2.12 - Finally Hitting Third

laksjdgflkasj look who's using the table flippin FINAL--


He had to follow his wife out to the living room.

Sophie woke up and told her mother the great news!

Sophie: Ma, I'm pregnant!

Haru: well at least you're not just fat then.

I got nothing.
Like you couldn't hand me something funnier than this... and I can't think of a single witty thing to say about it.
Except... that there's something that feels fruitless about this image and... and I can't quite put my finger on it...

Martha managed a promotion while Lettie did not.
Figured out that I hadn't yet given Lettie Entrepreneurial---andIsweartothegodsIcanneverspellthatgoddamnwordthefirsttime.

Martha looks like she might fall forward onto the potties in a second if she's not careful lol.
Trust me dear, you don't want a face-full of that.
Then in true Martha parenting style...

She picked up Shira...

Dropped him by the slide and peaced-out.
Mother of the year, ladies and gents. 
Meanwhile Lettie really is Mother of the Year over here, which still surprises the living shit out of me.

Kao and she take a crack at his Thinking.


Shira was getting lonely outside and quite scared of the slide, so Martha took one for the team and went to comfort him. I decided to compromise and brought the slide inside so Martha wouldn't need to roast her ass to a 3rd degree burn just to spend quality time with her son.

After a few more slides together he was all good and ready to slide by himself with no fear!

For some reason this option shows up on every toilet now? I'm so confused...
Haru decided to spend some time with Kao while Lettie went off to solve for her work from home requirements.

I was wrong in a previous mention, HERE is where Kao finally gets to level 5 Imagination! NOW all that's left is thinking!

Which Grammy Haru is happy to provide.
Granted, Kao is a lot less happy and willing to learn when he's not with his mommy.

With that done, Lettie came home to chaos.

Lettie: .....
Lettie: I am never leaving him with my mother again.

So Lettie had to scold him and ask him not to... but gently.

He listened and was back to beaming because mommy's home.

ldkjgalskjagldsajg so cute look at those cheeks.
And where was Shira?

Shira was following grandma.

Shira versus stairs; round one. DING.

Nice... very nice... good FORM. EXCELLENT FORM.

Woah now careful there, get your footing. GET YOUR FOOTING... oh phew. That was close.

And would you look at that smile for the camera too! 

...and the crowd goes wild!

Look at this smart boy!
So Lettie decided to throw a costume party for the hell of it.
I mean, why not? Not like I need my sanity or anything.

She invited over a lot of people and no one came.

Poor Shira was starting to get sad again, and he was tired so I sent him to take a nap.

Look at Kao getting the numbers right, way to go baby!

He then became a super cute fairy boy.

And I think Shira was some kind of bear? I have no fucking idea...

But look how cute Kao is.

Excuse me game, but this baby isn't ever meant to grow up. You've got this all wrong.

FML Martha.

Don't worry, Haru and Lettie will clean up your mess.

And to be fair for all the jokes I pull, Martha is TRULY not a bad mother. She snatched up Shira and gtfo.

Sophie too.
The fire was put out quickly, no thanks to this fucker:

Which started beeping incessantly after Lettie finished dousing the flames.

Try 2 was more successful.
Erick was at work, so that left the girls to fend for themselves in all things culinary. That meant making a hamburger cake, and a desert that's good quality, AND making 2 specific drinks... which Lettie tried to do only her sisters kept sabotaging her mid-drink mixing to break her arms and drop her queue.


*Snorts* ain't this a pick for the ages.
But he DID IT! One writer career down!
...as I add more careers to my list of careers I need to complete... hurk WHY.

We somehow snaked by with a gold on this, which is incredible.

Magic, I know.

Bedtime for the sleepy sweeties!

Which maxes Lettie's parenting skill. Not too shabby given she's only had 1 of the 10 really to worry about.
For those curious, I'm not counting Sophie's child in the 10. She's just so I can ensure 4 grandchildren for Haru before Haru passes to complete her Big Happy Family aspiration... or... whatever it's called.
Anyways, once the boys were in bed, Lettie made an important phone call.

Lettie: Hey, do you want to come-

Yes you see, the lighting was good, the timing was great... so Lettie decided it was time to go to... the next base.

So that prompted her to call Caleb over and...

He was very receptive.

She asked him if he wanted to carry on upstairs and he, enthusiastically, agreed.
So I've never done a coffin woohoo before... I wanted to give it a shot and see the animations...
AKA I'm sorry not sorry I took a lot of pictures.

and I just... flipped at how cute this was. The animation is so surprisingly intimate.

I left them to autonomy and what do they do?

l;dkjgalskgjaslj couldhejustproposealreadyplease.

And with that I've got another career in the bag! Yes! Sophie, however, will stay until the birth of her child before moving out with her child in tow.
Erick finally got to retire, so now he can resume finishing up his last aspiration and skill I need him to learn for points!

... it's gonna be a long haul, isn't it?

The boys woke up to go potty in the wee hours of the morning. My plan was to send them to potty and then put them back to sleep, but Shira needed help, so Martha got up with him.

Lettie had been *ahem* preoccupied with Caleb but it's like she SMELLED her son was awake from across the hall and poofed right over just to watch him.

And the sweeties decided naps were better than the sleeps, so who am I to argue?

Lettie agrees to work from home and is granted a promotion. What a fantastic career option! XD

It's the little details like the mistletoe showing up in the mirror, but not Caleb nor Lettie that makes me really love vampires.

Howl is back because we can't ever get rid of him...

Haru is doing some minor upgrades around the stuff that still needed it. Somehow the projector had missed my eyes when I first bought it eons ago.
Our politicians had to go... um... somewhere in San Myshuno... so we went there.

One of these days I'll conquer my fear of leaving the house.

Lettie got the most out of this trip standing in the rain convincing people to vote for her.

The boys found a nice dry place inside to work on their skills with toys and tablets. Look at those sweeties...!
And... Howl... do you and your wife ever talk? Like I always see you two out... but never together. Good lord do you even like each other?

Maybe it was a mistake marrying you two...
Haru and Erick did a little country duet together.

They sounded terrible but it was so cute...

I can't get over that they've grown old together. I was flipping through old pictures of them and feeling gushy about it last night.

Lettie: *gaggle acquired*

Martha chatted up the bartender, who was extremely sad when they first started talking. Now he's confident and ready to face the day.

Caleb looks unendingly uncomfortable around people who are not Lettie.

So Lettie left her gaggle to go fix that.

Needless to say I think he's enamored with her.
Just freaking propose boy!

And we'll end on this note of cuteness, with Uncle Howl getting some love from his nephew Shira.


  1. Erick and Haru are still so cute, its so gooey to watch them in their old age hhehehe

    WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezeErick what are you doing mopping up the LAWN my god hhahahahha

    Omg that animation of Shira going down the stairs is really cute?? TS4 really goes all out with todds and I love how you show that off

    Lo r d poor Lettie that is some intense arm reaching to hug her sisters, I FELT THAT in my BACK

    (snorkels hard at Caleb always) Boy always ready for Lettie

    wEEEEZe hi, that coffin woohoo for Vamps is quirky and so cute hahaaaaaaaaa, itsgooey too

    Ifeelsobad forHowl like his wife is meaaannnnnn
    Maybe a nice boy huh


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