Marriage Material: Day Two

Hi, how are you? We return now for Day 2 of Marriage Material. Things are just starting to warm up here, and we last left off at Midnight of Day 1!
We were left on the sentiment that there was one less bed than there were housemates who needed to sleep, this meant someone had to draw a bad straw...

And that someone was Jami.
During the night I decided to make some renovations for the next day's activities. Socialization is all well and good, but having things to do while they socialize is more important to me.

The chess tables in particular will be of use to us for the next day's events... everything else is on the backburner for potential future events.

So with new items placed down, it was time to wait out the night.

Day Two: Morning Freedom

5am comes early and it's time to wake the sleeping beauties... well, those who need to be woken. Some were already up...

Jami was up and exercising - it's almost like she knew I placed a rock-climbing wall down and is prepping for it.

Alan woke nice and well-rested before heading back to the main house. I think he slept in the spare pool house.

Catching wind of the skill point bonuses, Camilla and Mason seemed apt to work on skills they've not yet touched before - mixology and cooking respectively.

Alan also seemed to pick this up too, as he started on the Video Game skill.
5am though, meant time to wake our sleeping beauty...

Martha: Maybe if I squeeze my eyes shut tight long enough, all those strangers will get out of my house.
Nope! Still here!
Martha: Fuck.

Martha: Go to your happy place. Go to your happy place. Go to your happy place... ahhh...

Martha: See, this isn't so bad. I can relax a little... and not think about...
The Bachelorette challenge? Oh yes I was thinking-

Martha: You're infringing on my happy place.
Oop... *backs away slowly* Maybe you should... ahem... take a shower?

Martha: Hmm, yeah that sounds nice.
She likes plants better than people and showers are her idea of a good time. Martha might just be a hidden plantperson.

I might've "accidentally" had her take a steamy shower... ahem. And she rolled a wish to go swimming. Well they have a pool, and this is all about her, so off she goes while the other potential partners enjoy their free hour before the games begin.

A quick dip satisfied the whim, so out she comes... You ready to begin the challenge of today, love?
Martha: I'll put my best Lettie face on.
Can you even?

Martha: Watch me.
Damn that's pretty good.
Martha: I mean, she is my twin. I've known her our whole existence.

Anyways, she gets changed into a fun, summer dress and has a peek around the yard before everything begins.

As I set up for our first activity: Chess.

Day Two: A Game of Chess

So I was overlooking some outcomes for the game of chess and realized this could be an excellent social activity - one where I apply some slight bonuses to boot! I decided this would be an excellent day 2 activity that wasn't just talking. So I set it up like this:

7 chessboards, one for each potential partner. They all arrived and began skilling at about 6:15 and by 6:30 I started, giving an hour for each partner with Martha. The concept was simple:

  • Martha joins them for chess starting at the half hour. Playing chess alone with her nets them 10 base points.
  • Letting Martha cheat during chess (letting her swap pieces) net them +5 points.
  • Completing a game resulting in Martha winning gave them +10 points.
  • Completing a game resulting in them winning would net them +20 points.
  • Martha was going to lead a conversation by starting with a "Deep Conversation" afterwards, if she autonomously did any other social interactions with them, they'd get +5 points.
  • Likewise, if they autonomously did any other social interaction with her would get them +10 points.
  • Afterwards, I'd total all the points up and give them a .75 multiplier.
It seems like a lot, but all I was looking for was 1. Did they play? 2. Did they complete the game? And 3. Did they talk?
Let's see how it turned out...


First up by order of nearest to farthest was Mason.

Martha joined the game and started their conversation with a "Deep Conversation" as planned. Mason was my test subject as I wasn't sure how exactly I saw this panning out, it was shortly after him I got my footing.

Martha: So tell me how you feel about eggs.
Martha... DEEP conversation, not deep-fried.
Martha: Oh, sorry. Tell me how you feel about egg-istential crises?
Mason: I don't know much about these eggs, but I suppose I can do the crises.

The two mostly focused on their game, yet didn't complete a match.
Mason Scoring: 
+10 for playing.
No conversation beyond initial prodding.
Match was not finished.
Mason Total: +10.


Next up on our order was Camilla.

Before I can even try anything to get them talking, Martha thinks she's pulling a fast one...

Lets Martha Cheat. +5

The deep conversation begins.
Camilla pretends Martha didn't swap pieces on the board.
Martha: Have you ever cheated at a game before?

Camilla: Can't say I have. And you?

Martha: Who me? No, of course not.

Martha tells an inside joke (+5).
Martha: Ok maybe once, but otherwise we all know how good I am. 😉

A completed match, Martha won.
Camilla Scoring: 
+10 for playing
+5 for letting her cheat
+5 for Martha's conversation
+10 for completing a match, Martha winning.
Camilla Total: +30
After this, I started releasing those who have already completed their match with Martha to take care of needs or have fun on freewill.


Moving down the line with Martha brings her to Kaylie.

Martha: There's something really deep about acting I feel, my sister dabbles in it from time to time and it's kind of poetic in a way, don't you think?
Damn, that's a pretty decent deep conversation, Martha!
Martha: Shh, I wasn't talking to you!
Kaylie: Yeah, that is a very astute observation...

Martha: It's nice and sunny out today, don't you think?
Kaylie: Yeah, it is!

Martha: ...and that's checkmate.

Kaylie: No way! We only just got started?! Wow!

Kaylie: You're too good at this...

Kaylie: Congratulations! You won fair and square.
Kaylie Scoring: 
+10 for playing
+5 for Martha's conversation
+10 for completing a match, Martha winning.
Kaylie Total: +25


Alan is next! He had just finished a match with himself and Martha seemed to join at just the right time.

Martha: So tell me how you feel about the bottom of the ocean?
Alan: It's a deep and unexplored place, much like this conversation.
Martha: (smirks) you caught on.

Martha became rather expressive with Alan during her conversation about the deep down dark deep down.

Martha: Oh, what's that?

Letting Martha Cheat +5

Alan: *fondly thinking of Vampires and woohooing as a bat*
That's the spirit, mate.

Martha: Huh, that would be an interesting concept.

So Alan won me by telling her a funny story JUST as Martha decides she wants to worry to him about the sun.
Alan: And this guy kept going on about his urinal despite everyone telling him to knock it off, right?

Martha: Sometimes I get a little worried sitting in the sun like this. I kind of nearly died once.
Would've been a tragic wedding. I probably wouldn't have forgiven you for that.

Alan: Ah! I can't even begin to imagine how that must make you feel, especially given how many people are so unaware. They never need to worry...

Martha: *receives proper validations* That's... really thoughtful of you to say, thank you.
Alan Scoring:
+10 for playing
+5 for letting her cheat
+5 for Martha's conversation
+10 for his conversation
Alan Total: +30


Martha moves down after a lovely conversation with Alan to Nathan.

Who starts out by deciding to help Martha make her first chess move... awk!

Martha: What, am I too dumb to move my pieces now or what?
Nathan: Oh no, I was just so in the focus I didn't see you sit down! Sorry about that! 
Martha: No, it's good, I've been there. I used to do that often. My sister could shout my name for ages and I'd just pretend to not hear her.

Resuming their focus, they said nothing else as they played a proper match, and Martha won.

Nathan: Congratulations! The match is yours, fair and square!

I left them sitting in talking, as they finished 15 minutes before time was up, but they didn't have anything else to add to the conversation.
Nathan Scoring:
+10 for playing.
+10 for completing a match, Martha winning.
Nathan Total: +20


Next on the list was Jami but... hold up!

*Flips on gross unhygienic timer* 


So that left one last person to play a match against: Iris.

 Martha: So how about that Chicago style pizza? I hear it gets pretty deep!

Iris: Oh you know, the deeper the better.

Martha: I didn't know I was talking to someone of such class! After you, dear Iris!

Iris: I'm afraid I cannot, it seems you've beat me! 
Martha: Oh yes, that too.

Iris sealed the deal up with a gross joke, because why not? 
Iris Scoring:
+10 for playing
+10 for her conversation
+10 for completing a match, Martha winning.
IrisTotal: +30

Thus ends the second day's activity!

Day Two: Intimate Wish Round

For the first time since the challenge started - we have a wish from Martha herself!

One from Camilla that came up during chess.

And the last one was from Alan. It's time to make some of these wishes come true! But before we begin...

My counter is STILL counting for you, Jami. I suggest you find a shower fast before this hurts you even more than it already has! 
Alas... she can't hear me... or if she could she ignored me.

Up first? Camilla!

Martha waits for her to approach, then I begin wish fulfillment, starting with Martha, of course.

Martha: Hm, so where to begin...?
Let's pick a random from the first pie menu?

Deep Conversation. Sold.

Martha: *slides* 
Once we filled that wish...

I swapped over to Camilla to fulfill her wish...

However she'd already started this one with Martha.
Martha: Yeah, maybe one day I'll get married over my dead body, I told them.

Camilla did a heartfelt compliment back and once her wish was fulfilled...

MOAR wishes, it seems!

So off she chats about l'aeroplane!

Martha's turn, and she has a want to be mischievous, so in an attempt to pull out the old Ghibli fun...

Thankfully Camilla took it well! 

Martha rolled in one third and final wish for Camilla, which was promptly filled with some asking about day.

After that, I sent them on their separate ways, well Camilla, mostly. 
Time to check in on the stinker...

We're on 3 hours now of her stinking up the place. Just shower already! Ah well, at least this makes things interesting.
Meanwhile, time to fulfill the grand wish of Alan.

Alan seems to be a wise man, given he wished to cloud watch with Martha. I'm not opposed to cheating in this matter, and by that I mean letting them cloud watch, despite it's rapid friendship gain. 

Alan is confident and approaches her to cut straight to the chase: 

"Want to watch the clouds with me? We can admire the things that get in the way of the sun!"

Of course, she said yes, and the power of cloud-gazing. Neither of them wished for each other a gain, so after 30 minutes I had them wrap up their cloud-gazing session as it was time for the evening fun time!

Evening Down Time

The evening downtime today was going to be very structured. Martha had wished to play cards, and I decided the only way that'd be fair is to have her play a bit with everyone. But first, it seems someone has cleaned up and wants to show off a bit?

That's RIGHT! Jami showered of her own volition and then beelined right for Martha. This girl is getting the idea now! This stops her penalty at 4 hours.

She walked all this way to "joke about politicians" with Martha, which Martha made a few faces at, but it seems no one remembers that she and her twin are politicians...
Martha: More like the jokes are only good when Lettie tells them.

Jami cut and run right after though with Martha mid-sentence. Apparently she had somewhere else more important to be. I'm not mad at her at all, no sir.

Martha: yes well, cards anyone?
We have to be fair to the potential partners! Quick, let's randomly select a few...
Martha: But how? You have biases, I can feel it.
I'll find a way...

I have the BEST random number generator in the world.
So off they go. About halfway through I rotated Martha to Don't Wake the Llama, which had much more interesting faces:

Finally, the concluding act of the last night without potential eliminations was to be spent on a movie marathon, because what could be more Ghibli than that?

Martha set up all the refreshments for her normal-food-eating PPs, since she's just great like that.

Martha: I mean I wouldn't say that... Lettie and Caleb have touched more food than I have. This stuff is just luckily pretty basic... otherwise this place might've caught fire.
Lemonade, ice cream, and popcorn prepared later...

Martha: this is one of the first movies my sister and I ever watched together.

Everyone eventually files over minus Kaylie who seemed to be too busy tending to her needs. That's alright, she joins in for the next one.

Martha: then a horror because, why not?

The PP play hot potato with food and drinks as well as with whoever gets to sit next to Martha.

Eventually the movie ends and everyone sluggishly makes their way back to their rooms.

Well... almost everyone?

Gods bless her soul, she's cleaning up.
Can I give her brownie points for this? Can I? Can I? Pleeeeassseeeee?
(looks at sheet)
Eh, maybe. For now, I'll just gush about how fantastic it is that she's cleaning up after herself and others!

Beautiful, lovely Kaylie!
I do a quick run to check for wishes and... Kaylie cropped right up!

You better believe it love! I'll arrange that for tomorrow. Alan also rolled a wish for Martha, however it was after midnight so I'm considering it a Day 3 wish, not a Day 2 wish. Hopefully I don't forget when I start the next chapter!









  1. Best random number generator in the world, indeed! I'm not really sold on any of the potentials just yet, but we'll see how we go when there are fewer sims to keep track of.

    1. The potentials took a long while to get me attached too. Dunno, they weren't very PERSONABLE at first. I'm lucky to have such awesome random number generators in my life though! ;) Thanks for reading!

  2. Alan is really promising! Loved the movie night. And great job Kaylie cleaning up! Glad she rolled a whim for Martha.

    1. Alan IS really promising! I had a few favorites during these earlier chapters and I believe he's one of them. ;) I was also very glad Kaylie rolled a whim for Martha, 'cause a cleaner is always wanted!


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