2.13 - I'd Go Anywhere With You

So Martha is taking over as chief gardener... maybe I'll finally figure this shit out.
Or maybe it'll all die in this neglected greenhouse. Who knows? That's the beauty of Sims 4 Legacy Writing Russian Roulette!

Lettie had to write a letter for work and, hey wait...

Seems legit.

Look at Erick go! I actually have hope I might get to get the point for maxing all the cooking related skills in one swoop!

The boys were happy to work on their needs and skills. Kao ages up tomorrow... ack and I'm still not ready.

Martha got Garlic resistance to make her gardening more fruitful...

*chokes and gushes* this is what happens when I leave them alone now and I'm 100% not complaining.


Lady: I'm... good...?
Lettie: *grips her hand tightly* GREAT MY NAME IS LETTIE GHIBLI YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR ME... and also let me drink from you.
Lady: ...oh...o...kay?

You know what that means? 
That means Lettie gets NEATO powers like...

Breaking her wrists into other people's vaginas and pelvises! 
Ah, classic.

The world revolves around these baby boys...

Poor Shira could barely keep his eyes open, so mommy Martha took him to bed.
Little Kao though was so close to his level 4 in thinking... which means "Ask Why." There's a lot of time between now and his birthday at 4pm the next day, so I'm hopeful we'll achieve it!

Going... going... GOT IT!

So what do I do first?

Lettie handles the first four with dignity, and then Kao becomes too tired so it's off to bed with him!

Martha was plagued by a fit of sadness of the death of a friend. She would head upstairs to cry under the covers of her bed and then lock herself in her closet for a while to cry it out.

Lettie was paying back a favor to one of the many Genji Y's around town. This one was particularly cool with taking care of Lettie and Martha, so Lettie offered to turn him.

Shortly after she was struck by her own fit of sadness... Eternal Sadness.

But she tried to put on a brave face, pop home and comfort her sister.

She did her best to talk her sister out of the closet, but... she was hit again by another wave of it.

So she called the only person who might understand.

... and of course he was already there.

The girls put away their sadness long enough to give their sons baths. They had a big day ahead of them, especially Kaonashi.
Plus who could be sad looking at those cute little faces!

Lettie was, actually, and so Caleb followed her around the house and stuck to her side like glue.
As did Mama Haru.

... Who then volunteered to deal with the incoming why's first.

Kao: Why Gramma Haru? Why?

Kao: but... why?

Kao: Why gramma?

Lettie certainly needed the break, but of course she couldn't stay away for long.

Kao: Why Auntie Sophie? Why?

Kao: Why, momma, why?

Kao: Why grandpa, why?

Kao: Why auntie, why?

Kao: But momma... why?

... and everyone breathed a little easier after that.
Also, props to Shira who got lost in the madness. He maxed movement!
Kao, who is almost always a perfect child, does have a tendency to make messes if he's left to his own devices. Lettie caught him and scolded him gently about it.

He rebounded very quickly, though.

Soon enough the family all went to the modified pool place in Windenberg to celebrate Kao's child birthday!
Help I'm not ready.
I was pleasantly relieved to see it was cloudy outside, and that I didn't need to have Lettie make Martha a sun resilience potion.
The girls both got hungry though, which meant a break from the pool for the tots.

Which meant Kao tried to make a mess... but Lettie caught him.

Then he was all smiles again.

Shira got his cute monkey-butt groove on!

Grandpa gave some hugs to the birthday boy, who proceeded to spin in circles do "dance."

Shira asked for attention from Haru just in time for the main event...

Kao gained the neat trait... and I sure am NOT complaining.

He's also a social butterfly aspiration hunter.

You see, I made the mistake of getting the boys up a little early for the days' events... so by this point Kao had been tired. 
ANGRY tired. 
So... he will be pulling all kinds of sour faces.
Sophie was hustlin down to the bathroom when...

That distracted me so when I panned back up I saw that Kao was shouting curse words at the sky... Wonder where he learned that from.
Lettie and I: *stares at Erick*
Erick: What? No one actually hears me doing that!

So he got himself put into a time-out.
Someone else died. Everyone's needs were tanking into the red so...

I took my bronze and gtfo. Kao went home and crashed immediately, but it was only like 7 when he did so and these kids have the best beds, so by the time 9 rolled around I woke him up to keep him from being awake at 1am. He went prowling for people to befriend.

...and he was extremely successful at that.
Oh... do we know those particular buttcheeks?

Lettie sure does. 😉

That sequence never gets old for me.

Lettie was on the hunt for some dinner when I got the notice of Sophie's impending baby!!

I love that Sims can finally do stuff during labor. Granted, there wasn't much to do except kill time, so she took a small nap... but couldn't sleep from the pain... so she mopped... then took a bubble bath...

Then finally... she gave birth.

To a beautiful little girl!

Unfortunately, I have extremely limited female names. I have 6... but that's only if I stretch it and use some... more neutral sounding names for it. Not to mention this child wasn't one of the 10 I intended to raise... so... she got the name Spirit. Like Spirited Away.
So still in theme, no?

I was tempted to see her as a toddler... but not that tempted. I booted them out the first chance I got.
...and the house finally got a little more peaceful.

The notice that came the night before about Haru scared the poop out of me, so the next morning Lettie had a chat with Caleb, who was stuck to her side as usual, and then she..

...finished Haru's aspiration for me.

Everyone meet: Yuna Ghibli.

Yuna is a fairly common female Japanese name which doesn't really have an ascertained meaning in the current day, but a very long time ago Yuna used to mean Bath Worker, which is what it means in the context of Spirited Away.

I mean, yea we could argue this is more a general term for a group of women, but they're still characters, and according to both the Wiki and IMDB Yuna would be their names.
Told you I was already stretching for some of these names... and this isn't even the stretchiest name I'll need to pull out, probably.

Lettie snagged another promotion and opted to work from home again. Hell she's snagging promotions way faster than that disappearing off the lot shit.

I then spent a solid 30 sim minutes finagling the bassinet so I could try out the "show baby to..." interaction.
I was severely underwhelmed by it.
As I am in general with the overall object-baby-bassinet ordeal that is TS4's baby design choice. After that Kao managed to snatch a little bit of time for a makeover before school. He didn't have time to do his homework the night before, but it'll be fine. He's a smart boy.

... and he's super, super cute!

He ended up rolling a sad moodlet from not being an only child anymore, so Lettie made sure to dote on him endlessly. It was important to her that he knows he's loved.

... even if his mom doesn't show up in the mirror version of them.

God the mirror thing is neat. 

I decided to show off the baby again to Caleb before rolling my eyes and feeling generally annoyed by the interaction. I put the bassinet back in the corner and will likely never touch that option again.
Caleb however, pulls this adorable I'm so into you face at Lettie's motherhood like... damn son are you just now realizing what a perfect woman she is?
Or does that realization hit you like a train every time you're around her.
I'm cool with either.

He was pulling ALL the autonomous interactions... but no proposal...
I will get that proposal, Caleb.
Even if it kills me.
So here's a montage of being a politician in this game: it'll be what breaks me of my fear of leaving the house.

Lettie: Don't be sad, dude. You'll be ok.
Teen: Thanks... I have no idea why this is so comforting...
Lettie: It's the further and further away technique. I learned it from my dad when I was your age.

It was sibling day at the gym, it seems, but hey, they're fair game for possible career objective fulfillers. Off you go, Martha!

Back at home, Kao came back feeling tense from a not-good day at school. Lettie couldn't have that for her boy.

So, like the dementor she's dressed as, she sucked those negative feelings right out of him.

Plus a bit of moral support too, promising him that they'll have a really awesome Friday night movie marathon with nice dinner and everything.
More like that's what I wanted... and it's what I got too.

Kao still loves getting his mom to laugh, and now his jokes actually make a little more sense!

Yes, Caleb practically lives here. Everytime he leaves, Lettie calls him right back over.
Kao also quickly got over his sadness from the morning and was happy to dote on his new baby sister.

Afterwards he skipped down the stairs to go pester grandpa about when dinner will be ready.

Kao: Is it ready yet?
Kao: Is it ready yet, huh?
Kao: How about now?
Erick: Hm, you know... I think it'll be ready... when it's ready.
Kao: *frustrated groan*

I noticed Kao had the option to "fix bad relationship with" from when Lettie was just a teenager... so I opted to have him do that. Can never start to young on that one! XD

After wrangling the family I was able to get them all to sit down for a nice evening movie. It only took a crowbar to Lettie and Caleb first.

Oh just kidding, they're back at it again. This time they went to steal Haru and Erick's bed!

Kao got his fill after one movie and decided to play in the pools instead.

Summer is almost over so I'm trying to enjoy the interactions while I have them.
Haru and Erick, though?
They decided to watch one more movie. A real tear-jerker.

Haru: ... so, am I still pretty after all these years?

Erick: Haru, you're beautiful always.
Haru: So... what do you say, want to go one more round for old time's sake?

Erick: I'd go anywhere with you.

I wrote that first just looking at their expressions and feeling the mood out... then later I was reflecting by going back through old stuff and... 



  1. SNORT
    That's some badass powers Lettie, being a master vampire sure has weird abilities.

    ajdskada make me weak why don't you
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    Weeze I love 4 year olds. WHY. BUT WHY. b u t why

    Kao grew up so CUTE hiiiii

    I'm getting emotional at these Haru and Erick scenes
    OhOkay YoujustSlappedMe withFlashbacks
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