Hi there!

This is a 10-generation genetic legacy attempt with the Sims 4. The theme of each generation will be based off characters from a Studio Ghibli film!

I'll be following the Legacy Rules loosely. I say "loosely" because I have one rule that I apply that trumps every other rule in all these requirements:

I'm going to have fun with this legacy; if following a rule will be unfun for me, I will break that rule.

That's it, really. I've learned the hard way that sometimes I burn out fast if I'm playing by the rules to a painstaking degree. It stops being about me having fun and starts being about me dreading a potential fuck-up to the rules. So, yes, I'm still going to count for points even if I "break a rule," because so long as I'm having fun, that's all that matters to me!

Here's the skinny: 
  • I'm using mods. In particular, I'm using MCCC and all its counterparts. This actually doesn't get inserted in until I'm a few chapters into this, but I have no regrets about it. It's great. 
  • This game's CAS is horrid to me. I'm sorry if you like it; it's just not my cup of tea. As such, I really struggle to do outfits and match shit and will use preset outfits a lot of times. Yup. I'm real creative. I apologize if it's boring. I am trying to learn how, but it'll take time.
  • I'M A NOOB AND I'M PROUD! I don't know much about the Sims 4 - relatively nothing at all when I started this. I learned a lot from watching stories on Boolprop (shoutout to Teresa, of whom I've been stalking her Baby Boom to help me survive my generation 2 toddlers and children while getting the most out of it). As such, I expect I'll make a lot of noobish mistakes. It's not intentional. It's true noob-ery. 

Here's the Legacy-Relevant information: 
  • Gender Law: Equality
  • Bloodline Law: Traditional
  • Heir Law: Genetic Traits/Democracy (if multiple options)/Favoritism (whomever I like most)
  • Species Law: Undecided? All I care about are the genetic traits being passed down.

Here's the rules I know I'm probably going to be breaking: 
  • Spouses can't bring money into the household - mostly because I'm lazy af. Money is money to me, and how I earn it I'm not going to keep tabs on. I'm too busy juggling everything else. 
  • Children may only be adopted as infants - I'm only saying this one because I'd bet my treasured left nut that I'll forget about this at one point and adopt an older child anyway. Any rule that I have a chance of accidentally breaking without realizing it (thus causing a fail) is an immediate IGNORE for me.
  • I'm doing the randomizer that rolls ALL traits ALL at once when the child is born. This isn't breaking a rule, but they sure do sound like they frown upon it. I don't like surprises. Yes I will gladly take my corner in the party-pooper station. I will own and defend this corner until my death.
That's actually a surprisingly short list. Huh. Fancy that!
Anyways, one last list to go for you - 

  • I curse. A lot. Shit. Fuck. I'm sorry.
  • I'm not a Sims 4 player and up until like a month ago I rather hated this game with a passion. Currently hate this game a little less, but I definitely hate EA. There may be some grumbling about this. No promises.
  • I pun. I pun a lot. I'm punny. NOT sorry.
  • I may spoiler Ghibli movies. I haven't done so yet, but what can I say? I'm dangerous, and one day will come when I'll revisit this page for the first time in ages and I'll have forgotten I even wrote this. Ergo, if I'm going to forget I even wrote this, I'd forget any promises about not spoiling any movies. 
  • I'm insanely picture heavy. I have over 1000 pictures for this story so far and haven't even made it to generation 2 as adults so... you've been warned.
  • I have a tendency to drop off the map for months at a time. Not intentional with challenges, they're just low-priority compared to life.
I hope you enjoy the ride! 
I hope I enjoy the ride... 
LET'S enjoy the ride together!