Marriage Material: Day Six

FYI - This is a super long chapter (160ish images)!
Sorry for the inconvenience. I couldn't stop myself.
SO we ended Day 5 at midnight, just like every previous day before, and today we begin with our elimination. This one was a tough call, and I would like to explain my reasoning behind it.

So the numbers came in and Kaylie's number was lowest. 
Now, I was really tempted to send off Nathan for the number of reasons outlined in previous days. Nathan strikes me more as a winner than someone invested in Martha for love. They have no spark, and he just seems overall inconsiderate of her. My plan on Day 4 was to likely eliminate him as soon as possible due to this so others would have an appropriate chance.

My favorites going into this challenge were Iris and Kaylie. I really hoped they would win and felt they had very strong chances of being compatible with Martha. Yet when that didn't happen I was more than a little disappointed.
So while I figured I'd eliminate Nathan on Day 4, but then he actually started to "wise up" and get whims for Martha. Ok, annoying, but I did say the reason I was tossing him wasn't because of not liking him, but because he wasn't wishing for her, so I retracted and let him stay, thus sending one of the girls home. In the end, Day 4 and 5 put Mason in a very different perspective to me where I'd... ultimately decided he won.

He had compatibility and an understanding of Martha that was what I had really hoped to gain out of this challenge, so these final days were more formality. So, due to that, I stuck to the "lowest score gets evicted" rule and that booted Kaylie.
I'm not running this like a typical Bachelor challenge most likely, but that's because I try to feel out what these Sims want. Martha in my legacy (and even in this file, I've noticed) has a tendency to flirt with women she just meets. She does this very often regardless of her mood (and she will later in this chapter too). Despite this, she's also been attracted to boys, like Caiden in the Ghibli Legacy, who I eliminated from a potential mate just due to the disrespect he had (by flirting with Lettie in front of her, awk).

So ANYWAYS that's why I ended up selecting the wide variety of potential partners that I had (and why I call them "potential partners" instead of "men/women" or "bachelors/bachelorettes").
This all being said, this is the last real day of competition. Day 7 will happen, but it'll be more of an "epilogue" feel. Hope you enjoy!

Day Six: Night and Morning

Alan: I think my arm is stuck this way.
Nathan: *snorts*

Mason cracks down on some breakfast for himself, netting him another skill point.

Looks like he's not the only one braving cooking in the house, as Alan is too.

Nathan, in all his glory, settled for stuff from the fridge and can't be bothered to cook.

Up Martha rises early and for once she's grinnin' from ear to ear, good morning sunshine! Still regret doing this?

Martha: What? Who, me? I mean, I'm making the most of it! That's all.
That's all I ask for.

So Martha got cleaned up and decided she wanted to take a risk to talk to Mason.

Mason was taking his breakfast over to a table to eat at, so Martha poofed into the closest bathroom to where he was where she proceeded to...

Socially panic, drop the action from her queue, and hide in the bathroom for another fifteen minutes.
Martha: I mean... I didn't want to interrupt him while he was eating! And... I... wasn't sure I had anything meaningful to say!
Socially awkward Martha is socially awkward.

She went outside to do some yoga to calm her nerves.

Meanwhile, earlier I did a rundown of all the wishes I had saved for the potential partners.

Everyone had one. If they didn't I kept X-ing them out until one showed up *stares at Nathan and Alan*
Why, you ask? 'Cause starting at 9am each will be locked in with Martha for at least 3 hours, and I'd like them to have a starting point.

Martha cleaned up after her Yoga session, and in turn, someone else was cleaning up across the lot.

Mhm I'm a sucker for parallels too.

Nathan is... crying?

At a dog movie! Who knew he could be so sensitive? Maybe I pegged him wrong and--

Nope. I didn't.
Ahem it's 9 anyways, so we'll start with you, Nathan. Maybe put on some clothes first?

Day Six: Activity

No? Ok then. Nice. Prance around in your underwear, I'm sure that will win you favors.

So he sits down with Martha and Martha visibly cringes away from him. I swear, Martha has the Genius, Neat, and Family Oriented traits, but I'd bet my ASS she's got a hidden Socially Awkward trait in there. I believe it body and soul.

In general, she looked really uncomfortable.

Nathan starts off by discussing interests with her.
Nathan: Yes, so I plan to make a strong military effort to win this challenge.

Martha: *uncomfortable shifting* I... see...

He rolled the wish right as Martha started to finally ease into the conversation with him.

Annddd then he decided to tell a joke mocking politicians.
...does he not realize she is one?

Martha: ...yeah...Ha..ha?

I love how I can feel her discomfort here. Anyways, she queues up something to talk with him and starts the talking when he just gets up...

...and leaves. Satisfied with himself.

He hadn't even had an hour with her. Negative points for you, bucko. Just because to add insult to injury you made her uncomfortable several times and couldn't be bothered to show decent respect.


The next person Martha was set to meet up with was Alan... only...

Alan was sleeping.
And as I do with every activity prior, if your needs are being filled that disqualifies you from participating. Not that it really matters at this point, but it's the principle of it. 
0 points for Alan


That leaves one last person and thankfully Mason was showered, dressed and ready to go... almost like he actually wants to see Martha.

In fact, he's even sprinting across the lot at this chance! That's the enthusiasm I was hoping for.
Meanwhile, Martha and I decided we'd do a compromise. Mason would show up undisguised, and... so would she.

Which means Martha would change into her dark form.

She's gorgeoushelloooo. I don't know why she'd be self-conscious about this.
It might be the teeth?
It's probably the teeth.
Or the whole... very revealing clothing.

So needless to say I don't think she was feeling PARTICULARLY confident in this, especially given how Nathan just buzzed off and left her mid-sentence to show her just how IMPORTANT she is.

But I still prod her out into the main room to talk to Mason. Even better, I told her to lead off with a Vampire Pun!

HahahahelloIlovecircles. This assassination attempt will NOT go UNNOTICED! 
This was the first pun Mason used on her.
So I'm suddenly imagining this as like an inside joke for them as she's showing off like HEY LOOK I'M A VAMPIRE NOW...ahhhHi.

In roll the wishes... I'll just toss 'em in as we go, but I lost count when doing it and had to go back later to count them all.

Mason autonomously began to express his admiration, and I wheezed over the faces they made.

They just. Keep. Rolling. Wishes.

So Martha pulls him up to be mischievous

He gets to know her and rolls into wanting to be Friendly.

She now wants to get to know him.

I decided I'd have Mason finally get Martha back, Ghibli style for the twice she's shocked him.
All's fair in love and war, you know. 😉

I let them have free reign. They both had a good laugh out of it, and they chased each other around the house with wishes and whims and a desire to just have more conversations and more stories and just... more.

Just... more.

And with that, the first flirt between them had been released. 

Mason got this extremely strong urge to break the sudden tension by making a funny face.

Martha got hit with suddenly how romantic the whole scenario was, but she kept it to herself.

Seems Mason handles awkward situations about as well as Martha does. 

Mason: Hi yes, I'm an awkward moose.

Martha: Well, you're... a very cute moose, then... and I like you very much.
(insert me dying at her flirting back on her own here)

Mason: And I like you very much, too.


Martha: (stumbling over her words) so... it's really... sunny outside today.

Mason: Huh? Is it? I'll have to take your word for it, I'm pretty distracted at the moment.
Martha: You're also a little... pink? *laugh*
Mason: Ha...yeah... that happens when I feel things intensely. Odd... side effect... heh?

Mason: *shifting and adjusting his collar* Ah, is it warm in here, or is it just me?

Mason: ...ormaybeitwassomethingIate...
Martha: No, you're right, it's you. You're very hot. Attractive. I mean.

Be still my SOUL she BLEW HIM A KISS?
Are you TRYING to murder him?

Mason: I had a nice life.

And it's like they suddenly became aware of the other's personal space bubbles and immediately separated like so.

I thought for sure they'd wrap it up, but these two just keep coming back for more.

Hi, yes, I'm just here for the awkward face montages.
Also to die because one kiss just wasn't ENOUGH for Martha so back in they goooooooo....

Then Mason was COMPELLED to express how much he admired her again.

The wants were rolling in full speed.

Ahem hi yes hello I'm still here. I just have no commentary for what the pictures very clearly demonstrate. Also I'm dead right now. Thanks for stopping by please leave your message after the beep.

Their heads seemed to be in a million places here.

And finally Martha switched back into her disguise, as she realized she still had to interact with people other than Mason all day.


Martha took a cold shower and then decided to offer Alan a chance to fulfill his wish and have a few hours with her as a formality.
Or rather, I decided that.
I just liked saying I could fulfill the wishes they had.

And for once... Martha seemed really at ease? They were friendly conversations completely, but she didn't seem so pained to be there.

She told some jokes, he got his whim granted.

He cracked a joke back, then he abruptly got up and left to go do something else.

And Martha was just fine with that.

Kaylie called Mason and asked him to come out to the Spice Festival, only apparently it was thunder-storming.
Well I mean we didn't come all this way for NOTHING, so...

Martha decided to try the bubble blower with Mason, Kaylie, Nathan, and Alan... or whoever showed up first, like Morty here.
She wasn't keen on it, but I had her do it anyways. Peer pressure, amirite?

Mortimer committed some grand sin among grand sins. Maybe he farted and it was a wet one? The world may never know.

I wanted to point out this picture because Martha, right here, is flirting with another woman - the one whose back is facing them. She did an "enchanting" introduction, as she's often to do with women.
Mason was completely unbothered by this.

Don't do drugs, kids. I just love how this picture is set out - Martha is off on bubble high, Mason looks like it went down the wrong pipe, and Kaylie is like EW who's taking the picture why!?

I realized I had made it this far without even seeing if she and Mason had the same political views.

Ha, well that's lucky, isn't it?

Either way, they did what they came here for. Time to head back and spend the rest of the last afternoon hanging out.

Someone call the MEDIC!

RIP Mason. Dead twice today. That's rough, buddy.

And that's all she wrote, for Day 6.




Day Seven (Coming Soon) >


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