2.25 - House Update From Hell

I had to build a house for this update.
It took me well over a month.
I'm still alive.

Helloooooo It's about goddamn time! I moved them out AGES ago! I think Kao was just a baby! They took their sweet time tying that knot.
*Sigh* I miss those notifications from NRAAS. The wit was wonderful.

Flower arranging is a painful thing, ok? I still don't get the purpose of it besides a good way to use your flowers and throw away your money.
I suppose I haven't tried retail yet...

Lettie: (squinting at script) This is a horrible monologue.
Well, that's drama for you.
Lettie: Oh no wait, these are just your inner thoughts.

Haru: -and fuck these flowers in particular-

I have to say I don't mind being haunted by TS4 ghosts too much right now.
Haha give it a little while and I'll come back screaming "I TAKE IT BACK! I TAKE IT BACK! THEY'RE HORRIBLE!"
But really no one notices them too much and they sort of meander about the house. We'll see how I feel when I've got insane amounts.

Watching Sims skill can be as fun as watching paint dry sometimes.
Caleb: You know what's even less fun than that? Hearing you talk.
...my soul... you've crushed it!
Caleb: Clearly not enough...

Annnnd there's 10. By the way in case anyone forgot about this spreadsheet I made for the Party counts... it's sort of grown and now has two pages.

Haru gets to feel the first pregnancy of Lettie! How sweet is that?

Slow climb for Martha... so... slow...

Lettie and Caleb bond over their incoming child... over a video game.
Lettie won.
Surprise was had by no-one.

Yuna was working on her science badges, making progress slowly but surely! Also she's working towards her aspiration.

Shira is working on his crafts, and I also have him idly working on the Artistic Prodegy. He won't get it done, but it keeps him busy until he grows up.

Kao got his badge in Science stuff.

Lettie and Caleb synced up with their energy meter so they could carry on the day.

Like paying the bills...

And giving their daughter a bath.

Kao finally maxed out the Scouts "career" so I had him quit and apply for a new job.

Fast food will do. Something to keep him busy. I'll regret this later.
You know, when I want to do something.
And Kao has to work instead.

Guess who has more stuff to do for her political career? Lol Ami is not a big fan of being dragged out to the city to watch her mom stand and perform for no one in particular.

Martha on the other hand has work to do, so that means Caleb is left alone for daddy-duty.

Helllooooo Grace babies! I never get tired of seeing them... Yay! Yuma too! I was hoping she'd be around!

Normandy's pullin' some good faces hoping Martha will notice him.
She doesn't.
She doesn't seem to notice anyone... but I'll fix that!

Lettie pulls this face of satisfaction, knowing full well she didn't have to give her speech to a damn person and it still counted.

Yes I would like more Grace children thank you.

Sophie: 22, 23, 24-
Martha: Shh you're throwing my count off. I'm trying to win this game of Tetris with under 50 blocks!
Sophie: *louder* 25! 26! 27! 28!
Martha: Ihateyou.

I don't remember anyone's names from here like I would've a month and some change ago... sorry! I did admire the blue hair... a LOT.

When the kids all finished with school they joined everyone at the gym, and Kao snuck away to get some LEGday in.
Apparently there's some new leg religion going around... or maybe that's just the Boolprop Discord...

Once all the parts of Lettie's job were mostly accounted for - and Martha's too, they all headed back home.

Martha: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Lettie: OofOuch my back.
Yuna: Geez ma will you fit through the door anymore?

Finalllyyyy. I must say though, I'm so relieved to be back in English for a while. Oh yes, forgot to mention, I've been flipping my TS4 game to French to practice and in doing so completed an Immortal Teen challenge and started a Wonder Child Challenge. It's fun, but I have to swap back and forth in my game with my files, as I refuse to play my Ghibli's in French. It's a bit too much work trying to decode it all.

Ami: Hug! Hug! Hugs!!

Caleb: Awww... how cute are you?

Ami: I thought this was meant to kill people...
Your thoughts are scary child. 
I don't think she could kill Caleb even if she tried... so long as Lettie's breathing, he'll be around.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*immediately buys a quirk-be-gone*

One of the friends of Kao and Yuna dropped by to make a mess. Lettie tried making her stop... but she started up again right on her boots.

Lettie: Some parents raise their children to be so classy...

Kao has a cooking aspiration, so I have him pick up some cooking here and there. He and Caleb are working towards similar goals, so at least we won't run out of food.

But hey look everyone! We're pulling out the good ol' cake! Must be something important!

Ahh, it's Ami's birthday!

The last toddler for a bit before the new baby arrives!

She grows up neat, and super cute!
... Though EA just refuses to let her keep the freckles. I'll have to add them later... again.

Oh yeah, she's Lettie's alright.

Kao is cute and I like his face ♡

Ooh right, snagged another gold medal and RAN with it!
Time to give Ami her makeover!

She's so cute!!!

We're getting closer and closer! That's four kids down out of the ten! Soon Kao will be moving out and... *sniffles* I'mnotready!

Ami does a cute little pose for her mother before going off to join her siblings.

Kao and Lettie bond over some MarioKart...
Somehow each are playing 2 different cars and I want to know how that voodoo works.
Lettie: A magician never tells their secrets.
Kao: *nodding*

Maxed gaming skill, woot woot! That's another one for the scorecard!

Lettie dangerously decides the stereo needs fixing right then and there.

Kao: Um... mom no stop! I've got that! You shouldn't do that in your condition!
Lettie: Oh please, I'm fine! You're starting to sound like Caleb.
Lettie: *tries to stand up* Oof ok, maybe there's some merit to that.

Kao is actually very excited to meet his sibling though. He's old enough now to know that a new child isn't going to replace him. How could it? He's the first child of generation 3... and also probably going to be one of the only ones I remember.
I took a month break and was straining to remember Yuna... Heh.

Caleb got home from work and had to work the kinks out of Lettie's poor back.
She's due to pop at any moment...

She and Caleb dance to speed things along... I've heard pregnant women do that. Walk or dance to speed up labor? I wouldn't know for sure though... No baby has fallen out of my legs.

What will come first... with Martha max the Flower Arranging skill, or will Lettie go into Labor?

Jokes on you! Flower Arranging is a fucking bitch.

Lettie: Hmm this is minorly uncomfortable.

Boy you have 3 kids and a nephew already...
Caleb: but-none-of-them-needed-to-come-out-of-my-WIFE.
*snorkels* yea I suppose this is a first, isn't it?

Well the doctor's a ghost... that's... promising.
Lettie: fuck.
WELL maybe Caleb should come in the room, you know, in case the ghost-hands can't catch a baby popping out of you, eh?

I feel this mood. I feel it deep.
#Caleb's mood
#What am I doing in a blizzard
#My wife is about to push a small child out of a smaller hole

Caleb went to his happy place. Lettie's always been there, somehow.
Lettie: I feared the doctors might be incompetent so I gave myself the good drugs.
... I fear for how people will look upon my posts thanks to you.
Lettie: You're welcome.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I've never been able to get a boy back with his wife before, but Caleb came on his own and I love it. Every other file I've done this in has been near impossible to get both parents in the delivery room.

Caleb: Smile for the selfie, love.
Ohmygod you ARE Lettie's husband...

Lettie: Did you get my good side?
Caleb: Every side is your good side.
Lettie: Good answer.

Doctor: Hi, yes, I'm an intern. I've done a simulation of this before so how hard can it be?
Lettie: Well you know they say practice makes perfect. I'm sure you'll do fine.
You are really not concerned?
Lettie: Why would I be? Boy has to learn somehow.

Man. He's a man and he's lived for so long he's dead now. SURELY he should've learned sooner.
Doctor: I mean it was a really late career switch.
Lettie: *gestures* See, there you go. Leave him be.

Caleb, I mean... aren't YOU concerned for your wife?
Caleb: Hm? No! He's going to learn one way or the other.
I mean... she could die in theory if surgery goes wrong-
Caleb: In this game? Not likely. Besides, she can die over my dead body.
Lettie: Excusez-moi, but you can die over my dead body.
Caleb: *gestures* see, paradox. Neither of us can ever die.

Doctor: It's a flesh ball!
Caleb: *immediately starts panicking as the baby gets pulled out* THEY'RE SO SMALL AND FRAGILE-

Then the natural calm sets in as Caleb sees Lettie in action with their baby boy.

Yes, that's right, we have a baby boy as our first potential qualifier for heir of generation 3.
As such, I decided to reach into my big bag of names and pick one of the lead characters I was reserving...

Haku Ghibli! This was the first time I had to change the last name, as Lettie being married now has the last name Vatore... Yes so Haku, ハク, is short for Kohakunushi (コハクヌシ) in the movie, but hey, more names I can save later should I desperately need an heir.

Haku is the supporting lead - appearing as a young boy who works for Yubaba in the bathhouse. He's extremely talented and has a soft spot for Chihiro, the lead. There are romantic inclinations towards Chihiro, but the nice thing with Ghibli movies is that they also aren't afraid to just let them be friends, too.

When we get around to Chihiro, I'll full explain the names and why I picked this specific movie for my 10-kid generation, as I actually really enjoy explaining it. Thankfully, you all get away without it now... so count your lucky stars. 😉

He's set to be my SUPER PARENT apparently, hehe that's really cute.

Also Charmer fits pretty well for Haku. I can't wait to see him as a toddler!
SpoilerAlert: hedoesn'tqualifyasanheirSORRY.
Honestly it's better that way anyways, as I still have 5 more kids to have and grow up.
Also, he's most assuredly a vampire.

And well, it was time for me to finally do what I was avoiding... I cleaned the house out, I saved double saved triple saved, saved-as, then resaved all over again...
and then I moved them to a 64x64 lot and began the process of building a new house from scratch.

Meanwhile on Boolprop discord:

I had to do this ALL in Modify Town because the snow wouldn't disappear off the ground in any reasonable fashion in build mode thanks to Seasons, so extra FUCK YOU EA because you forgot to implement a way to build a house in Winter.
So that meant I had to painstakingly edit the house in modify world mode... Anyways, here's some of that process because this is what took me the better part of a month and some change.

The outside shell.

Rooms began to get filled in. Then recently Lettie dropped on me that we're going to need a Bowling Alley.
Lettie always gets what she wants so:

Hahahahahahahawhatissymmetry. WhydoIneedit? This part on took six hours to landscape the yard... here's THAT process, because why not share?
We have the technology.

I ended up flipping around the pool area like 100000000 times!

Finally set up the theater and playground, as well as the rocket launch area.
Yes, the stepping stones make their return. I love and hate them all at the same time.

I made a zen area, because why not.

I also wanted a wedding area, but it would get moved in favor of the big tree by PeaceMaker so... don't get attached.

Layout somewhat ok... decided it was time to start adding in the flowers and terrain paint.

Flowers added first, rearranged the pond to have an area for Haru and Erick to rest in.

And Terrain paint hooooo!

All to watch this masterful work become useless under the paint of snow. AlkJgaslkdgjasgda!
So anyways I began emptying out the inventories to set up the empty room in the basement with all the collectible stuff. I'm now on the hunt for a mod that allows me to collect the Sugar Skulls and all other locked off collections because I need it. 

So there we go. I did finish putting down all the collectibles, but it seems I forgot a picture of it. Next time! In the meanwhile, I'm working on Martha's Bachelorette Challenge for funsies, which I'll be hosting on this blog as well. I've only got day one done so far, but I'm looking forward to (hopefully) finding Martha a good match!


  1. LOL these sims so sassy with you this update. They should be more grateful to their all seeing voice.

    (flashback to the leg religion) Another time it was (wipes eyes)

    "Caleb got home from work and had to work the kinks out of Lettie's poor back."
    So tell me, how is it to be this naturally witty and clever with words

    "Late career switch"

    theSOS house i'm wheezing, that was great

    The house is GLORIOUS. The SKILL. the AMAZE.
    Ghiblis are lucky folks yo


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