2.14 - A Little Love to Go Around

So Erick got to provide some genes for Mojo's 100 Baby Challenge: Operation Repopulation! I'm so excited to see how the kids end up turning out! I also highly recommend it as it's one helluva good read.

Hold up, y'all, it's looking like a real legacy up in here now!
Plus the garden got too big, and I didn't want to move it outside anymore, so I expanded into the basement with much glee after I realized I could do that.
Anyways so we last left off with the family at home, and I went through several days of desperately trying to find a plasma mod to fix the fact that Lettie's hunger was not even moving an inch with each plasma pack she'd eat. After finding something and tweaking it myself, I'm satisfied.

Lettie finished doing some rounds around the house and she stopped back in to flirt with Caleb, as normal for her. However, something rather... not normal happened:

ohmygodit'sfinallyhappening. He's REALLY proposing!

Caleb, who is NOT in my household, autonomously dropped to one knee to ask Lettie to marry him. Unsurprisingly, I took 1000 pictures of this.

She immediately accepted.
And I gushed all over the place.

I left them to autonomy after this. Give you 3 guesses as to what they did right after...

They embraced of course! You all have your brains in the gutter don't you?
Oh and then they banged.

They're so happy it's freaking cute as shit.

So now that Caleb and Lettie are engaged, no point in not moving him in... so into the household comes Caleb to make it a full house again.

And holy fucking shit he's got a lot of vampire points... 
Also I dislike the weaknesses he took... and he only has 4? Odd.
I'm not complaining.
I send Lettie to make him a potion of reconfiguration and go to check on the rest of the house.

Poor Martha got a daymare? That's kinda neat.
I mean... er... sorry Martha.
Oh yes and I technically took that picture right before Caleb moved in, mostly because I didn't want to interrupt the proper flow of everything that occurred.

Poor Caleb joined the house with absolutely shitty needs. Hungry and exhausted? No wonder you were always complaining whenever you'd be with Lettie.

He takes a quick meditative nap and then rushes up to get himself twisted around Yuna's little fingers. This boy is a natural dad.

Lettie finished his potion so let's reallocate those points, now, right?

I'll severely regret taking withered stomach in a few chapters. 

Haru and Erick decided to sit down outside for some breakfast that morning.

Kao got to working a bit on his social skill.

Lettie did some rounds of collection to start filling up our newly built basements before running in to calm down her poor sister.

Who got hit with two deaths and wasn't taking it well.

Meanwhile Caleb decided to befriend Kao.

Kao, ever cheerful, talks Caleb's ear off.

Good morning to little Shira, who does his happy potty dance!

So I discovered something useful in the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. Money "earned" can count by buying things and reselling them. As such, I bought the most expensive violin three or four times and sold them in Haru's inventory to complete that aspiration.
Haru and I then went off on an aspiration completion spree.

Followed by Leader of the Pack.

Caleb came into the house level 4 in the Criminal career... which... is... the furthest thing from what I see Caleb doing than humanly possible. The boy is a foodie though, and I know Erick and Haru won't live forever, so I had him quit his job and sent him off to start learning how to cook.
Caleb: Are you sure this is a good idea?
Yeah, why wouldn't it be? You're a Foodie.

Caleb: Because I'm not so sure about this...

Haru: Tell me about our club.
Martha: Ma, you run the best clubs. Duh.
Haru: That's what I thought.

Erick snuck in and assigned a Book of Life to Haru while she worked on her aspiration.

Haru does her rounds and successfully knocks out another aspiration... and then kicks out Sophie and Howl once again because I don't want to be dragging outsiders to family gatherings anymore...
... sorry babes.

Lettie began speeding through the writing skill. I wanted to get enough so she could write a book of life for Erick, as he'd already written one for Haru.

This is more random in that I couldn't get over how many Relationships Martha and Lettie shared... XD

Caleb is already running for dad of the year and these aren't even his kids yet...

Kao really likes Caleb. He tends to gravitate around him. Kao is just a sweet little thing though, so anything he likes tends to make me happy too.

And boy is he crunching through his aspiration!

Shira and Martha have been working on his thinking, but as usual, that one is always slow-going.

Word spreads fast in this family, and it's cute that he's wishing Lettie well...
Also when did you turn into an adult baby?! WHY?

Haru has temporarily flipped into the Angler Aspiration. I figure someone should complete it. Preferably someone who isn't sensitive to sunlight (stares at Martha).

We decided to work towards Martha's goals and fire up a dinner party, right as Erick...

Maxed Mixology! Which is fantastic because he now gets points not only for maxing a skill but for being a sim to max all cooking-related skills. +1 for me!

So I whizzed through the party really fast and didn't take many pictures (gasp, shock, I know)!

But we somehow snaked out with a gold.

And there's my proof! No lies here! It was painful too.
We got a notice that the romance festival was in town, so I packed up everyone and shipped them all off to go!
Look at me go! I fear leaving the lot no longer...!
Just kidding I'm a pansy. Martha stayed home with the toddler and infant cause she's great like that.
She also is allergic to the rays of sun.

Which wouldn't have mattered because it was cloudy as fuck outside, so I invited her along anyways.

Everyone got splattered by the petals as they entered.

And that was when I saw the wedding arch. Now, Caleb and Lettie have a planned wedding event set for a few days later, but I saw there was another option...

Haru and Erick could renew their vows.

So they did.

And the game decided to be a massive killjoy. 

Haru already got her notice... and Erick's came so far behind. I fear they'll be apart from each other for long.

What a perfect couple. I got so lucky with them as my founders.

I'm not crying YOU'RE crying.

Apparently Caleb is feeling this DEEP in his heart. Obviously.

And Lettie can offer him to stay the night? You know... in his own house. That's allowed.
Lettie: Only sometimes though.
Caleb: Oh lucky me.

God this old couple just makes me weak and mushy inside. I kind of never want to lose them.

Caleb and Lettie decided to try out the punch, because what could possibly go wrong when you drink some glowing kool-aid?

Lettie also decided to talk to this love-guru guy to ask about her future with her current partner.

*snorts* however it was like Caleb sniffed this out, cause he popped over immediately.

Caleb: This feels highly unnecessary, we already know what the answer will be-

Caleb: 'Scuse me, what boy?
So Caleb turned right around and ASKED HIM the same question and I couldn't stop laughing.

Caleb: So, I'm thinking you should really re-think your decision on that one.

Caleb: *glaring at guru* what a crock of shit.

Lettie: Well I don't need him to tell me the obvious.
Me either, considering the fact that your first kiss literally killed someone.
Caleb: Ah, good times.

Kao was feeling the hunger, so I decided to try him on some different food from the city... which meant the dreaded...

Watching him struggle was like looking in a mirror when I was his age.

Come on... just stab it! Stab! It works!


This method is 100% approved by Livvielove. Look at that satisfied eating face. It's now Kao approved too. XD

Unfortunately stabbing is much harder on Ramen... Sorry Haru!

The festival was super cute. Or maybe it's because I just have two really cute couples. I have no idea how I'm going to manage to keep this up. I'm 2/2 as far as good couples go and I KNOW my streak won't be this good as the primary spouse trait list begins to dwindle down...
I guess that's what secondary spouses are for, right?
And how else will my death type count get fulfilled?

Between Lettie and Caleb, I have zero intentions of ever removing vampirism from them.
Their children, definitely, but not them.

And just to spite this guru guy who seems to think he knows "all" about love...

Caleb: *knowing smirk*
Lettie: *sharing knowing smirk*
Lights: *suddenly turn on when the two decide to publicly woohoo as bats*

Guru: That's my fetish. Well this is odd.

Kao, meanwhile, was getting decked out in the fancy romance fashion:

And Haru is still eating that Ramen dish to this day...

Nah she finished shortly after.

And joined up the nerdy boy dance party that was going on over here... which is a great place to end this, so I shall!


  1. I saw your plasma mod, it is just MUA

    HAHAHAHA gods Caleb that's amazing. Mister FREE WILL proposed from another household altogether that's just WILD, I love these two so much

    Caleb such a good fit in the family WELCOME FINALLY

    Also I'm weak that Martha and Lettie have the super sibling relationship
    Meanwhile Haru being an overachiever over there and she and Erick slapping me by renewing their vows. thatsfineEmotionsItsCoolFounders GrowingOld

    LOL I DIED, Caleb and Lettie are so cute, over there banging as bats

    Haaaaa how nice it is to keep catching up on the Ghiblis


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