2.30 - Martha the Disney Princess Applicant


I bought Cottage Living. Because I'm a sucker for pain with EA.

I wanted the gardening stuff.

Also with the update came actual ponds so I can get rid of this fake-o pond.

Though I absolutely hate the ground tool in this game? I cannot see how deep this is! Come on EA!

After a stupid amount of fussing, I finally managed to get the pond in shape, with ducks. So that was really cute. The spawners are a little odd to me, but I'm sure I'll get used to them.

I tossed down a barn and coop, though to be honest I'm not sure I'll use them just yet. Especially since the barn can only hold one animal? Oof EA. I gotta say I'm a little disappointed in this pack as a whole, and I know I'm not the only one. The rabbit hole barn is a bit much. Couldn't even bother to put a little effort into the opening? A fake backdrop? No? 

I mean I get TS3 did that, but it was just an add-on from the store, so I wasn't that mad about it. A full pack and you can't bother to put an inch more effort than TS3 version? Ouch...

Anywho, I'm going to stop ripping on the pack now, I just had to get that out.

Lettie and Caleb were painting and Erick decided to sabotage me and...

Thanks, Erick.

Erick: Anytime~!


So.... We have two options: we can sell this painting for over $1,000~ oooorrr we can list it on Plopsy for $5.

Yeah tots let's do the plopsy route...

Caleb sells his painting and goes around fixing all the trashed appliances and plumbing, because apparently the game booted and decided that all those things I have? Yeah they needed to be taught a lesson.

So grateful for that...

Ready for this roller coaster? Lettie maxed painting...

Caleb maxed handiness.

And... I thought... I had more. Lol jk that was a short ride.

Thanks for riding Air-Livvie.

Caleb had desires to support his eldest son in the struggles of becoming a vampire.

Which I found super wholesome but he wasn't able to do so because Kaonashi had just woken up and was scrambling to get ready for school with Kashira, which means, eating that horrible thing called breakfast.

Ah the duality of man.

Kashira: It smells amazing~

Kaonashi: iCKimDyinginSIDE.

Kashira: So... same old? 

He kills me with his desire to love food combined with the reality that food doesn't love him anymore...

He looks so happy right? Wrong.

Apparently he's had a nightmare. Though he's totally fine... so long as there's no one to cry to.

Cue Caleb walking in and suddenly Haku pulls a face.

Haku: (tearfully crying to his dad) Daddy...


Yeah. He was just fine.

And hey, it actually worked this time.

So enjoy the cute, as Haku gets exactly what he wants... spoiled child.

Martha got herself a promotion! She's only one promotion away!

I had Kashira drink a fun potion before going to school... yet instead of sitting at the table where he was... or moving in to find a place to sit and drink... the boy walked ALL the way through the house to his sister's bathroom to FILL A BATH and then take the potion while laying in it.

Kashira: School makes me anxious...

Kay but same.

Sweet Martha is basically a Disney princess with these bees...

Ignore that door which is clipping through the wall... TS4 has been doing this constantly to me. 

So yes Disney Princess Martha took all my attention so by the time I rolled back around to check on Haku, he'd suckered a bubble bath out of his dad.

I won't complain about it though, as kids never ask for baths seemingly on their own.

This kid really is a wonder...

And he's so darn cute too. He looks so much like Caleb!

It appears I wasn't done fawning over Martha so I came back to do some more for round 2. Guess who gets dragged along? 

If your answer was you, then you're absolutely correct.

Add in the farm animals and I think we should tear down Disney's doors to demand another princess to be added.

Which the ducks are super cute... but also a little more bland than I expected. 


Right I said I was done ripping on this pack~!

So back to Martha! Who gathered up the honey and beeswax all while looking A+ elegant. 

Martha: You know I can hear everything right?

Mhm, and you've not objected so far.

Martha: Nothing wrong with enjoying some compliments. But you're still weird, writer.

Ah, indeed I am. Indeed I am. 

Martha worked from home, Caleb and Lettie are in this horrible 4-day-off period the Culinary career has, and Haku is Haku so I decided to hardcore pursue Martha's career requirements for the day. Fingers crossed for a promotion!

But first things first, she had to make up a mural.

Park, here we come!

I went ahead and pre-edited the lot to toss murals all over the place to suit Lettie and Martha, but you know, on Boolprop discord Trip has given me an absolute existential crisis over the fact that the worlds are so close together and travelable, so now I'm over here headcanoning that clearly this family is too powerful and travels between dimensions. 

Er something.

So I accidentally left the lot unpaused when I arrived and got something to drink, when I came back, Martha was chatting up a nice lady that had rolled onto the park lot.

Her name is Rhea and Iloveher. She's a sim made by Blamsart that I used to help populate the worlds with some fresh faces and getting to see fun faces around the world makes me happy!

Also do they seem kinda close to you? Maybe it's just me...

Gods I love her color coordination. Mua Blams.

Seems Martha does too.

Well while she's here she has to tell a joke about politicians as part of her career requirements (weird flex but ok).

Martha: Oh boy, I'm not too good with jokes.

Just try your best, love.

Martha: Easy for you to say, your job doesn't depend on it.

Rhea: I'll be a great audience, then when it's over we can forget it ever happened.

Martha: You're a saint.

Martha: Please forgive me, I'm very awkward. Knock knock.

Rhea: Who's there?

Martha: Eclair?

Rhea: Oh curious... Eclair who?

Martha: (Making faintly pained face) I 'eclair war on you!

Um... I don't think that's about politicans...?

Martha: Pleasedon't-

Rhea: Haha, I get it! Did you get your job requirement?

Martha: (melting into a puddle) Yesthankgods.

Rhea: Ridiculous job requirements, for what it's worth, I found your delivery to be spectacular and your-

They were lost in chatting while these two were being newlywed dorks who aren't newlywed. 

Lettie though, breezed off to remind her sister that she has a mural to make before the kids crash home at 3pm. 

Lettie: Moooommmm we need to go now... Hello~ who is this, Martha? 

Martha: Lettie the grown ups are having a conversation, do you mind?

Lettie: Good thing I wore my grown up pants today, wanna join our club so you can help with the mural?

Martha: Lettie!

Rhea: (Watching Martha) That sounds great!

Me: (squinting intently at them)

Before I could scrutinize further, they ran off for the mural.

Haku, the little drama llama, ran off to work on his sliding. Though unfortunately because he's still a toddler he moves at the speed of a drunk panda.

Trips like one too.

Martha: And that was my harrowing experience in the sun on my sister's wedding day.

Rhea: What a horrible experience, yet very impressive you kept going through. I get why Vampirism wasn't for you. Spellcaster looks much better.

Martha: Thanks~ I feel better this way too. Hey, have I told you what I do for a living?

Rhea: A bit, tell me more though!

I have never really had success getting that to work right out. Thank you so much Rhea.

Martha: (To me) She's pretty, you know?

Huh what? I wasn't watching you flirt no way no how... ahem...

Martha: Haha, I wasn't flirting... right?

...yeAH sureTHING.

Martha: Do you think she thought I was flirting with her?

Who me? Ahem what? 

Martha: Thanks Liv, you're no help.

A girl who was a super fan of Lettie showed up and started talking to the group.

Rhea... doesn't look too pleased.

Rhea: Yeah... we were having a conversation...?

Meanwhile I started laughing my ass off because Lettie was over here with her sentiment about Martha:

Lettie: Ah, I feel so close to you after we partied together sis~

Martha: I don't even know who you are.

Like this is so on brand for them it hurts. 

The crowd started getting bigger and Martha started making that SOS face she does, only at Rhea instead of her sister.

Yeah, I'm sniffing things now.

Martha: Just go to your happy place... go to your happy place. 

Martha: Deep Breaths. Deep Breaths.

Haku was SOSing for a potty break and since he walks so incredibly slow and stumbly, Caleb had pity on him and carried him over to the bathroom.

Spoiled Child.

For once a Sim lifted that child and huffed it like a true parent would when their child says "daddy I have to potty bad!" 

A++ Caleb. I love it.

He made it just in time!

Martha worked on suckering cash out of as many adults as she could for that last hurdle of 20,000 simoleans donated. 

Martha: I'm soooo quitting this job and never looking back as soon as humanly possible.

I went back to focus on Haku's training and finding where Lettie had disappeared to, which was mostly to watch this poor sod who fainted

Yeah, he fainted from her presence alone.

Martha: Are you sure you don't smell bad, sis?

Lettie: (Sticks out her tongue) 

Lettie: Annnnd here. Please make sure you breathe the next time you see me, kay? 

Rando: OmgOMGomGthankyou

Haku managed to steal some more slide time with daddy.

When Caleb was done he went off to feed the other park orphans - or what I assume are park orphans because they follow Caleb around like he's going to adopt them all and save them.

Child: Are you my daddy?

Caleb: (squints at child) Hm... I don't think so. You don't look like one of mine... 

Child: Adopt me please?

Caleb: How about some grilled food instead?

Child: Ooh that sounds great.

Hi Yuma!

This is Teresa's Yuma, still alive, well, and gorgeous.

<3 <3 <3

Anyways I was very distracted during all this time, and what happens when I come back to Martha...?

I'm sorry... when did you two get flirty?

And WHEN did you two get a romantic relationship?!

And... that's where I'll leave you.
On this mighty cliff that one could declare a "hanger."

I have to go ice a Luigi cake and speed up to the next update to meet my goals... So you likely won't be waiting for long.

Word Count: 1,889
Picture Count: 80


  1. Yeaaahhhh EA strikes again with another pack lol

    between poor Kaonashi and Kashira. Look at that man persist though. He will eat that breakfast *he will*.

    Kashira: School makes me anxious...

    Lmao damn, Martha really is out here looking like a disney princess. PRETTIER EVEN.

    She looks GORGEOUS
    Good Rhea, appreciate Martha, she's great and needs to be gushed on
    french for lightning you know
    loveatfirstSight i dunno I'm smelling things

    Snort Lettie "MOOOOMMM"
    these twins i love 'em

    These two look GREAT TOGETHER my gOSH
    look at them flirting on their own
    they've got plans clearly

    (Also gotta snort at Caleb and the kids coming over to be adopted LOL)

  2. Love it, Lettie and Caleb will have more than enough time to hog the shipping spotlight after all. Rhea seems pumped to possibly get a magical girlfriend and her style fits. Yes I like her for reasons beyond her sharing a name with one of my favorite beers (true story!)

    The best part of The Sims is being gay on purpose but gay on accident is a close second. What luck!


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