2.19 - The Best Babysitter for a Date

I've been realizing how long this generation is probably going to take. Eeep! I intend to accomplish a lot, lol, but I'm easily over 20 chapters now and not even got an heir/heiress born.
Ah well, I'm having fun, and this generation will be a long one for a lot of points.

So I got a lot of new stuff. I also learned how to mod the game, since the last time I was in this file was before the update that broke all the scripts. Naturally, I'm pleased to say I was able to get my vampire mods recreated and up and running so I won't need to worry about their hunger never being filled.

Lettie was my first tester. I basically took all plasma items and bumped up how much food/thirst they give. The numbers were PATHETICALLY low, all things considering.
For example, I bumped up the Plasma Packs (medical) to 450 from 38. It now takes 1 and 1/2 to fill a vampire from empty, instead of 15+.
Not everyone has time to run around sucking blood out of people.
Anyways, I also tweaked the plasma fruit salad, the blood bags (frogs and fish), the plasma jane drink, and the plasma fruit.
I made Frog/Fish plasma bags 400 each (they were 28).
I made the plasma fruit 250 (they were 18.75).
Plasma Jane and Plasma Fruit Salad were both 200 and I made them 500 instead.
These are all WAY over the marks, honestly, but it's the only way to seemingly fill up Thirst?
I have no regrets, as both Lettie AND Martha have the insatiable thirst flaw, and I just cannot deal with 3 vampires who need 12 blood bags a day. I can't even catch frogs/fish that fast.

I added some new things around the house. Some newer than others. When the 30% off sale went on for EA I splurged and used it on a bundle for the newest EP, Outdoor Retreat (my last GP I needed), and Backyard Stuff.
I went back and forth over which stuff pack I wanted to bundle with it, as I was kind of feeling about the same towards a few of the ones left, so I put it up between Blams and I (as we share this stuff anyways) and we agreed Backyard Stuff had the best clothes options.

Lettie needed this hot-tub. And she pulled all my heartstrings until I caved and got it as a second SP.
It was well worth it.

Given I also got it on sale, I can easily say it was well worth it, even if most of the interactions/animations on there are just reused couch animations.

Hey Erick! Apparently he's keeping up with the times and calling from beyond the grave...

Lettie: Hm, yes I think it could be worth it. I'm going to opt in.
Caleb: Well, if you do, I do.

And that was how Lettie and Caleb stepped into the spotlight.

I had Martha do some dabbling in the flower arranging skill, but I probably won't have her pursue it too much right now, as I'd rather her focus on maxing Gardening.

Plus I just had a nice gooey gush fest over Chrysanthemums being in the game. 

Yuna's working on the last of her skills. I'm trying to enjoy her adorable, brat face while she's still a toddler.

Happy potty dance!

And communication too. 
Almost makes me forget how much of a brat she is...

Caleb finally felt ready enough for me to toss him into the Culinary career and aim for the Chef branch.

We had our first successful holiday!

Kaonashi worked on the last parts of his creative aspiration.

The stove busted after Caleb did his meal prep for his job.
That's a concerning amount of fire. 
Caleb: You have a concerning amount of presence here.
Yes I do that when there's FIRE in my house.
Caleb: Oh, your house I see.

Martha tries to read up on Gardening.
Martha: tries because you had me read the wrong damn book and this one is too hard.
Boohoo. Cry me a river. Use your context clues and figure it out.

Lettie invited Caiden(?) over to get her last vampiric spar in.

(Chokes on drink as she body slams him) Well that's one way to do it.

Caiden: SAVE ME!

Caiden: HELP!

Caleb: Did someone call for hel-oh no just you that's fine. Come now, take my wife's ass-whopping like a true vampire.

Caleb: My wife is being awfully generous helping this poor fool up.
You like that word, don't you?

Caleb: *gets lost in thought thinking about Lettie*

Caleb: *looks around* Huh wait, where did she go...?
And off Caleb goes to lost-puppy himself around until he finds his wife.
Meanwhile since when do you greet this boy with a hug, Martha?

Martha: *awkwardly clears throat* uhm I guess since... today? Hi...
Caiden: Hi!

Martha: ........
Martha: ........

Martha: So... nice weather this time of year, right?
Oh look at that pretty picture behind the wall. What a lovely family...

*casually avoiding Martha's awkward*

Eventually though HE started talking and that made things a lot less awkward. 😉 Poor Martha just had to hold out for it.

I took this picture cause I really like the painting Howl did last time he was here, and well because when I saw it originally it reminded me of a show I just got into: 魔法使いの嫁 (Mahoutsukai no Yome/The Ancient Magus Bride).

If you're a fan of Japanese music, I quite recommend the first intro song, as it's become one of my favorites to listen to. Also really great for me practicing my Japanese.

Anyways, not-Ghibli related, but tangentially related.

So when I turned my back, Martha thought it'd be a good idea to stargaze with this lad, only it started raining, thus increasing her awkward skill by 2 points as they stood outside in their umbrellas.

I did go in for the kill and ask if he was single, which he is!
So MCCC might not be working right. Whoops...
Will need to look at my settings to see how it goes.
Caleb was a dork, so I'm assuming his singleness is because no one understood his dorkiness. Caiden...? Suspicious.
Unless he's holding out for Martha?
She's an awkward turtle, but at least she's cute.

Ami (Shikigami) is still confined to the cradle. I have a very strong feeling you won't see much of the next several kids who are confined to the cradle. 10 babies with the same bodies/animations does not make for interesting legacy things. Especially when they're essentially an object stuck to a room.
At least in TS3 we could take them places...

So I managed to complete both aspirations for Caleb and Lettie up until the "stay a vampire for x days" or "don't feed without permission for x days," and to be frank, no one has time for these sort of countdowns, so I'm going to do them myself on honor system while pursuing other aspirations. When they've finally done all 20/14 days I'll use the cheat to award it. I just do not have the ability to multi-task and remember to swap it back (hell, I even forgot to turn the heater off before bills arrived in the next few chapters which ended up killing the Ghibli bank).
I've got 7 sims to worry about, there's just no way.
ANYWAYS that was a long story to basically say I'm swapping Lettie and Caleb over to Soulmates.
"WOW I'M TOTALLY SURPRISED BY THIS" - said no one ever.

It was then I realized I hadn't made them BFFs, so we rectified this.

Let the dates begin.

Should we tell him that you can't have those drinks--?
Lettie: Sh, let him be helpful. He lost his mind a while ago... and his body.

Lettie: Hi... dad...
Erick: *sniffling* I'm so happy my baby found someone good.

Unsurprisingly, the dates are a breeze between Lettie and Caleb. Bunch of flirts tossed back and forth, some passionate kissing and...


Caleb: Thanks for being a great wife.
Lettie: Thanks for being an amazing husband.

Caleb: Yeah... we're both pretty great, right?

They were happy to cuddle a round on the bed for a bit when I noticed Ami went blue, and of course when she goes blue that sends both parents to full alert, yet neither could interact with her for some reason... until Erick bust through the wall.

Erick: EXCUSE ME, I'm babysitting, go back to your dates.

Erick: So, how's it going Kao?
Kao: Not too bad grandpa. What's it like being dead?
Erick: *not paying attention* hmm?

I'm lucky I have risky woohoo turned off with as often as these two go at it.

Martha: Dad? What are you doing out? It's almost dawn.
Erick: I'm babysitting!

Yuna: Mommy?
Uh... mommy's a little busy right now. Might wanna... go somewhere else.

Yuna: Ami! Ami! Ami! *babbles at her*
Yuna: Why she no talk back?
She will... unfortunately not for another day or so.

As they complete their third level of the Soulmates, Erick poofs back to the grave and it's time for Lettie and Caleb to return to household stuff.
Let me get the crowbar.

Caleb gets Yuna all bathed up because today is the day I plan to have Martha host a Toddler Play Date with Spirit (Sophie's child)!

Lettie will have to be dropping by the neighbors soon, who have collected a nice little graveyard on the side of their house. Not tacky at all, nope.
The homeowners association will be hearing about this--

I wish I could nap sitting up meditating.
I also want to live forever.
I'm a bit squeamish but that's fine. I think a bit of discomfort is worth living forever and being able to say "fuck sleep."

Kao had a project in his inventory I didn't see, so Lettie and Caleb tag-teamed to help him work on it.

But soon he had to go to school, so he'll finish when he gets back.


Yuna was doing a little dance in front of her dollhouse.

Everytime I leave them be they do their own cute autonomous socials. I dig it. I dig it greatly.

Spirit arrived with daddy Isaac. He and Sophie are not married (and I dunno if they ever will be). Isaac showed up absolutely filthy. Good to know one of my Ghibli babes is so... well... taken care of?

Martha put herself to work making the party a success.

Lettie fed the cowplant.

And after the toddler party was over Lettie marched to the neighbors to discuss the neighborhood. I actually sort of cheated and added in some people from the gallery to the town before sending her over, including smashing in an whole second family into this house that had some people living in it already.
I eventually would like to move the Ghiblis to Windenburg... but I don't really know how. I'll be exploring that option in... hopefully a few chapters from now. I have the lot bulldozed and ready... I just am worried about losing pictures/collections/the family.
I'd also rather not have to rebuild the house, considering I feel like I just built this house, and I'm so bad at building... but I also don't want to use a house from the gallery because I'm just picky enough that I need to specialize it...
Any thoughts are appreciated! Now to go poke around the discord for answers on moving sims...


  1. (claps and praises you for your plasma mod and also for your professionalism and epic testing for it)

    iveBeenNameDropped weeeeeEEE

    EA DLC is so expensive, we're just carpooling.

    haaaamydose ofcuteCalebAndLettie thank you very much

    "Take my wife's ass-whopping like a true vampire." SNORT Caleb is best cheerleader

    My gods the Ancient Magus Bride. What a wild show that was though

    LOL ERICK just up and about this chapter. PARDON ME. I EXIST. BABYSITTING TIME. lololol

    I'll cross my fingers for no problems during a move for you. (You know despite that these chapters have already long been posted, but I am ignorant reader of course)


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