2.17 - A Beautiful Wedding

If someone could explain where my life went this past month, that'd be great.
Anyways, I've got a bit to catch up on, don't I?

So I'm having all the kids do Scouts. From reading Teresa's Wonder Child and now her 100 Baby Challenge I've learned how useful that is! So Scouting, here comes Shira!
...yes it took me a minute to remember his name. Yes, I am equally ashamed of myself for that.

Kao, on the other hand, is moving up in the ranks of Scouts! Way to go baby!

Lettie had to give a speech for her job, so she naturally shows up and does it when no one is there to criticize her, just like every other politician would prefer.

She went through all of it only for me to realize I had selected the wrong one, or perhaps I had her in the wrong emotion. I couldn't remember.

Yuna, who I very nearly called Yuma (thanks Teresa) is happily working on her skills.

Ah, it was an emotion thing! Should've guessed. Try two:

Caleb was riveted both times, of course.

Yuna... could've cared less.

The scenery here is actually really neat, I have to admit I am falling for the aesthetics. It's not quite the same as TS3, but I'm appreciating it more and more as I play this.

Nice lady... but HEY! There are BABIES here, what is your problem?!

Random guy: I'm siiiiiiinging in the raiiiinnnn.
It's like the world has gone mad here.

I turn my back for two seconds and discover that Lettie is taking after her soon-to-be husband... Nice.

YumaYuna the brat works on her communication. I swear this is going to be a lifelong struggle now.

Kao was the only one with a School Project, so naturally Lettie is the best mother in the world and she helps him achieve the best rank on it possible.

Shira, on the other hand, got to play with the new toy while he waited for his brother/cousin/...Kao? To finish up his project.

Caleb was deeply enthralled by this game. I think he's bummed that adults can't play. Hey I would be too, that thing looks neat!
EA this is possibly your most un-life-like thing you've got going for you. Only kids can play with it? You know there'd be a huge chunk of adults who never get tired of this and who hold crazy ranked tournaments for these cards and cry when they lose.
AKA, you know adults never age past the emotional age of 12.

Everyone comes down for dinner, then I start to work on some of Lettie's aspiration goals... and soon discover vampirism is deeply bugged in some unsettling and unsatisfying ways.

Like how she kept losing to Martha in a duel every. Single. Time. Despite Martha only being a step above a fledgling and Letting being Grand Master. Lettie also has near maxed althletic AND the vampiric traits that make her a better fighter while Martha has none of that...FML.
You could probably hear my frustrated shrieks up in the Arctic.

I finally called over Max, one of Lettie's many exes, to have Lettie spar with.

Caleb seemed deeply uncomfortable with this.

Caleb: Uh... Lettie... are you sure-?
Lettie: (lunging) GRAWR!

Caleb: Hmm...

Caleb: (leans a little further away) Hmm...

Caleb: Ugh, he's making a mess on the floor.

Caleb: Could I compete with this guy?

Caleb: Hm, yes, seems I can.

Max then threw a fit over this and stomped out of the house. Seems someone wasn't over Lettie.

Understandable, really, she's... well... I mean I guess she's something else.

She and Caleb decided to celebrate her victory... if you know what I'm saying.

And she then went off to try and burn some leaves, catching herself on fire in the process. Smooth.

Caleb was in charge of a Yuna bath the next morning. He eagerly took the position, even though she's a brat 99% of the time. Girl has him wrapped all up around her little finger, that's for damn sure.

Caleb worked on completing his aspiration. Doing these vampire ones is gonna really suck.

"Water with tears."
Oh how appropriate, because trees and what not need salt. Last thing I need is for trees to be throwing sassy and bitter remarks at me as they get bigger. I get enough of that from Lettie.

So needless to say, Martha went and sobbed in bed instead, because I have enough salt in me for everyone, thank you.
Lettie: Tell us something we don't already know.
I'll let her have it, however, because today is a very important day! One I've been planning forever!
Today, Lettie and Caleb get married!

... Um EXCUSE YOU SOPHIE, YOUR SISTER'S WEDDING IS TONIGHT. Stop being a sleaze please and thank you.

Lettie, however, got hit with a death of a friend as well as Martha. The second she left the house it all hit her at once and Caleb had to swoop in to cheer up his soon-to-be-wife.

Martha doesn't look overwhelmed at all here. They were at the art portion of the city to both do their politician things before the party later.

He looks like Erick...

Martha slinks away from man who reminds her too much of her father and chats up one of the older women walking around.

The boys got off of school and I realized then that there was no way Lettie was going to complete this mural in time for them to head off and get married.

It was then the trouble started.
I picked the day Caleb and Lettie got married because it was the only cloudy day of the week... In Willow Creek.
Apparently you can't know the weather in the various other neighborhoods.
What... a fucking... rip-off.
So naturally everyone shows up to this non-covered wedding location and it's sunny as fuck. Martha starts roasting... the vampires I invited are dying... but it's mostly Martha's roasting I'm concerned with. I end up quitting and reloading 4 times trying to figure out how to make this work, I finally found the simple, obviously solution: an umbrella.
(eye roll)
SO without further ado... let's get this beautiful wedding started.

Yuna was dressed and ready.

As were the little groomsmen.

Of course all the guests who came brought their own baggage.

This was one of my first attempts where I tried to whip up the sun potion in time, but even when Martha took it she still suffered from the sun's rays? So I had to reload the save and thankfully the umbrella worked tried and true.
And extra fuck this pack for not telling me what weather in other locations will be like on certain days.

But Lettie made a beautiful bride.
I have all the images of everyone in CAS when I gave them makeovers:

I had so much fun CC hunting for this wedding. A little too much fun, honestly.

Yuna got herself some food because she was starving while the happy couple got started on their vows.

I didn't even use all the pictures I took.
God I love this couple. They have such a nice chemistry together.

Lettie cut the cake just as Yuna finished her dinner... which means trouble.

She waited until after the vows were done to start her mess making and tantrum throwing.
I've actually given up on her and am going for the worst parent traits possible on her. I need them anyways for the legacy, so might as well go full out, right? She's halfway there at this rate.

Billie did her best to try and upstage the bride. She and Howl also seem to be a little tense.
(whistles and steps away)

Meanwhile this guy has fallen hard for Martha. He calls her all the time, he always sits next to her and chats with her. Just the way he looks at her. If you recall, he's been doing this for chapters.
It absolutely blows my mind.
I do have to wonder if Martha might feel the same eventually.
Maybe he's just gotta keep trying.
Like Fry from Futurama.
(sniffles) Yes, exactly.

It's like he can feel the edges of the friendzone... either that or he's accepted his fate.
Hmm, hey Caleb.
Caleb: Yeah?
Why don't you go kiss your wife?

(Standing up and cheering)

Sir Friendzone: Woohoo! Maybe there's a chance for me!

With our gold medal in hand, I send everyone home and send Lettie and Caleb out to finish her goddamn fucking MURAL.
Which takes all of a half an hour, so then they head home for some good, clean, post-marital fun.

But it was then I noticed.... (loud dramatic music cues up)...
The flat hand.

(coughs) show the picture...

On the dip kiss, it's like EA completely forgot how to fucking use finger joints when animating. Good. Fucking. God.
I cannot stand that level of mistake.
Did no one check this animation?

I can't unsee it now!

I tried other angles... I tried everything... but I couldn't unsee it.

God but Lettie and Caleb are cute as shit... WHY EA?!

Also WHY Caleb?! Why do you have to like that kiss?!

OH right, because he's an utter dork who really digs super romantic things.

Caleb: Absolutely!
Wait you're agreeing with me?
Caleb: Huh? You said something? I was answering Lettie...
For wha-- oh...

Then it was time for round two...
... or was it seven?
... Probably eleven.

Anyways, it's the first holiday coming in the next day, and this is a good stopping point so...
Thanks for riding this mostly-picture adventure. Please wait until the adventure machine has come to a complete stop before standing and exiting with a casual slap to your neighbor's tookus.


  1. I'm right there with you, sometimes life just WHIZZES RIGHT BY.

    Lettie is so beautiful in that suit! I just love that Caleb is a dedicated audience it's so cute.

    "AKA, you know adults never age past the emotional age of 12." IF THERE WAS EVERY A TRUER TRUTH.

    Lmao I can't help but laugh. "Water with tears." Oh poor Martha

    "I have enough salt in me for everyone, thank you." I'm just quoting you for this chapter, but you're FUNNY and WITTY lol

    LOL SOPHIE, trying to hang out with Caleb before the wedding HAHAA

    Eww the game screwed you over with big ass sunlight (shakes fist)

    Atleasteveryone issuper pretty
    All the pictures are pretty, you have such great couples for this legacy. Love them!

    "Like Fry from Futurama."
    THATS COOL hit me in the futurama emotions, I don't have enough of those today.

    Oh g o d
    LMao the flat hand that's HORRID (shame, shame)

    Lmao these cute ass dorks though <3

    (exits adventure machine and slaps a nearby tookus)


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