Marriage Material: Day Seven

Day Seven: Happily Ever After?

As expected (or perhaps maybe not), I did a double elimination. This had very much LESS to do with this being the last day of February and all the more to do with... well Martha and Mason. After today, it feels like it would be crazy to have anyone else here with her. So there's no challenge today - no intimate wish rounds. Nothing. It's just Martha and Mason getting a day to do... whatever they want. I'll follow their whims and their actions.

But I wouldn't be me if I didn't wake them up at ungodly hours of the morning, right?

Mason: Morning. This seat taken?
Martha: Only if you sit in it.
Mason: *instant compliments* You look beautiful.

Martha: *autonomously needs to compliment back* You look rather handsome yourself.

Well, your wish is my command!

Mason: So... what do you say, why don't we make this official for today?
Martha: Well... it won't last longer than today...

Martha: Yeah, why not? I want to!

Mason: Really??
Martha: Really!

Mason: *does happy fist pump*

Martha's face just got stuck this way I think. She's never had a boyfriend or girlfriend before. She's never been kissed. She's never done any of this stuff, so this is all firsts for her.
Mason: So what do we do now?
Martha: My sister always took a selfie after this point?
Mason: A selfie... oh right! Picture, right?
Martha and Mason did the most awkward selfie ever and I can't  stop laughing.

But they were so happy.

They found their way inside... and inside again...

So truthfully, I ended up having to replay this day once due to a bug I didn't realize was a bug. Martha and Mason (as you'll see later) BOTH have wants involving marriage, and they do regardless. Only I got hit with a nasty bug that proposals are always being rejected. I'm still looking into it, but it's a huge pain in my ass. The first time I had Mason propose (later on, I'm going to leave that out of this post because I was so shocked I didn't actually take pictures) they had maxed bars, had been flirting and flirty all day, they were both in good moods and Martha rejected it. I thought HOLY FUCK what did I do wrong?
So I played it ALL again, and had MARTHA propose this time. Max bars, max moods, max flirtiness, everything. Mason rejected her. I finally had them take moodlet solvers and do a fast smooth apology from Martha's end and they carried on like nothing happened. I did digging around and realized this is a very active bug currently that hit, so I'm just going to play it off like they knew they couldn't get married here because they'd have to return to the legacy file. 😉 Doing this story now because I don't have a better time to point this out.

Attempt to seduce him Martha, go on. I'm curious. XD

Martha: *makes awkward movements*

Alas, this is the mating call of the socially awkward, though, and Mason finds this very seductive.

Even when I let them loose to do things besides fulfill endless whims for each other, they just followed each other around the freaking gigantic mansion.

There's 4 stereos in this house, but if one goes to this one, the other surely follows.

Or if Mason moves to sit on the bench, and Martha moves to sit on the bench, he'll get up to sit closer.

They both had wishes to woohoo, so I figured there was only one good way to do that - given their history on everything.
Off with the disguises!

And of course right then and there is when-

Hey guys, did you really need to wait until they were trying to get each other's pants off before calling to congratulate?

Martha even slept in a bed for the first time since she was a teenager.

So around here is when I tried to do the second proposal with Martha and it got rejected.

I started doing more research and found other people reporting the same thing.

Despite everything going poorly they still kissed and celebrated and got matching moodlet solvers to put that whole scenario behind them... because I sure as fuck was not going to redo everything again. And no, I'll have you know I was NOT smart enough to save before doing it. Who do I look like, someone with a decent IQ?

Painful pang when seeing Martha's eternal sadness cropped up at the rejection. I'll be forever alone.
But you WON'T, dear.
I don't think Mason will let you.

The day was starting to wind down and I realized it was time to start wrapping things up.

They seemed happy to ignore the impending split they'd have to do.

Mason: You see that one?
Martha: That one?
Mason: Yeah that one! What does that look like to you?

Martha: Maybe... like a flower? It's gorgeous!
Mason: Mhm, the view certainly is.

They kept embracing, it's like they knew it was coming. I had them swap back to their disguised selves.

Then it was time to say goodbye to the mansion... and to each other.

Martha: you know we won't remember each other after this right? We'll be starting from scratch. Are you sure you want to do this?
Mason: Then we get to do this all over again - what could be better? I'd move anywhere to be with you.

Martha: It's the middle of winter where we are...
Mason: Oh good, maybe the sun will bother you less, and I won't need to shake my fist at it as often.

Mason: I'll be seeing you soon!
Martha: What if you can't find me?
Mason: I will. Just trust me.

Then we watched him go.
You ready to go back, Martha?
Martha: I guess so.
You don't think he'll find you?
Martha: I just don't see how. Even if he did, why would he pick me over anyone else?
Why wouldn't he? But I guess we'll just have to see.

Side Note: I put Mason down in a house near the new Ghibli Mansion in Brindleton Bay!

The Ghibli House: New Years Eve, 5am

What's this? I had just placed Mason down in his own, separate house when -

He's here? Instead? Hahahahahaha! He really did mean it when he said he'd find her first! I figured I'd press play and POOF he'd disappear but...

He didn't.

Martha: *breathing in deep* Hmm something good's going to happen I know it! Huh, wha-?

Martha: Hi! I'm Martha, we all just moved here!
Mason: I'm Mason, and I just moved here too!
Martha: That's incredible! Wait... do I know you from somewhere?
Mason: Hmm, you do seem really familiar... I don't know. I don't think so? I just wanted to stop by since I saw you all were out.

Martha: I'm glad you did, I'm a bit of a recluse sometimes according to my sister, so you're helping prove her wrong! Hey, would you like to come inside? It's really cold out here!

Mason: So my timing isn't too unusual? Lucky me! I'd love to come in, if it's not too much trouble.

Martha: *growing bashful* ah, and well... the sun... will be out soon... and I'm really not a big fan of the sunlight!

Mason: I'm not a fan of the sunlight either, makes it hard to see the stars.
Martha: Yes, exactly, and I'm a little sensitive to it. It... nearly killed me once at my sister's wedding.
Mason: What a horrendous thing, I'll have to boycott the sun from here on out!
Martha: *laughing* that feels familiar... are you sure we don't know each other from somewhere? I just feel like we've known each other before...

Mason: I feel it too. Perhaps in a past life I was lucky enough to know you?
Martha: Perhaps... let's go warm up. You can meet my son and my sister's family when they're all done claiming their rooms.
Mason: I'm looking forward to it!



  1. Naw, they're almost as adorable as Lettie and Caleb, with the showing up at the house in a BRAND NEW SAVE. Even though she's a spare, we may just need some Martha/Mason babies...


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