Marriage Material: Day Five

I'm sorry, Iris, I'm afraid it's your turn for the boot...

And then, there were four.

Day Five: Early Morning Watch

I found it endlessly amusing when I poked my head around to see where each of the 4 were sleeping.

Only Mason had found a nice quality bed and as such he was awake long before anyone else.

Sure enough, the morning rolls around and it's time to wake up our dearest Bachelorette.

Ah, so lovely and fresh in the mornings, I see. 😏 I have a super special surprise for you, my dear!
Martha: Oh lord, every time there's a surprise I worry about my future and safety.
I mean... you're not wrong. 

Martha: Ah, these dirty plates smell like boot.

She cleaned up a singular plate and moved to join the lackluster dance party... with everyone in pajamas.

That's going to have to change... why? We have guests.

Lettie and Kashira Ghibli; Martha's twin sister and son, respectively.

Martha ambushed Shira first.
Martha: Sweet Shira!
Shira: Mom!

Shira: Mom, Aunt Lettie says you're going through a love phase, what does that mean?
Martha: *glares at Lettie* oh did she now?
Shira: Yeah... and she-
Lettie: Oh that's enough now! Hug me sister!

Martha: Oh you're so dead later.
Lettie: I knew you loved me!

Shira: Remember Aunt Sophie's slip that could end a marriage, or whatever you called it?

Shira: It happened again apparently. Spirit told me about it. Only it wasn't just the banana peel...

Shira: There was apparently a pair of underwear involved too!

Martha: *clapping and laughing* did you film it?
Shira: Duh!

Lettie: Enough of this, let me meet these lovers of yours!
Martha: Don't be so melodramatic, they're just friends.
Lettie: Ah, yes, I remember the days of my youth, when I, too, had "friends."

Martha: yes well I don't sleep with all my friends.
Lettie: Neither do I... only some of them.

Shira: Does that  mean you have sleepovers with them? Or are these those... "adult" sleepovers Aunt Lettie and Uncle Caleb always have-
Martha: I have no such sleepovers of any sort. Besides, you know I sleep in a coffin.
Shira: Yeah well that doesn't stop Aunt Lettie and-
Martha: Let's change the subject!

Shira: Whatever you say, mom!

Day Five: Activity

Welcome to today's challenge, potential partners. Let's see how much relationship points you can get with Lettie and Shira before the end of the day! Go!

Excuse me I didn't ask to be slayed thank you very much, I'm trying to run a bachelorette you're making this very hard Mason.

Oh but Lettie has eyes for days. She sees everything. She smelled out that look Mason just pulled for Martha and was on him like white on rice.
Lettie: Hi, I'm Martha's better half, I'm sure you've heard of me.
Mason: Absolutely have: Lettie, right?
Lettie: Bingo.

Kaylie decided she wanted to hug Martha.
Alan also had a hug up in his queue, but it got canceled and he stood their awkwardly like a very awkward turtle.

Sandwiched by the people who raised him, Shira immediately begins pulling a crowd by telling each of the potential partners a joke.

He told Kaylie one about Nacho Cheese...

Mason got one about a cartoon character.

Alan got a crazy face.

Nathan got another joke which name I can't remember.

Then I let them all go off to see who would talk to who. I locked them in this small, side house to help encourage them to focus on the task. The doors will remain locked until noon.

It probably didn't help that the TV was on kids channel so Shira wouldn't be too bored. 😉

Alan told a funny story to the group.

Nathan tried to hone in on Martha to have a deep conversation.

Eventually Lettie pulled Martha to the side and everyone gathered around Shira, much to Martha's discomfort, but I thought it would be a good chance to leave them alone with one specific person at a time... just to encourage relationship building.

Lettie: Not a bad fit, not a bad fit at all.
Martha: You just love having your nose in this, don't you?
Lettie: Of course.

Wow... I didn't even KNOW man I'm so glad you're here Nathan... So glad. SO FREAKING glad! Otherwise I might've believed that Mason, who has spent the first few days here undisguised and out as an alien, was actually a human.

Hell, I even checked Shira's relationship panel and he knew Mason was an Alien... 😂

Mason told a joke to Shira, and Kaylie decided she'd try to talk to him without saying much at all.

Eventually Martha came to save Shira from the adults, thus leaving Lettie in with them.

Shira and Martha decided to coordinate some water balloons before starting a big ol' water balloon fight. I've never done one of these before, so let's see how it goes!
Have a montage!

Nathan decided to mock Mason.

So Mason knocked him flat on his ass.

Martha had a good wheeze-fest over that.

Meanwhile, someone sensed Lettie was in the neighborhood and literally showed up right to our freaking dooooor...

Caleb: *sniffs deeply* I smell someone important to me is here.
*snorkeling* Damn straight boi, she's in the back.

Day Five: Intimate Wish Round
So I've been watching throughout the day for all the wishes that might get rolled, and here they are: 

The only thing is that Nathan's got fulfilled when Martha was sitting and chatting this morning, and he didn't roll anything else for her.
So let's begin filling these, shall we? 

Alan and Martha had a chat, fulfilling his wish to be friendly.

She might've found herself a little cringy though.


Kaylie asked to cloudgaze with Martha, and she was happy to oblige!

Une demi-heure pour Kaylie à regarder les nuages. Or... something like that.


Martha was due for her own wish fulfilling with Mason, so over he comes and she decides to get a little... mischievous
Ghibli-style, of course.

He thinks she's the cutest thing ever doesn't he

She instantly rolled another wish for him.

He complained to her about the sunny weather.
Mason: Ah, yes, I say we make a plan to blot out the sun for a bit, just to get revenge on the time it nearly killed you.

Mason: Not forever... just a while.
Martha: You think that'll teach it a lesson? 😉

First funny thing Mason can tell Martha is an inside joke. Filling his wish for her!

She goes after her wish with him, and their conversation just kept going.

He "analyzed" her personality.

...and somehow got her stripped down by the pool. A first for her, I believe.


Day Five: Activity Part Two

I figured there'd be another round of water balloons, but also just some freetime too, so I'll call this "activity part two" though it's less activity and more... get relationship points with Lettie and Shira.
These happened during the wish-granting fest, but I figured it was best to keep them separate:

Lettie had no trouble cornering Mason.
Lettie: We, in general, dislike the sun. Did you know that?

Mason: Hm, yes I think that rings a bell. Martha tends to default to talking about that when she feels awkward.

Lettie: Hahaha, you are catching on. Very astute.

Lettie: So do we start planning your wedding now or later?
I went for round two of water balloons, this time Caleb got roped in too.

And took one from Lettie right to the face.
Lettie: I'm just marking him.

He accepts this, of course.

Lettie staring down Nathan as he invades Martha's personal space bubble.

Especially as Nathan cusses loud and proud right next to child Shira. Nice buddy, reeaaaalll nice.

Mason seems about as pleased with this as I am... Caleb though...

Caleb: Mhm, he'll do fine in the family. I feel it.
DUDE you're technically not even married to Lettie here.
Caleb: Yet.
Well she's only here for today, sorry to break it to you, buddy.

Mason makes gooey eyes at Martha.
I mean at this point, unless he royally fucks up somehow, I think I see the clear winner here. Which at that point if he fucks up then I'll be questioning life.
I mean, I feel bad continuing this Bachelorette for that reason but... eh, we're here!

Caleb is down, I repeat, Caleb is down.
Maybe if he stopped staring at Lettie long enough to watch for who might hit him he wouldn't have been bowled over...

Lettie nailed him again right as he stood up, but he doesn't mind that.

As you've probably noticed, there's Alan, Nathan and Mason all out with Shira, Lettie, Caleb, and Martha... so where is...

Kaylie. Welp, I mean I did call everyone to play, she just decided taking a bath and napping (despite all green needs) was more important.

Overall, it was a fun day.

Martha made mac and cheese for Shira and sat down to have dinner with her son. You know, I give/gave her a lot of shit for being a "bad mom" in the legacy, but it's not really true. Just when your sister is Lettie it's hard to compare...

Speaking of Lettie,

She's enjoying her last few hours in the household as one would imagine she should.

Let's count up the scores.

So I ended the night by checking Lettie and Shira's relationship panels:



Scores (rough Lettie's relationship % + rough Shira's Relationship %):
Mason: 55
Nathan: 50
Alan: 40
Kaylie: 30

Skill points:






  1. Alan was not far behind Mason at all! But Mason has won over the family. Very fun idea to bring them in.

  2. LMAO, Lettie got to like 75% of a relationship bar with Caleb from a single day. Damn, those two are just MEANT for one another.
    I'm loving Mason more and more, your bias is well founded. Kinda bummed that all the girls are going to be leaving first, it seems Martha is very straight.

    1. I was pretty bummed too for a while, but I suppose none of the girls I made were her type! However I must REALLY stress that just because a woman ends up with a man does not mean she's straight, and just because I've wound down to men only here doesn't mean she prefers them over women.

    2. Totally agree, but Sims are sometimes set in their ways. Who knows, maybe she might find a woman in another save in someone else's game? ;)


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