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2.31 - When Time Slowed Down... Like A Lot

 Where did we last leave off with?  OH RIGHT. Apparently Martha decided Rhea was gorgeous  and they flirted up a storm in my ABSENCE leaving them with a romantic relationship. So, not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I dragged Rhea back to allow things to progress where they will, you know? The kids had gotten home and Kaonashi was stuffing his face with the toxic poison I mean food. Kashira finally earned his last badge so he could quit scouts. It only took this long because... ahem... I forgot. Sorry Kashira... Rhea hung out and made herself at home, but she gravitated around Martha (or vise versa?). Rufus escaped the home and made a break for it... until his batteries ran out and he ended up back at the base later. Shikigami kept Lettie company as she painted. Yuna was being a super big help and mopping up the puddle left by her littlest brother. And I finally sent Martha out to do some hardcore gardening and bee keeping in the rain. Rhea opted to stay in and challenge Caleb to a