2.21 - The Chapter With Too Much Inspiration

Lettie: Oh! What a cute pumpkin man!

Kao: Maaaaaaaaaaaa!

I secretly love that they match right now.

She tucks in Kaonashi and I get a good look at that fantastic wall I'm building up of beautiful children's art. Half are Lettie's and Martha's.

Caleb left for work a little while ago, and I was super careful with the house.

One last picture of Lettie the witch. Man I'd love an magic pack for this, especially if they handle it like vampires.

Lettie maxes out her handiness and waits for the late night to roll around so she can-

Tackle her husband in the rain.
He then proceeds to autonomously decide what comes next.

Um... I'm nervous about rocket flight, considering neither of you have ever been but--

*gulps and watches helplessly*

God what they do just to bang each other.

Apparently Martha's a grandmaster? When? I dunno!
Well since Haru passed, I'm able to aim for the Seasons legacy points, which means I had to create 2 holidays:

The Legacy start date (on Summer 1). They said to pick a theme that represents what my founder stood for, and resolutions felt right. I debated love, and skilling, and several other things, but they didn't feel like her. She started this legacy, she had resolutions, she followed them through.

And Haru's death date, on Fall 2 or 3... can't remember off the top of my head. Haru no hi translates to "Day of Haru" in Japanese... and Haru in Japanese means Spring. So it's "Day of Spring." Fittingly I made the theme spring, as that kind of fit Haru as a person with her pink hair and bright personality.
Her pink eyes with Erick's green eyes make for a nice spring setting, no?
Besides if anyone is going to apply love to this Legacy... it's...

These two. You know, my friend Blams gave me a song she's been stuck on and I've had it on repeat this whole time I've been writing these updates, and I'm finding it super satisfying to listen to it while I plop down all these super adorable pictures of Lettie and Caleb. Maybe you'll enjoy it too?

Caleb: Lettie now feels like a good time to tell you-
Lettie: What's that?

Caleb: What's black-and-white-and-black-and-white-and-black-and-white-and-black-and-white?
Lettie: I don't know, what?
Caleb: A penguin, rolling down the hill. What's black and white and laughing?
Lettie: *snorting* What's that?
Caleb: The penguin that pushed him.

They stayed out cuddling in the hot-tub until the crack of dawn.

Crawling out to rejoin the world as Martha finally cracked the code on gardening.

The boys are battling their voidcritters. I believe Shira wins this round.

Lettie picked up the violin.

Turns out it's new prank day? Ugh, I didn't really understand it that well... but the boys loved it.

Shira: Put 'er there, partner!
Kao: Agghhhhhhhahahhahaha!

Kao: Right back at ya', partner!
Shira: Ahhahahaahhaa!

Yuna: *giggling* Again! Again!
I think the boys take great pleasure in making this little girl giggle.

Kao really loves being a big brother.

Martha and Caleb take turns scaring and shocking each other. I don't really understand how many times this needs to be done to "fulfill" the holiday... and today is Yuna's birthday that I want to throw a party for so...
I eventually just exit the holiday and everyone has a horrible holiday.
No regrets.
Party time! 

Martha throws the party and I waste no time dragging out my 20 year old cake here to age up little Yuna.

I try to finish the party before giving her a makeover, if I remember right, so bear with me!

Let the juggling begin! Quick everyone, get happy so you can heartfelt compliment her!

Also congrats Martha! She snagged a promotion.

Lettie whipped up a quick cake that could be eaten - let me tell you what a pain having 3 vampires who can't eat normal food is for parties sometimes... these poor kids are gonna get fat fat faaaat! Haha!

Of course, auntie Sophie and uncle Howl are there to celebrate too, but getting them to eat cake is a feat in itself.

Kao volunteers to play with his sister to get the last required achievement for a gold birthday, not to mention it doubles as helping her whiz kid aspiration.

Shira sought out his mother for some advice.

Kao: Checkmate, sis.
Yuna: AGHHHH! Darnit!

Yuna: This sucks.

Gold medal in hand, I rush Yuna off to get made-over.






Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:


This got a bit out of order, but they're all there!

I noticed we only had a silver for a house party, so since we were on a roll, Martha threw one of those.

Of which I accidentally shift-tabbed instead of shift-~ to get to discord which put me in first person mode and spooked me something fierce lmao.
Hey Caleb...
So I needed some people to flirt for Martha and-

Guess who volunteered?
Oh right, this is just them naturally.

Lettie put a spin on it this time.
fuck everything about that hand in T-position though.

The boys took off for their scouts meeting, and poor Caiden is giving another go at trying to win Martha.

Ami decides she's not into auntie Sophie... I have no idea what she did to offend, lol, but Caleb finds it amusing.
Speaking of, have some daddy Caleb and Ami spam as he helps her climb the slide:

Time for Ami to try it alone!

Success! She loves it!

*snags a gold and runs with it*

Terrible dancing brought to you by Caleb.

That's a weak whip, boy.

Martha takes on Ami in chess to complete the rest of her Whiz Kid first tier requirements.

Kao tries to finish up the creative aspiration by playing an instrument for 5 hours.

Caleb asked Lettie on another date, then he autonomously paused his flirting to kiss Ami goodnight.

Yeah, I think Lettie only falls more for him the longer she's around him. If that's even at all possible.

Either way he gets rewarded. 😉

What's that? Woohoo with your date?
Caleb: Well we better get-

Even say the W word near them and off they go...

It's so easy to milk these gold points from dates... yet I'm still so far it's insane!

I need nearly 290 gold dates/parties to have collected the points for the legacy. Fucking insane.
Well, onto the next date!

*Documentary voice* And here you see a dork in his natural habitat with his mate. What will he do to impress her? Let's watch.

*Documentary voice still* incredible! He managed to woo her with a very awkward mating maneuver! Isn't nature just beautiful!

At this point they're just autonomously filling the requirements for this date. I do have to wonder if I had them go on a date and left them alone to autonomy if they could pull off a gold...?

Oop, well the W word got dropped again. Off they go!

So I put them on another date and left them to autonomy for a bit, only stopping to make them rest for a little and... you know the order of pictures is really nice, so...

Martha: Sometimes I feel a little lonely. Lettie had it so easy finding Caleb.

Martha: They fit really well together. It must be nice to share your life with someone.

Erick: You could have something like that too, you know.
Martha: Daaaaad!

Erick: What? I mean it. You just need to find the right person.

Martha: What does that even mean though? I feel like there's too many people out there for that.

Erick: When you meet them, you'll know. I know I sure did.

Random romantic moment brought to you by a spout of inspiration from those pictures!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Ghiblis...

Caleb: Flower for the pretty lady?
Lettie: Thank you!

He's so enamored his chest ate half his hand...
Caleb: It did not. I'm just so buff that the animations don't work right.
Is that so, huh?

Caleb: Damn straight, look at these guns!
Lettie: *giggling* Mhm, most certainly...
Caleb: Oh now you've done it-

Lettie: Hm, you feel that? One of the kids are up...
Caleb: I'm on it.

I swear to god these two ran off and got personalities. They give me way too much inspiration, but I just do not have it in me to write this like a story. Sorry! This is the best you'll get here. HOWEVER, I would like to see them translated, so I'm in the midst of... transporting them to Atalan. I think they'd fit nicely there, and I've got a nice way to bring them in.
Until then, hopefully you all enjoyed a bit of them here. I can't always write like that, but it's nice when I get that bout of inspiration... and this family has done that for me far more than any other TS4 family I've ever had in the years that I've had this game.


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