I cannot handle more sims in a house, Lettie. I can't. 
Lettie: Never say never~!
I didn't. I said can't. Can't. Shouldn't. Wouldn't. Won't.
Lettie: So a maybe for now.

(nose twitching)

Fat Fuck.

It was time to head back home before I murdered someone and Ami got PTSD from the Christmas he ruined. Awayyyy we go~!
And well, it's a small update for me. I'm trying a new platform for hosting images so I've still got some tests to work out.
Plus it's SimNaNo! Look at me go!

Anyways, for any of you still reading, thanks for sticking with me as I go on hiatus after hiatus. 
I'll leave you with this lovely picture of Lettie sneezing.

Thanks for reading. 

Word Count:  1,739
Picture Count: 65




    Your scoring sheet is AMAZING. I'm using it and it's A+++ highly recommend to all ts4 legaciers


    Dad Caleb makes me weak too, poor worried lad lmao

    WEEEE look at everyone, they look PRETTY

    Poor Howl indeed lol, he deserves all the tips.
    Igotpretty emotional with the twins giving him a hug I gotta say

    CONGRATS on being free of school btw (throws confetti)

    Your legacy is amazing and a lot of fun, you got a great voice and your sims have a life to them.
    Let's go SimNaNo!


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