Marriage Material: Day Four

We return for day 4! I'm trying to get these out as fast as I can for the medal, but my slow-poke pace is catching up to me!

The night is young and because I gave everyone a boost for the festival, they're all up late. I'll have to re-calibrate them all tomorrow. Alan and Nathan take a picture together - everyone in this house has had no trouble becoming friends. I'm actually pretty pleased at how it's worked.
So looking over the scores I'm afraid someone will have to leave.

Sorry, Camilla!
I got more friendship vibes from her anyways.

And then there were five.
The next day I have everyone waking up a bit early...

Despite me canceling her hibernate interaction, Martha takes a solid extra fifteen minutes to acknowledge it and crawl her ass out of bed at 4:45.

Martha: Too. Ungodly. Early.
Yes well, today marks the LAST day of trivial skill tests.
Martha: Yay? Are you having fun with this?
Eh, not entirely. I would've preferred you just found your other all on your own, but here we are.
Martha: *sarcastically* Ah, of course. Here we are, indeed. Not like you're here though - you're wrapped up in a nice, heater blanket, while I'm hauling my ass out of bed to go... do what exactly?
I'm SO glad you asked! 

Day Four: Activity

So today's activity is going to be simple, just for my need after yesterday's horrific fail of a basketball activity.

Today, you all are going fishing!
I have two metrics by which I'm grading the potential partners for: how many things they catch and how much those things are worth in total, plus a bonus to any "bonus" items that are collected.
The way I have this metric set up is best explained by an example.
Say one of the PP catches 3 fish and a capsule. I'll open the capsule, and count it as 4 items caught totaling (let's say for example) $260. I'll round up $260 to $300, and do 4x3. However, because there was a capsule caught, I'll give them an extra bonus: 4x4.
It makes sense to me, so that's all that matters.
I know it sounds whacky, but (sticks to it tightly) I DON'T CARE!
I set them to work fishing.

Martha even joined in for a while, when up popped the notification that it was the Lottery day! I had everyone purchase a ticket in between fishing sometime today.

There wasn't enough room at the one fishing spot, so they split between two.

Nathan, as an aside, is getting on my last nerves. He performs very well at the tasks, yet he hardly shows any interest in Martha. It's at this point I strongly consider having him leave the household as the elimination tonight as opposed to the person with the lowest points.
Nathan, in this picture, has stopped fishing, simply cause he felt like it. I eventually grumped and redirected him to fish in fairness, but it doesn't change that I've taken NOTICE of his lack of interest, and I'd rather him not be in the running if that's the case.
Speaking of wishes... while we're watching them go, I check about to see any wishes that might crop up!

Mason has been favored by our dear Martha today!

And it seems the feeling is mutual.

I'm uncertain how I should handle this wish. I don't want to turn anyone just yet - mostly because it's a huge pain in the ass, and Alan has not show himself capable of taking care of himself just yet, considering he spent all of yesterday morning being a gigantic mess. Still I'll give him credit for the wish and cancel it.

A wish from Iris too! I mark them all and carry on setting up the fishing.

Everyone alternated spots, and Martha did too for a while before she meandered off to find the chess board on the upper decks.
Heh, seems her first love found her again.

I call time at noon, here was the final scoring:
Nathan: 35pts
Mason: 30pts
Kaylie: 24pts
Iris: 10pts
Alan: 8pts

Day Four: Intimate Wish Round

So today ended up being a day full of many, many wishes. Let's get started with that, shall we?

Martha: *let's out a deep sigh* I'm going to be alone forever, aren't I?
I don't think so, that's why we're doing this!
Martha: I just don't think it's working.
Well when we get into the final days, ideally you should know.

Iris makes her way in first and chats up Martha.

They have a deep conversation.
Iris: You know, you've probably got to be one of the most fantastic people I've ever met. I had trouble making friends growing up, so I really value our friendship.

Martha: That's so kind of you to say! My sister was always better at the socializing than I was. I was just good at organizing and hosting events.

Iris: Yes I've never quite been good at that - oh I should tell you about that one time I had to organize a basketball event!

Iris: I was thinking of it yesterday as we played, it was like putting on this entire show! It ended up sucking away my life and soul to do it, and everything fell apart at the end. I think even the hoop fell down and shattered. Felt about average for my kind of planning!

Martha: *feels compelled to lie about my career* you know when I was an actor I used to do stunts like that all the time!

Martha: it's eventually why I quit.

Iris decided right before Martha had even finished talking that she'd rather be watching TV, so Martha was left alone while I summoned up her next potential partner for wish fulfillment.

Mason: Is this seat taken?
Martha: Only if you sit in it, it is.

Mason: Have I told you that you absolutely inspire me?
Martha: I... can't recall having that conversation before, no.
Mason: I meant to, you live your life so unafraid of what's around the corner, given you're not entirely human anymore. I've always been hiding in my disguise, but I decided that for this... I'd come in without it. It's been... liberating to say the least.

Martha: Oh, that's kind of you, but hardly true. I hide just as much as everyone else like me does... well minus my sister and her husband.

Martha: my sister always complains when she has to wear her disguise, "ack! I hate wearing my skin-suit! It makes my butt look fat!"
Mason: *laughing* oh no, can't have that.

Mason flipped into immediately wanting to ask about her day, so I let him, even though that wasn't his wish.
I'm also really weak for this intense eye contact hellooooo

Mason: How was your day today, though?
Martha: Who, me? I don't think anyone's asked that.
Excuse me, am I chopped liver now?
Martha: Yes. Anyways, I'm actually feeling a bit down today, truthfully.
Mason: I wondered that, you seemed a bit reserved.

Martha: What? No way! I'm good at appearances. It's part of my job!
Mason: Wasn't that, no, just that you were holding yourself different. More... cautiously? Usually you're more sarcastic.

Martha: I suppose I am.
Martha'sgotacruuuush! Martha's-got-a-cruuuuushhhh!

Mason: So why don't I cut to the chase. Would you like to stare at some clouds with me instead of stars? We can admire all the ways that water vapor blocks out the sun.

Martha: Yeah... I'd like that.
*still sing-songing* Martha's got a cruuuush! Martha's got a cruuuuushhh!
Tell me you don't feel it too? TELL ME!

alsdkgjasdg and the way he's looking here I'd say it's mutual.
Alright I'll admit I went real... real gooey for this interaction set with Martha and Mason. They really do feel like a nice fit, so I'm exercising some bias by allowing them as much time as I am, however, this challenge - above all else - is to find Martha a proper love. Not necessarily to eliminate those with the least amount of points.
This is the first PP she's shown interest in, genuinely. On any given day I'd cut it here and determine him as "found" but I'll continue to play out the days. Things could change, and I'd like to see more of Mason. Just had to be honest about this from here.

Martha rolled right into the want of getting to know Mason.

So as soon as they were up, I put them to it.

Martha: So now that you've been with and without your disguise, do you have a preference?
Mason: You know before this I preferred my disguise, but... now I'm fine either way, I think.

Mason: Are you hyped about the lottery? It could be neat if you won! Imagine all the things you could do with that money... all the people you could help!
Martha: Ha, it does sound good!

Martha: *attempts a relaxed and confident stance*
Yet Mason is still staring and I'm goo.
I gave them a break to go tend to some needs, as it's been a long day.

She seems so happy for the first time in a while and yes I'm reaching new levels of gooiness.

Nathan is eating alone in the other house, because him being remotely interested in Martha would be too much.

Kaylie was over there, too, but she beelined for Martha when sensing she was free to hug her.

Martha decides that, instead of just hiding out by the piano, she'll dance instead.
This draws everyone to her.

I check around again and:

Mason has another desire to chat with Martha.

And what's this? Well I'll be damned. Nathan also wants to chat with Martha.

Mason: I'm from a planet in... that direction!

Martha: You'll have to show it to me sometime, I'd love to see it.

Mason rolls another wish for Martha right after the first.

Mason: What about you, where are you from?

Martha: Another file. I was born in Willow Creek and moved to Brindleton Bay very recently with my son and my sister's family.

Mason: If you could live anywhere then, where would you live?
Martha: Hm, maybe somewhere exotic?

Choo-choo, Mason rolls yet another whim for Martha and I'm wheezing. I think for the first time they're rolling equal amounts of whims for each other and it's wonderful.

Mason wanted to be funny, and the first option to pop up in the pie menu was to make a Vampire Pun.
This oughta be good.

Martha had nearly doubled over in laughter. Not too bad of a joke, Mason!

Martha: Oh that reminds me of this hilarious story about how fruit almost ruined my older sister's career. She's a comedian and one wrong banana slip...

Martha: It was a slip that could've ended a marriage!

Martha is really cute. I have no excuse for this photo. I just love her face.

Mason and Martha seemed to have cooled for the time being, so Martha was pulled to talk to Nathan.

Nathan: I really love sunny days outside, it's just a bright and happy feeling.

Martha: Ha, yeah, I suppose it does!

Martha: Shame that sun is always out to kill me, but at least it does it in a bright way!

Martha: Just teasing, of course.

*eyetwitch* he musta heard my complaints earlier. Ah well, off they go to cloudgaze for a half-hour.
Une demi-heure.

Nathan rolled another wish for Martha, and Martha...

Rolled a wish for Mason.

Nathan found his own joke to tell, surprised, I looked to see what it was.

Joke about martians.
I don't know how to feel about this.
Especially given... Mason is an alien.

Martha didn't seem to know how to feel about it either.

And with that, Nathan wished to meet someone new, and no longer wished for Martha. I don't know whether to find it admirable that he's putting so much effort to WIN, despite not even being that interested in Martha?
I mean we're about to start entering the more deep and personal portion of the challenge, so maybe that'll spark his interest. It's hard to say.

Martha poofed off to share a secret with Mason.

Martha: Did you know that when I was younger I was afraid of Dinosaurs?

Mason: Really?
Martha: Mhm, it's true.

Mason: Oh phew! Good thing I'm not a dinosaur then!

Mason: But were aliens on your 'ok' list?
Martha: Oh very much so.
Mason: Then I think we're all good.


If there wasn't a crush then, then there's definitely one now.

That look he's givin' Martha... BRB-


Noteworthy after their half-hour stint that Mason is the first person to max the relationship bar with Martha. As my spreadsheet is on multlipliers, this will work in his favor. The more days he has max relationship with her will add up.
Despite this I also find this really cute.


Ok with that, the wishes ran out for now, so I sent Martha to hibernate and waited for midnight.

Day four's subsheet has been added to the main scoring doc. Let's see how the skills are doing for tonight!

Mason's Skills

Kaylie's Skills

Alan's Skills

Nathan's Skills

Iris's Skills


  1. Homg, Mason and Martha, their names rhyme! I was pulling for Iris, but Mason seems to have taken over. Maxed relationship, ftw!

  2. Yes, Mason! It really does seem Nathan just wants to win, lol! And the joking about martians... shady!


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