2.15 - Goodbye Loves

Martha was still being assaulted by sad moods.

And Lettie got this moodlet, probably pertaining to Haru completing one of the family aspirations I'd bet.

Martha and Shira spend some time on thinking. He's not going to max all of his toddler skills, but I'm ok with that.

Both Lettie and Caleb have boosts to skilling at night, so they level through their intended skills rather rapidly. However, here Lettie is using her parent's computer, so I kicked her upstairs so she wouldn't bother them while they tried to sleep.
Or celebrate their vow renewal *coughs*

Caleb was working on his cooking.

Rather rapidly, I might say. Yet poor Yuna needs some love.
and I still almost write Yuma every time thanks to Teresa's 100 baby challenge.

When I popped up to check, I was genuinely surprised to see Kao over trying to cheer up his baby sister. Unfortunately, he can't clean diapers.
I know someone who can though!

Of which he's more than happy to do.

I'm really glad Caleb and Lettie are together. They fit so well!

But he's gotta work on that parenting skill, otherwise toddler Yuna is gonna stomp him.


She gains the Wild trait! My first WILD toddler ever... pray for me to the gods of mercy, for I shall receive none here.

Caleb immediately did the running to the mirror and I adjusted his outfits/dark form, and Lettie's a bit again too. The main reason though is the one I got pictures for... Yuna!

She's soooo cute! And starving. She rolled out of her crib hangry.

It's like she wants to be a bat too...

Yuna: FEED ME!
Caleb: *melting at child*
Yeah we're all doomed.
Kaonashi created a Kid's Club for his social aspiration and invited over a bunch of kids, of which we found:

I'm in love, everyone. Look at that hair! 😍

Kao got to work befriending everyone he could.

Fed Yuna is happy Yuna.

Her eyes! I'm melting into those big browns!

Caleb is too. I think he accepts his fate.

This is the face of man reflecting on a good decision he made in his life. I feel it.
Either that or he's deeply regretting it.
I'm going to assume the former, though.

And how could I not when he's watching this sweet little gal!

And she even agrees to let him potty train her!

All while Shira and mommy Martha get some happy talkative time rather than busy working time. This is why he won't have all level 5 skills by the time he grows up.

Kao maxed his social skill!

Erick completed his other aspiration, that's ANOTHER +1 point from the  main list as he's now the Sim that's completed 2/3 creative aspirations in his life.

I went ahead and topped him off with the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

Which he insta-completed.

Yup I'm goo for this daddy-daughter combo here.

The Flea Market was in town and Lettie got invited out... so I took EVERYONE!
Also... lady put some clothes on there's kids here!

Simultaneous vampire freak-out!

I also finally enabled multiple BFFs with MCCC, so Caleb and Lettie became Best Friends while Haru serenaded Erick in the background.

Naked woman: Ugh! Stop screaming! You're so loud!

Kao: Is it ok to look yet?
Nope, keep those eyes closed, kiddo.

Martha was the one who was invited out, so she did her due-diligence and haggled with someone before buying an item.

We're now the proud owners of the purple armchair. Congratulations.

Kao tried to call out one of his friends so he could continue working on reaching that BFF status, however though the friend agreed to come out, he never showed. Pansy. It's just a little rain!
Says the woman who never wants to leave her home lot...

The tots retreated inside to the karaoke bar to sit and play on their tablets as I perused the Flea Market for anything of interest.

Lots of gems, but I'm hopefully going to be able to collect those no issue. I don't want to PAY for them.
Also, who buys HOMEWORK? Gross!

After realizing there wasn't much else to be had, we headed back home.

Haru and Erick fished together, occasionally flirting as they did so.

And Yuna conquered the slide.

Kao discovered the beautiful blue-haired gal for the first time and he's smitten.

Look at that face!
Her name is Ryleigh. It was really weird which is why I remember it. The spelling might be off, but I'm 99% sure it was with a y.

He's pulling out all the stops... including that dorky-ass face. Learned from the best he did. Speaking of whom - he had to read his vampire lore book and what does he do?

This dork drags it all the way into the bedroom where Lettie is working on writing at full speed just so he can be near her.

Dooooooooork. 💘

Guess who showed up at the door? Howl did, as usual. Of course we invited him in to hang out with the family.

Haru and Erick took a break to take a selfie. I had no idea how much time I might have with them, and I realized at that moment that I didn't have a single picture of the two of them. We'd start with this and maybe have Lettie take a bigger one later.

Erick and Haru needed to fix up their needs so they went home to use the bathroom. Haru went back out to start fishing and Erick stopped to give Shira a second wind, as he was already getting tired and it wasn't even 3pm yet!

I love this girl's coloring.

Lettie drops by to give Yuna her second wind. I don't think the toddlers slept very well the night before.

She was happy to have it and proceeded to get herself some munchies, courtesy of the dork she's got wrapped around her little fingers.

And what does she do when she's done?

She calls this dork over to lift her royal hiney from the cushion she sat to the floor. She doesn't call mommy, oh no, because mommy is not influenced by her charms like this dork is.

What a spoiled princess.

Kao is in it with Ryleigh for life, so he asks her to be his partner in crime!

What marvelous faces these two pull.
I'm in love already. Do I hear wedding bells?
Hell fucking yes I do.
... but that's not the only thing I hear.

And I sure as fuck wasn't ready for this.

The whole family was over...

And Lettie had come straight out in time to see it happen.

I wanted one last picture of the family portrait with them all together. God I was a mess when this happened.

I sent Haru running... I didn't want her to miss this. I didn't want her to be alone either... I wasn't sure what I was even going to do.

But I didn't need to worry about that.

It's like she just couldn't live without him.

And just like that, the Reaper poofed off the lot and left only two urns.

Goodbye, loves.


  1. OhNo the title
    Not a GOODBYe

    (rubs hands) Wild toddler! Lol Yuna is going to shake up the house.
    She's such a cute toddler goddddddss

    Hehehe Caleb and Lettie still so cute. So in synch they even doing animations together.

    (SNORT) Wow the flea market just selling homework. Now that's a scam. We could also say it's reflective of real life though...

    Go Kao! You got all the charms sweetie

    Also, still dying over Caleb and Lettie. Like let me hike it up to your room so I can read in your presence.


    aoidjsaldaandThereGoesHaru same day
    iuahdjksadasWe even get flashback pictures



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