2.24 - The First Teenager of Ten

Since this is a Legacy and I'm a point-hungry monster, Lettie's generation is going to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting for me, one of these tasks is to max all the skills at least once... well, if I can. Currently she's working on the new Acting skill.

Erick comes in to check on Yuna who's happily asleep in Sophie's old room (with the better bed). Why are beds in this game so damn expensive?

I had Martha and Caleb whip up some confidence posters so when Lettie hit level 4 acting she could park herself in her bedroom with the fancy acting mirror that speeds up the skill gain and the pictures for an extra boost from her confidence.

Needless to say, she gained skills like mad.

We only paused so that Caleb could fulfill some whims and I could get some cute shots. They both still have the soulmates aspiration, so fulfilling romantic interactions with each other is required to finish it up.
I also really just love them.
"What a surprise!" - said no one ever.

Autonomy is a beautiful thing.

Erick tried to be part of the conversation, and he sat long enough so Lettie could drop the good news on him of her pregnancy before he felt too awkward and had to take off. Can't say I blame him with these two...

There's something cute about this with a pregnant belly...
But that hand tho...

And since I was missing a mistletoe kiss for my Christmasy chapter, merry belated Christmas, one last time!

Kao finished up his giving back for the scouting badge. His birthday is coming up!

I left these two to wrap up their aspirations, they handled it quite well.

This animation really lets me envision it.
Why do all Sims have to be the same height? This is why I use height sliders for my story. It feels so much more natural having variations in height.

Lettie finishes up hers first, but Caleb shortly follows.

Now I've completed both Serial Romantic and Soulmates by one person. ✔

The last badges Kao needs are for outdoors and for the scientist one. Unfortunately, all his hardcore sciencing gets interrupted by the call to school.

Lettie got STUPID job requirements.
"Give an inspired speech"
"Paint a mural."
First of all I tried to paint the mural on the floor at home - inside the house - and the game said "can't paint a mural with snow on the ground."
So while I figured that one out, I dragged her to Uptown to give an "inspired" speech, only her inspired moodlet promptly got overwhelmed on arriving...

Thus forcing me to waste satisfaction points on this damn drink of inspiration so she could give her speech.

At least Ami was there to cutely play in the snow.
... after I changed her into her winter clothes because what is AI?

Lettie gave her speech quite successfully.

Ami "watched" her mother several times so she could gain thinking from it.

And overall, Martha and Caleb were the best, inappropriately dressed, support system.
All that's left is... the mural, so what do I do?

I drag their asses to the place that hasn't yet seen snow.
Hi Howl!

Lettie starts the mural and then I sent Caleb and Martha to help her, because it takes an ungodly amount of time to paint a godfuckingdamnmural.

Ami bounces between watching all three of them.

I spotted Yuma Grace from Teresa's 100 Baby Challenge meandering around and she's really pretty so I'm naturally drawn to taking her picture.

Fan 1: omgomgomg it's LETTIE.
Fan 2: *faints face-first into fresh paint*
Lettie: Please don't sue me for that.

So Lettie's hunger was tanking it, and I thought, "ok I'll have her eat a fast plasma fruit then go right back to work!"
So she stopped, ate the plasma fruit, Martha and Caleb finished the damn mural, and she didn't.
Five hours wasted.

It's Kao's birthday and the kids just got home from school so my brain was churning how to handle this when I came up with the brilliant plan.
Everyone raced home, snatched up the Winter cake Caleb made the previous day...

...and started the party right back at the park in Oasis Springs, so Lettie could actually finish her mural this time with no stopping.
All these fumes CAN'T be good for her baby.
Also what a freaking CUTE baby bump.

Martha settled down with Yuma to play chess for the party requirements.

Caleb was in charge of drinks.

These boys are REALLY freaking cute. I was off to tell them to work on catching frogs at the pond so they could get their outdoors badge, but they were busy hugging and interacting. How sweet!

Kao got dibs, since he's growing up today.

I'm reminded that Spirit desperately needs a makeover but I keep forgetting about it... maybe one day.

Kao blows out his candles...

Adds romantic and the chef aspiration to his belt.

And grows... into a mohawk.

Nope. No way.

Much better!









Fishing was a MUCH more lucrative activity for scout badges.

Plus I just really love how pretty he is.

Soon I'm pulling over Yuna and Shira to work on fishing... and Caleb too because he had free time and I didn't want him to wander off and do something stupid.

I stopped Martha and Caleb close to the end of the mural so Lettie could finish it herself and thank fucking christ it finally took.

Martha was trying to flirt with an old lady, and who am I to stop her?

Howl and Billie were caught being cute, which makes me happy to see.

All three kids got their badges, so I cut the cord on the party and dragged everyone home.

Gold in hand, life is looking pretty sweet. Also, poor Ami was getting pretty miserable.

The kids did their homework.

Ami had low social, so she chattered Caleb's ear off while he cooked until Lettie had time to fill her needs and put her to bed.

Ami's been a fairly good toddler - she's not as great as Kao was, but definitely not as bratty as Yuna. I can appreciate the differences I feel from these toddlers, which I don't often feel between TS3 toddlers.

Goddamn these kids and their messes!

Also Shira is getting closer to the top of the Scouts branch.

LOOK how spoiled this brat is! She makes a mess, gets scolded for it, and leaves Caleb to clean it up. This brat has him all wrapped up around her finger... *shakes head*

Lol, Lettie delivers obvious news to Kao that she's going to have a baby. He was pretty happy about it, despite not emoting it very much. He's such a good boy.

I've got Martha back to work on flower arranging, but boy is this skill slow going. Even when I have the club perks for it and Martha's vampirism boosting skills at night she's crawling through levels. At least you can overturn a small profit on them if you're careful about which ones you pick, but even still it's not much to really do anything. I don't even get the purpose of this skill.
Ah well, we'll eventually max it and I'll probably never touch it again.

I'll leave off with my Lettie and Caleb celebrating their incoming child.


  1. (being killed by lettie and caleb)
    YESYES RIGHT! That specific animation gives us the nice height effect haaaaa

    A+ EA, gotta travel towns to do a mural only for Lettie not to get ANY CREDIT for it

    Looook! Kaonashi! He so cutttee

    Gods you're good at collecting medals. It's such an imposing feat cause theres SO many to get.

    (whispers urgently)babybabybaby


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