2.31 - When Time Slowed Down... Like A Lot

 Where did we last leave off with? 


Apparently Martha decided Rhea was gorgeous and they flirted up a storm in my ABSENCE leaving them with a romantic relationship.

So, not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I dragged Rhea back to allow things to progress where they will, you know?

The kids had gotten home and Kaonashi was stuffing his face with the toxic poison I mean food.

Kashira finally earned his last badge so he could quit scouts. It only took this long because... ahem... I forgot.

Sorry Kashira...

Rhea hung out and made herself at home, but she gravitated around Martha (or vise versa?).

Rufus escaped the home and made a break for it... until his batteries ran out and he ended up back at the base later.

Shikigami kept Lettie company as she painted.

Yuna was being a super big help and mopping up the puddle left by her littlest brother.

And I finally sent Martha out to do some hardcore gardening and bee keeping in the rain. Rhea opted to stay in and challenge Caleb to a ping pong match so Martha could get some peace and quiet after the busy afternoon. 

Haku is hustling to get his skills up so he can age up.

And so far he's nailing it.

Martha and Rhea stole some time watching a movie and Kashira snuck up to spy on his mom as he ate dinner late.

Everyone was up late. Like who needs routines anyways? Hahahaha...

(Crying in pain)

After I managed to slam everyone into their beds that needed to be...


Shikigami: KaoKaoKao-!There'saMONSTER!

Kaonashi: Mmwhat? I'mup...


And as the diligent big brother always does, he dragged his poor, tired baby sister back to her room to banish the monster under the bed forever.

Or at least until tomorrow.


Kaonashi: (eyes getting bigger as he wakes up fully) Nono-! Let him sleep Ami! Ami!

Yes, Kaonashi works alone you see. 

Kaonashi: I hereby declare that no monsters may ever enter this room under any circumstances whatsoever. 

Kaonashi: So help me gods, or I will scorch the earth with your hides.

Shikigami: (tired giggling)

Kaonashi, as you can see, is also dying of starvation. As usual. 

Kaonashi: I will answer any calls to war.

Buddy, I think you can stop now.

Kaonashi: No, I mean business.

He stayed up after to cheer up Shikigami, who was still a frightened mess. 

He looks like he's going to fall asleep standing up, but Shikigami is just watching him in awe and I'm so hit for it.

Shikigami: Thankyou. I love you bro.

Kaonashi: Anytime, Ami. I love you too.

Then with that, Kaonashi put her back to bed, tucked her in, and made sure she was sleeping tight.

And it was with that show of love for his little sister that the gods apparently deemed Kaonashi fit.

And zapped him right there with Vampirism.

The good EA gods giveth, but they also taketh away too, and gods did they take away when it came to Kaonashi's Dark Form. Had to fix that.

He took a scar like his mom.

Damn he fine.

Outside, Rhea had stuck around and apparently she and Martha started a new mural. Just for them.

I mean, I was saving that for the kids but... sure! You can paint on it too. 

As morning dawned everyone woke and started to get ready for the day. Kashira's been working on Knitting, though I'm really hating how the skill photographs, and the poor boy is stuck with some really crummy aspiration things, so I spare him and don't take pictures of him when the knitting strikes.

Though here is he being cute with Kaonashi and chatting up as they work on their skills before school.

He also wanted to learn how to cook, so I tried to have him learn by cooking with Caleb, but the game kept bugging out... so I finally had him cook his own meal and Caleb "joined" him, which mostly just involved him cheering over his shoulder as Shira fought to unstick eggs from a pan.

Caleb: You're doing great, Shira!

Shira: Please keep lying to me... it makes me feel better about these eggs (panic intensifies)

Haku had a little stink cloud so Caleb changed his diaper as Haku grinned with glee.

Martha got the new garden patches so I'm also going to work with her to grow giant fruit... we'll see how that works.

Haku the stinkbomb managed to make it to the ballpit when I wasn't looking to direct him with skilling. Believe it or not he's got negative moodlets here too. He just keeps it under wraps until SOMEONE looks at him.

In case you were worried, Rhea is still here, offering support to Martha in this trying time... 

Because you see I got a little overwhelmed. Not a little, but a fair bit. The house is very full, and I feel like I'm not able to enjoy the things I want to enjoy with it...

Sooooo I turned the game speed down using MCCC.

And boy did the calendar not like that!

It rolled the next day as love day out the bat, even though that was two days away, so I was scrambling to get everyone's requirements... thankfully Rhea volunteered to take Martha on a date.


So others on the lot were also working on that too.

Caleb: Mademoiselle~

Lettie: Oh you~

And of course they had to plot something. You see I can't get away with-

Putting a woohoo location on the lot without them testing it first...

(eye rolling) 

So Martha is on her date~

Of which Rhea is super eager and keeps snaking chances to talk to and flirt with Martha. 


I told you he wasn't afraid...

Thankfully we're ALL DONE with that skill! Dollhouse time! But at school, everyone was getting crushed by these stupid chance cards.

The only one who made it out unscathed was Yuna, thank god.

Back at home, thankfully, someone else was getting further in their relationship in a very good way.

Martha: Wow.

Rhea: Wow indeed...

Martha: So.... you wanna just be my girlfriend?

Rhea: AbsolUTELY!

Yeah, she's like her sister alright.


I've never seen her so giddy! I'm so so glad she's happy!

Happy enough that she dip-kissed her right then and there!

Though I think from now on Rhea would prefer it to be the other way ;) 

And Martha sure wouldn't mind that.


The date recommended a woohoo and Martha hopped right on that.

This is the first time I've seen Martha enjoy a Love Day holiday... 

Alright, I'm feeling it. Rhea is the one. So now all I gotta do is get her to move in...

Maybe we get to have another wedding party, eh?

They became BFFs too. 😍

So the netted a gold date and that meant it was time for Caleb and Lettie.

Which, by the way, yes I am loving time being slowed down, even if it makes my computer chug like a college freshman trying to be accepted at a frat party.

lkja;lgkajsda how is it they never get old in how cute they are?

It's like a cake walk for them to get gold on their dates.

They split up to help with Haku and work on skills, which resulted in... another borked Caleb playtime.

Haku: Father, you seem confused. Are you alright?

Haku: ... I might be the spawn of lunatics.

At least this Lunatic will play dolls with you, hun.

The kids made it back with varying success in their day... which was mostly negative for all...

It was then I started to panic because Love Day came faster than I was prepared for. I didn't have dates for Shira and Kao. Let along things for the girls? So I had the girls snatch some flowers from Aunt Martha and exchange them. 

Yuna loved hers!

Shikigami... did not. Lol.

So that's where I'm going to leave things, as I panic closed the game to brainstorm some ideas for dates for my two older boys. Fingers crossed for me!

Also thank you for bearing with me on this wild SimNaNo ride! 

Fingers crossed I made my goals!

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Word Count: 1,391

Picture Count: 74


  1. I say Rhea and Martha gravitate towards each other like two stars hehehe

    he's such a good brother
    The monsters fear him

    and LOL TIMING

    Haaaaathesecouples persist in being cute
    also NATURALLY
    Lettie and Caleb must test all woohoo spots

    I'm hit okay
    Martha looks like she's doing great with Rhea

    Lmao Caleb being borked for playtime with Haku makes me laugh
    Looks like he's doing a bird with his hands icantlmao


  2. Maybe we'll see the teal-haired girl again if I'm lucky. But I'll be patient, good luck with the new school year and life as we know it.


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