2.18 - The First Holiday

So believe it or not (lol, I'm sure you'll ALL believe it), I've not been in my file for a while. 
It's not because I haven't wanted to, but life is a horrible thing to me.
I just finished my last class, so... here I am! Let me tell you when these pictures were taken...
October 14th.
Kinda... like... 2 months ago? 
I went into my hiatus for my Atalan stories (story-stories in TS3) so I could start scheduling those and I've gotten a pretty decent amount so far (7 chapters finished there while I was in the midst of finals/huge portfolios/what not).
This is low-key bragging because I have been working very hard and every time I get the itch to play this file I was stopped because I'd literally taken enough pictures to last for two updates that I hadn't yet written and here's the second update. 

Lettie is a beautiful place to start, and what's this? We're getting ready for our first holiday! The feast one. Um. Something. Thanksgiving renamed?

So naturally I had to overdecorate the house and do every possible option several times until I was satisfied. Lettie was my designated decorator as it was 2am.

And where there's Lettie, there is certainly Caleb.

Mhm, he's checking her out.
Also autonomously flirting with her, as per usual. So the household is fairly normal.

Tots normal. Especially the ghost---

Lol even SHE'S side-eyeing me like where have you been.
I'm sorry life sucks.
then you die.

Lettie finished the decorations...

Which naturally leads to Caleb needing to get rid of all that DISTANCE that grew between them while she worked.
God forbid that distance.

Me: (whistling as I try to angle around the flat hand I cannot stand)

Oh yes, it's been too long. A whole hour is far too long for them.

Also as the boys woke up I started up a quick club meeting to get some socialization in before the holiday would start.

Look at all the pretty giiiirrrrllssss for my boys.
Gosh problems: these boys are my FIRST. If I go around matchmaking them all then everyone will be a Ghibli in this damn save.

But how can I not match them?
Why are decisions hard?
Ah well, I'll live to regret it I'm sure, but so long as I don't regret it now then everything is hunky-dory.

Haru haunts the potty, and naturally Lettie is on this to go check on Yuna. Yuna. 
Not Yuma. 

A+ Supermom.

So Lettie, Caleb, and Martha ALL rolled the "eat a feast" as part of the holiday...
Like are you freakin kidding me?
All three vampires with withered stomachs like YES I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE FOOD POISONING SIGN ME UP.
*shakes fist at EA*

Well, the gnomes showed up, after little discoveries from google (besides giving the bunny gnome salad) it was time to attempt to give them some appeasement.


Seems the gnomes just like groveling.
I mean, who can blame them?

I must say it's minorly cathartic watching my sims get struck by lightning or other horrible things and then begging for forgiveness.
I just have to angle my camera enough so it looks like they're begging to me.
"Please, I'm sorry I used free will to ignore your requests to fill my own needs!"
Lettie: You're going mad with power, Liv.

Shira offers his favorite toy and gets it right on the first go!
Kids are cute like that.

*slams basketball into hoop* ONE ASPIRATION DOWN baby! And I'm not pursuing anything more than just one.

Hey Lettie, where you goin-

Oh. Duh.

MUST flirt with your husband while he cooks the meal. It's like you were separated for a millennia for those 30 minutes you weren't together.

Kao's time to make an offering!



Everyone gathers round and stalls to avoid eating then promptly throwing up.
They still do it just to check it off.
Don't tell ME I'm not going to complete this damn holiday...

Shira maxed his social skill, he's almost done with the Social Butterfly aspiration.

Of course Caleb got the easy gnome.

Next time I'm saving that gnome for Kao (cuddles him up closely). NEVER letting him get struck again if I can help it.

Little miss Lion-Butt-brat woke up and got herself a good feast meal.
Wait... why are the next few pictures of...?
Brain: Don't tell me you forgot.
Me: Isn't it YOUR job to remember?
Brain: I mean, yeah, but you forgot didn't you?
Me: ................

Lettie: You ready?
Caleb: Most definitely!

Welcome to the family, Shikigami!
Me: (slides into game)
Ah, ahem, yes, what a lovely little girl!
And I totally knew that and didn't need to look it up...
I'll call her Ami for short.

Shikigami comes from Japanese folklore, and are introduced in Spirited Away as flying paper spies that attack Haku. In normal folklore, they're generally seen as spirits of their own.

She's going to help us hit the angling ace aspiration! Yes!

And I can always dig an independent toddler.

Caleb's a natural, as expected. I was pleased to see he already adopted all of Lettie's children with the marriage.

Guess who came over for some holiday festivities...!

I dig that she's posing for this.

Caleb has way more patience for Yuna than I do.

Kao is working on the art aspiration with no pressure to really get it done.

Meanwhile Shira finally completed his aspiration too, so the day was an overall success.

Martha: Hmm, feels like we've seen this one.
Lettie: Mhm, I think so.

Together: It sucked then too.

I promise I turn the heat on. Kao is just... a sensitive, gentle soul who needs to be kept warm at all costs.

Our unusual plants have grown in the garden below.
I still have 0 idea what gardening is in this game, but hey look I've got one (points)!

And Martha is that crazy curator who takes care of it.

Brat Yuna works on her communication before... what's this?


Kao was sad about it, but he was so happy it didn't get him down. Yuna on the other hand...

Yuna: (screams and throws tantrum).
Ah... kids. 4 down, 6 to go.
Gods please let me survive this. I would like to complete a legacy eventually.


  1. "Where there's Lettie, there is certainly Caleb."
    And it hits me in the gooey feels each time

    My gods the Gnomes are HARSH lol Electrocuting a kid?? G o sh

    Yuna a brat but she's real cute XD

    Ha! New kid! Little Ami weeee~

    (keeps reading) My gods Yuna a real brat lmao GOOD LUCK


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