2.16 - The Best Dork

So the last chapter was REALLY heavy for me when I was both playing and writing, but I have enough pictures for one more chapter... bear with me. This chapter is easier explained than me trying to add dialogue to it. Sometimes I feel like Sims have their own ways of telling a story.

Caleb immediately went out to grab little Yuna. She was tired and sad... the whole house was.

Martha was torn up, but she still spent time reducing Shira's depressed moodlet down to 6 hours, which would easily go away in the night. She then took him upstairs to read him to sleep, hoping the night would take away the sadness that had enveloped the house.

Lettie went upstairs and best-friended Kao, who, like her, was doing a pretty decent job of not falling prey to the sadness.

This brought him up to the next tier of the aspiration.

Sad babies are so sad.

Yuna was sad and beyond exhausted, so she fought with Caleb instead of letting him put her to sleep... which caused her to get out of her bed and pass out on the floor.

Lettie came in then and sat with Caleb, they exchanged a look and he got up to go put Kao to bed while Lettie waited out Yuna's floor-nap.

Caleb and Lettie were the glue holding the family together at this point. Martha had fallen apart at Haru and Erick's death, and these two were managing to keep their heads above water long enough to take care of everyone else. Lettie especially.

Caleb put Kaonashi to bed and tucked him in tight. I then sent Lettie and Caleb into the bedroom so they could have a moment to themselves.

But they honestly didn't really need it at the time. Their minds were busy with other things, so they went about their night and went back to skilling.

What a bittersweet moment. I had Lettie learn the writing skill just so she could write a Book of Life for Erick... but now...

Martha really hadn't handled it well, so Lettie went to comfort her sister. After a long talk she had reduced Martha's sadness away to nothing.

Kaonashi woke up and Caleb distracted him with a new gift he picked up for his soon-to-be-son.

Which was one of those booster packs for the game system he has upstairs. I'd never played with this before (as it's a new feature) so Kao gets to be the first.

He loved it. He signed up for Scouts shortly after, even though I have no idea how it works. I did purchase the board for it at least... so he'll pioneer that for me too.

Caleb managed to max out normal cooking, and he'd proceed to move on to Gourmet.

He made me smile as he rolled in the wish and I locked it to get married to my Lettie. It's incredible how sweet these two are.
Speaking of... Lettie finally felt it.
That crushing reality that her parents were gone.

Which Caleb immediately did everything in his power to make go away for woman he loved.

Kaonashi was also feeling the crushing weight of everything that happened, and Lettie took her newfound strength up to go comfort her son.

Lettie cleared away his sadness in time for school, and just as Martha pulled in another promotion.

That left one little one left in the house with sadness, which Caleb and Lettie immediately tag-teamed for.

It took a good plate of food...

...and several hugs to get her back on the right track of happiness.

Shira and Yuna got baths. Then I sorted out the basement.

Then I was notified that apparently the partners in crime committed a crime...

I forgot I had them plan that before everything fell apart with all the death.

Yuna was finally clean, fed, well-rested, and happy... but Caleb was finally losing steam and his sad moodlets were coming out full force.

But you know, between these two, they don't last long. Soon the family was all headed out to handle Lettie and Martha's work-from-home tasks.

Which had Caleb occupying a sweet Yuna while Shira worked on his thinking and the ladies did their jobs.

I hadn't X'ed it, but when I hovered over it an X was there. Of course Lettie was mildly distracted while getting to know 3 members of the district by her fiance being cute as shit with her daughter on the streets.

How could you not want to watch that?

Heh of course, must gush about your partner to these ladies.

They finish playing, and what does this little girl want?


So sure enough... again it is.
Alas, there's a cake and potion to be made, and a Kao who needs to come home. Today to is Shira's birthday!

Our one neighbor is invited over in a quick attempt to fulfill one of the political career's requirements (talk about neighborhood changes with 2 neighbors). Unfortunately that just won't work on this damned lot. I'm contemplating moving them to Windenberg, but I'm not as fond of the weather patterns there... but having the extra space and a larger neighborhood would be nice... but... ugh... choices.

Lettie whips up a sun resistance potion for Martha to take upon arrival at the park.

She then feeds herself so she doesn't get too uncomfortable while surrounded by all those mortals.

Kao comes home, and it's off to the pre-planned birthday party! That's right I used the calendar to plan this out way in advance, along with Lettie and Caleb's wedding. So of course back then I invited everyone in the household... well surprise!

Look who showed up? They didn't stay long... but boy was it a real twist to see them.

Caleb snuck in some time for his aspiration.

And we cut right to the chase. I fully expected a bronze medal on this party. The whole point was just to age up Shira.

He gains the Goofball trait and takes the social butterfly aspiration like Kao.

Poor kid was not favored by the age-up-makeover gods, so I sent him to fix that in the mirror while Caleb, Lettie, and Martha began hammering out the birthday requirements.

He's so cute! I love his face!

Lettie then used the time to work on her aspirations for her Vampire Family.

Hello, new recruit!

And Shira spent some time befriending Uncle Howl!

I had come over to check on Yuna when I realized... Wait...?

That tree is... 2D?

Wait no... ALL of them are...

Nice. Game. REAL nice.

Another one bites the... dust forearm?
Well that doesn't have quite the same ring to it now does it? XD

The kids work dilligently to get everyone to playful.

Caleb uses his emotion burst and BAM!

... also we have an angry toddler tossing her clothes off and throwing a tantrum at the ever-patient Caleb.

So we SOMEHOW snatch our gold medal and run the fuck away.
All that was left for Lettie was to train 3 of her offspring (she did 1 in Martha), and befriend 5 of her offspring to good friend status. I decided to call up her two weak links - the red haired boy and Max, to ensure they were all at good friend status and so she could train them. I called over red-haired boy and... for some reason there was no option to train him?
Then I realized he HADN'T become a vampire... despite her turning him what? Weeks ago?
There also wasn't an option to turn him...

Because he hit our front porch and transformed immediately.

This just in... Vampirism gives you beards now. Two feet of them to be precise.
Max, running in behind this redhead, had the same non-vampire problem.
Then he stepped on the porch and--

Bam, beardism... er I mean... Vampirism.
You know looking at the nasty look on Max's face... and then tabbing upstairs...

Makes me so glad Lettie fell for the dork instead.

Genji showed up on the doorstep too and bam!

Double down!

So we took another one.

And I actually just bounced around a little bit to see where she'd sit in each aspiration.

Kao and Shira put themselves to bed that night.
And Lettie...

She started thinking about her dad.

... and making the book talk.

Something tells me she didn't like having to reread the vampiric chronicles again after maxing out her lore skill.

So behind the scenes of everything going on. Caleb has been working tirelessly on cooking... however this dumbass keeps eating everything he cooks. Literally everything.
And he throws it up.
Yet that doesn't stop him. He'll go back to cooking, finish a dish, take a plate, and get himself fucking sick. AGAIN.

Watch here he goes -

Caleb: Ugh, I don't feel so good.
Yeah, no shit sherlock. Tell me... when has this EVER worked out for you?
Caleb: *heaving*

Thankfully he finally hit level 8 in the Gourmet Cooking skill so I can stop having him cook repeatedly and move him into Mixology. That's right, he'll be taking on the cooking career for me... along with Lettie.

Yes you heard me.
Lettie's going to complete her political career and then head into the Culinary field. Caleb is going for the Chef branch and Lettie for the Mixology.

Kao woke up and Lettie gushed all over about how sweet and wonderful her baby boy was.

Then she and Martha hurriedly got their boys caught up on homework before school started that day.

Kao even worked on his extra-credit, since he and Lettie didn't have time to do his school project.

Finally, Lettie gave a belated birthday gift to Shira - a booster pack so he could play with Kao on that game console. I have no idea how to use it, but I imagine I'll find out shortly.
That's all I've got, and I'm officially caught up on playing too!
Thanks for sticking with me.


  1. (still wiping eyes from the last chapter)
    OhIgetIt, sometimes it just feels too heavy to do dialogue.

    Seeing the family go through this, and Caleb and Lettie carry them through it...emotionsitsfine
    Look at them boosting each other UP, what a great couple

    ahodisada their ghosts showed up for the birthday party! That's so sweet!

    LOL THAT 2D TREE THING wow (claps)

    (snorting) Aye seems vampirism comes with beards. Also amusing that they both waited until they got on the porch to transform.

    IlovethisFamily gosh


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