2.29 - I'M the Monster

Hi all~

So I built my new computer, installed everything (and after some fussing with TS4)... and she runs like a dream.

Which means Lettie and Caleb are no longer stuck frozen kissing each other!
Caleb: You say that like it's a good thing...

Elegant Martha is good with her bees.
Martha: I would name all of you, however keeping you separated would be difficult. Hm, let's try anyways-

Martha: I'll call you Larry, and you-
Caleb for the love of god will you PLEASE put on some pants?
Caleb: (Whistling and ignoring me) 

So I slapped Lettie onto the Master Mixologist Aspiration, which she instantly filled out most of the requirements for. She just needed to mix ten drinks, which felt really tedious until I realized I could make drinks for the whole club. 
As they're broke right now I picked the cheaper options, like cream soda apparently qualifies.
You do you, alcohol in TS4.

Given that she'd maxed the Politics career... well, it was time for her to move on to another career. I really want to complete everything within this legacy that I can, so if that means doubling up on careers for my long lived sims and heirs... well that's what it means. It also means that we'll be seeing the kiddos for a long while. 
I do have a mod to overstuff the house, but I am a little scared to use it? If only because I've heard really detrimental things can come of overstuffing... so for now I won't be overstuffing with children, but I am looking for a mate for Martha. Actively. So... I guess I'll be trialling it out myself.
SO I took Lettie and---

Hold on I'm being pinged.

Ami woke in the middle of the night, smiling - happy go lucky child.

She happily stretches and leans over the edge of her bed.
Ami: What's this strange tentacle sticking out from under my bed...? 
Still smiling!

Ami: Huh, that's weird.
She casually strolls away from the bed and-

(Piercing high scream)
So glad we figured out what that tentacle was, child. Now be a good girl I'm trying to explain to the people about the goals of this legacy-
Ami: (turning in circles still screaming)
Laddies and Gentlewomen, I present to you the Sims 4 logic.

Back to what I was saying: I had Lettie quit her job, though I did feel bad for it. You know earning to the top of a career field is kind of a big deal...

I slapped that down and tossed her into the chef career with her hubby and--
I'm being pinged again.

Monster: Is she always that rude?
Ami: I know right, she can be really dismissive sometimes...

Ami: I think the term "monster" applies more to someone else than you...
Monster: That's so sweet...
Oy! I am not!

Martha has been on and off working on her magic.

Hello lovely, looking Regal today aren't you...
Martha: What do you want?
I'm not a monster, right?
Martha: (She snorts and ignores me) 

Lettie~ you don't think I'm a monster riiiiiiight?
Lettie: Eh, depends on the definition.
That's... ah... monster under the bed?
Lettie: Oh def.
Lettie: Shhh, I'm watching a movie, monster.

Right so here was the notice of me signing Lettie up for Culinary. 
Martha had to do a speech before her next work day, which I thought was today, so I sent her out to get her speech on in Uptown.

She gave a super impassioned speech you know... to the group of...

No one who was watching.
Martha: Shh, I prefer my speeches this way.

Oh I take it back there's one guy over there playing the guitar.
Martha: I can speak quieter, then.

SOMEHOW, though, Haku showed up on the lot? 
And targeted a stranger?
And then hugged them?!
What I want Haku to do:

What Haku actually does:

These kids will be the death of me.

I love Martha's face.
Martha: Why do you have to make this weird?
It's my job. I'm apparently a Monster now.
Martha: (snorts) Just figure that out did you?

That feels a little rude.
Martha: I mean, logically, who was I going to inspire? There wasn't anyone here.

She still made a stink face and I love it.

Yes, pretty freckles are now fully visible. I had a nice computer before... and now... dayum.

He's fucking HAPPY about it too!
For shame!

I had a moment of just appreciating everyone's faces at different times. I took a picture doing this one. Caleb is a pretty boy you know.

Lettie! Your son came out and hugged a stranger at 4 in the morning in the downtown area!
Lettie: Oh? Did you have fun little one?
Haku: (babbles happily)
You are not NEARLY as frightened about that as I am.
Lettie: (she rolls her eyes) Gee, I wonder why. Who's the oldest Vampire in the Sims 4?
Vladius somethingerrother-?
Lettie: The one who my mother killed... So that leaves...
Lettie: Caleb is now the oldest vampire in this world. I think people would be foolish to mess with our child.

Haku was making pout faces as he did time on the potty. Toddlers are usually pretty expressive, but this one has got his acting face already in the bag.

I might have gotten a new computer that runs everything smooth like buttah... The move like a bat is still borked as all hell. Good to know. 👍

I wanted Lettie to put Haku in the high chair to feed him, so she set him into the high chair, he immediately asked to be let out, took his food and wandered to eat on the floor instead.
Not only is he a good actor, he's a master escape artist and spoiled rotten.

Martha has a busy day, so she noms some apples instead of eating a full meal. 
Martha: It looks so healthy... 

Is that a problem?
Martha: Listen I've been off blood for all of a day now, if I want junk food I should have some junk food!
Apples taste good though...


(Gif made by Blamsart after I came to her complaining that I couldn't find a gif of this scene)
Thnx Bae

Outside, Caleb was taking Haku on his first ever slide!
Better get used to it kid, that movement skill is calling.
Caleb is such an A+ dad, I can't take it.

Caleb: Hop on up, little man.

I want you to take note of Haku's casual stance. This will be important later.

Caleb has his little mini panic of his son growing up and rushes around to catch him as he slides.
Somewhere else in the house though...

Lettie: My mom senses are tingling. Clean up the glasses while I go check, ok Liv?
(Grumbling about how the trash only takes one drink at a time) Ya, ya sure... (sobbing noises as I drag each one to the trash can cause each $80 helps)

Martha! Martha what happened to you?! I pan away for two seconds and you're on the ground? What? Why? Where? Who?!

Babe it's not your week.

So Lettie had found her way up to the balcony where her husband was watching over their son.

Caleb literally wandered downstairs to get some wine so he and his wife could sit up on the balcony, watching their child, drinking liquor.
I don't know how these two keep getting cuter each time.

They were quite wrapped up in their convo, so Haku went off to take a dramatic nap. Once he woke up, he was waddled back to the slide to keep up his movement learning.

Which did not go well, apparently. Remember how confident he was earlier? Yeah well, apparently when no one is watching he gets upset. Not upset enough to do anything... unless someone is watching him, then he'll be absolutely distraught.

He saw Lettie watching and made a whole drama about falling down the slide painfully.

He pulled a face, so Lettie came over and comforted him, saying he'd be okay. He perked right up for that hug.

But then Lettie got a call from Fat Fuck and I had to fume about it for ages.



So I go back up and-

Lettie, you see, stepped away, still in the area though, so Haku broke down into crocodile tears.

How do I know they're crocodile tears, you ask? 
Well 1. I'm a monster.
and 2. He kept checking to see that Lettie was watching him cry.

Haku: (Dramatically wipes his face)

Haku: (Makes sure Lettie is watching with sad eyes)

AND SOMEHOW.... SOMEHOW... when my back was turned to focus on the OTHER kids in the house who'd just gotten home from school...

This child wiggled out a dessert from his mother.
Oh, he's an A+ actor, can't you feel it?
So the rest of the kids got home from school, which... you know what that means for teens!

It's doom and gloom for everyone.

bYE BOYS! Have fun jogging to clear your mind!
As a side note, Kashira is sopretty.

I have a lot of pictures of him and I'm not sorry.
Especially because he's tense and his angry faces are cute.

Poor Kaonashi was humiliated so... his faces were far less cute in that angry-puff-boy way.

The girls came in and had low fun and social so they parked their butts in front of the TV and tossed on a movie - the SpyKids knock off, I believe.

They giggled and talked throughout and it really brought me back to my days with Lettie and Martha as kids watching movies and shouting over their dad at each other.

But also not fast enough. Mush!

So Kaonashi gave me a notice that he has work today, of which I realized only later because his work panel is so ungodly borked that it registers him as having no work days at all. Apparently. He's level 2 in his career and I want him to get to level 3 to nail out that part time job but gods this game isn't making it easy. Lettie came out and super parented him some extra energy before giving him some love autonomously.

Lettie is the best parent.

LOL you can't. 
So it was about then I realized Kaonashi had another wish---Whim--- in his pocket. He had a wish to ask Lettie to turn him into a vampire. 

No need to sleep, eat regularly, or deal with certain pesky needs? Aiight. 

Lettie was over the moon about it. I expected her to have more hesitations with her first born.

Lettie: Alright baby, this won't hurt a bit, except for when it does. Just don't focus on it.
Um, Lettie that doesn't seem very helpful-
Lettie: Shh I'm in full parent mode right now.

So off she went to sink her fangs into her first baby's neck.
I would say first born, but we all know how that would go over...

Strange Woman: Ohmy...
Um... Lettie...?
Woman: (almost turns around but walks this way anyways) 

Woman: Um... 
Lettie: There you go baby! Now give it a few days. Also I think you're iron deficient, make sure you eat more meat before you fully transition!
Kaonashi: Ugh... thanks mom.

Kaonashi: Food does not sound good right now.
Woman: Blink twice for help.

Back home, baby Haku wiggled out one on one time with his daddy. Look how innocent this child looks. Sneaks out in the morning to hug strangers... slides just fine when people watch him but cries and begs for desserts when not getting enough attention! 
He is the perfect little actor in the making.

Daddy Caleb is a sucker for it.
Get it? Cause he's a vampire?
I'll see myself out.

The girls started doing their homework together.

And this goes to show you that no matter how beefy your computer is... TS4 gotta TS4.

Kashira had a desire to spend time playing darts, and Martha wanted to spend time with her son, so two birds with one stone were done.

Though Kashira absolutely whipped her butt.
Martha: Youths these days...

Well when you play like that Martha with the dart landing behind you... I can't fathom why you'd lose...
Martha: Shush.
Kashira: Hahaha! Listen it takes skill to hit the floor behind you and not impale me. She's clearly the winner.

Not according to this game, though...

Haku: (quietly dancing after making a mess on the toilet) 
Caleb: The fu-?
(Me gesturing in general at Haku) 
I'm telling you... a good actor is incoming...

I come back to this twister version of a hug.
Kashira: Get on our level Writer.
Pardon me... I'm clearly the unusual one here...
Martha: I mean you're talking to pixels on your screen, so yes.

Martha also gave Kashira a pep talk to keep him awake, as all the kids were suffering the consequences of exhaustion for some... reason...


Look at Kashira ain't he pretty!

Haku relishes in both of his parents being in his room as he eats. He's extra like that.
Poor Kaonashi worked all night and crawled home exhausted. 

Daddy Caleb came and helped with homework, got him some food, and helped send him off to bed.

Kaonashi: Ugghhhhh don't say food.
Kaonashi: Meeeeaaannnn

I set Lettie out to try out the wellness skill again. Gotta bring back those DEEEAAAD INNNSIIIDDEEE looks.
I see EA has not improved them.

This was really bringing me back to my roots.
Remember the days when you needed to have the right emotion going to work to get a promotion? 
Ahh... the bad old days...

After some nice yoga, Lettie tucked in the kiddos and went to chase after that husband of hers. Why, you ask? 

To flirt with him of course! No, he's been painting as the funds are quite low. I'm really disappointed in how difficult it is to make money in this game, it results in a paint/write grind. Obnoxious. So Caleb is making good money. 

Lettie: Race you done~! I bet my painting is going to be prettier than yours.
Caleb: Normally I'd agree with you love... but this time... I think you're wrong.

Lettie: (Busy painting) Oh yeah? You think so? 
Caleb: Mhm. I know so.

And to really hammer home his love... it was a masterpiece.

And I don't know about you... but that makes me extra gooey inside.
Because these two are the couple that just keep surprising me.

Until next time~

Words: 2,458
Pictures: 103



    LOL Ami with the monster is delightful, making friends like that

    My gods Martha is so ccuuutteee
    A++ appreciate the close ups thank you
    They all RUDE PEEPS for not being inspired by her speech from miles away

    Haku turning out to be a real precious talented boy heheheh

    <3 <3 LOOK A GIF

    (rolling) Haku really knows how to get attention I'm dying how adorable. He's prepping to be an actor alright

    AgreedTheTeenBoys turnedout great, look at those pretty handsome BOYS
    Gosh seeing all these pretty single spares you got... you know *I'm* going to have spares in my legacy too... (ear waggle)


    the slow
    "Future me to deal with"

    You needed to have a specific emotion for WORK
    As if it wasn't hard enough as it is lol

    Of course Caleb's painting of Lettie is a master piece
    *of COURse*



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