Marriage Material: Day Three

Let's jump right into Day 3!
Now as a mental side-note, I've been uncertain about this whole "elimination" process, but at the same point I feel it's necessary, especially for one of the challenges I want to implement, which would involve me needing two spare spots in the household.
So I wrote down my post-it note - day 3 begins with our first elimination. The one with the lowest score will be eliminated.
Let's hope it doesn't come to that, shall we?

So we come to our sleepy mansion here in the middle of the night, what activities are in store for Day 3?
Well I'm not exactly sure just yet myself!
I suppose we'll just have to see when everyone's awake.

5am comes early, and some of the poor housemates didn't get any sleep.
That'll make today's challenge that I literally just decided on harder for them. First things first! I give them their hour to gather themselves.

Martha, once again, greets the morning with a stiff, miserable face. What a catch, ladies and gents!
Martha: Gee, indeed, one would wonder why you're doing this damn challenge with 'such a catch' like me?

A rose-petal bath was waiting for her, because why not?
Martha: Ok, you're not that bad.

Alan rolled his wish the night prior, but it was after midnight so here I am counting it!

Checking around I found Iris also had rolled a whim for Martha. Keep 'em coming everyone! Keeps things fresh!

Day Three: Elimination

Martha, ultimately, seems ready for this new day. Day 3 and she's finally seeming a bit more optimistic! However, today starts out on the hard note... not everyone can stay... someone needs to go home, and that someone is the person with the lowest collective score so far. 
I think we can all guess who that is. 

Bye, Jami. 
I tried to gather everyone to the table but that soon resulted in me being aware of how much everyone needed to shower

Specifically Mason and Alan were sporting clouds... so their timers start now.

About here I gave up, and just said goodbye to Jami

Now we're down to six.

Day Three: Morning Freetime

The first activity starts at 8am, so the six PP have time to hopefully find their asses in the shower while Martha has free roam.

Martha went to poke at some piano keys.
Martha: I kind of miss my siblings.
Kind of?
Martha: well I mean I wouldn't tell them.

Mason got on it and hauled his ass into the shower. Still, I have to give him the hour of stink this morning, sorry dude.

Alan, on the opposite end, priorities eating over showering, so therefore he can watch his time tick up up and up.

Then you have Kaylie, who seems to be preemptively trying to avoid getting all sweaty.

Iris threw herself a dance party.
And Nathan was off to find food...

I had plans to start at 8, and the game gods laughed at me.

... great.

We're going to make a learning lesson out of this, though. You know why? I'll give bonus points to anyone who puts this fire out. I'll count it as a wish for Martha.

Mason hopped right on it... as... did Martha... hahaha that's cute.

Well, I can tell you all the people not getting that extra set of points from wishing for Martha.

Alan really seems to be struggling with his hygiene... and bladder... and hunger.
And I give him an extra half hour before attempting an epic fail of a challenge for today.

Day Three: Activity

So this was one helluva activity. I wanted to do the climbing wall, only you can't do anything with that right out without skill, so that was useless. The Sims 4 doesn't have a whole lot of measurable things that won't have the same outcomes while also being something that would be relevant to Martha, so today ended up being a super lax day.
A lax day after I attempted shooting hoops.

I assigned them all partners, I was prepared to do a VS... only everyone had shitty needs?

...and they all meandered around?

and watched each other to cheer instead of doing the appropriate actions? And I couldn't keep up with who was scoring? So I threw that all out in frustration.
Martha: I hate sports anyways.
I know, but what else can I do besides have them freaking CATCH FISH!? 

So I instead did 3 at a time, had them shoot hoops up close for an hour and gave them x5 points for each basket they made in that hour. So here's the montage and then I'll drop the scores at the end:

Mason, Nathan, and Kaylie were up first, then I swapped for the next three, only...

Looks like Camilla is going to be sitting this round out, I guess. Shame, these points will be important for progressing! You can't afford to miss one!

Alan and Iris are left to shoot their hoops.
We wrap it up with these scores:
Camilla: 0 = 0pts
Mason: 5 = 25pts
Alan: 4 = 20pts
Iris: 5 = 25pts
Kaylie: 4 = 20pts
Nathan: 5 = 25pts

Day Three: Intimate Wish Round

I had Martha bounce around to fulfill the wishes of the house, it was just that kind of a day.

Iris wanted to be friendly with Martha.

A wish that she got right after again, so I pursued.

Wish granted!
Plus I love seeing Martha in a flirty mood. She's so cute. 😉

Kaylie got her wish from last night that I saved.

Alan, too.

I found it amusing that this was their preferred method of communication.
Either way, I decided I'd boost everyone's mood and take them out, since today has been such a failure anyways.

Day Three: Free Time

So here they are at the GeekCon. I took a few pictures, but mostly just let them wander on freewill!

Noteworthy: Mason has a disguise, and this is it. He's pretty cute!
I mean, I'm biased, but what really matters is if Martha thinks he's cute.

Martha never misses leg day... it's part of her leg-religion, you know.

Day Three: Winding Down

So I brought everyone home after Geekcon closed and let them to free will and wish-granting for Martha/Martha's wishes.

The lack of desire to know Martha is not the most inspiring in me, but I'm hopeful that friendships are strong bonds being made here regardless.

Martha hangs out with Camilla to talk about the weather some more, but Camilla wasn't too interested.

She tried again with the temperature and Camilla seemed mildly interested, at least, before she turned on the TV and tuned out.
I did a quick run for more wishes before sending Martha to bed when I found...

Mason wanted to stargaze with our Martha! I decided, why not? It's late but sure we'll do it.

Half an hour later, like I did for Alan in the previous chapter, then I sent Martha off to bed for the midnight rounds.

Day 3's sheet has entered the main spreadsheet as a new bottom tab! Unfortunately come tomorrow morning, our elimination is clear... things from here on out aren't gonna be easy...
I hate eliminating people.
Anyways, here's the skill panels to end this chapter.

Mason's Skills

Camilla's Skills

Kaylie's Skills

Alan's Skills

Nathan's Skills

Iris's Skills


  1. Festivals are a fun outlet for the potentials. And damn, yours are doing so well with the skill points! Mine only got athletics and logic in the whole damn challenge. Guess it helps that in TS4 they get skill points for doing fun things like gaming and dancing.

  2. If they don't have a particular activity it can still be fun to see who socializes with who!

    I like Mason's disguise, and he got some stargazing! He's winning me over.


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