2.11 - When I Bought More After Saying I Wouldn't

Savvy hip-bump shared by Lettie and... man whose name I can't remember. 

Lettie: Off to a good start, Livvie.
Shhhhh. Hush now.

Either way, another one for the Ghibli Army er uh... family of vampires!

Martha: Yeah, take it sister!
Yes please do, you've just netted yourself freedom to walk in the sunlight!

Dude: Ugh my stomach...
Lettie: Suck it up, pretty boy.
*snorts* Gods I love you for that.
Lettie: *straightens suddenly* WAIT! My mom senses are tingling.

Kao: Boo, momma!
Lettie: Ooh! I've been gotten!

Lettie, are your dork senses tingling? They should be...
Lettie: Oh? Is Caleb here?


Erick I think you're supposed to catch them, not throw them and hide from them.
Erick: *from behind hands* Ok then why don't you show me how it's done?
...no thanks.
Erick: That's what I thought.

Lettie has work to do today, and seeing as she finally had enough points to buy the thick skinned (all the way, mind you) she was ready to face the world!
But first gotta snatch up the little man to take with her.

This little boy was hungry too, and I tried to have Lettie buy him food but then she tried to eat it and it was no dice.
Kao didn't complain even a little, he just whipped out his toy and played with it.
Nothing shakes this boy's happy.

I eventually moved him closer to his mama as she secured votes from people in the Spice Market (I think... that's what this place is?).
Lettie: Good lord have you learned nothing? You're almost on generation 3!

After that vote was secured I sent everyone running back home to...

Sophie...? Sophie can you hear me?
Sophie: Huh? You're a little muffled. Hold up I'm just weeding the plants in the back of the yard by pulling them through the portal in the mailbox.
So that happened.
And also...

He gained Angelic, as planned. Man I'm itching to break out my gifs but none of these characters really have any for this movie. This is the problem with doing the 10 kids per generation. I've sussed out 14ish names just in case from this movie, so let's hope I don't need more!

And here's little Shira!

I'll be frank and say I'm 100% not as attached to him as I am Kao. I feel so bad about this too. Equal love for babies, right? But... I dunno something about him doesn't quite stick with me... though he does have some big eyes!

He gets his makeover and then is taken down to practice his motor! Gotta be able to take on the stairs!

First time with mommy Martha.

Shira: AH!

Shira: Oof!

Shira: Never again...!
Until now. Again, again!
Caleb found his way over (surprise, surprise) and Lettie decided they should head to the next base in their relationship...

Lettie: *whispering*
Caleb: *eyes widening* *nodding*

Caleb was right on her as they were moving up the stairs and I couldn't stop laughing.
Buddy when she said to the next base she meant SECOND base. Second. You know. Making out?
Yet he was easily shuffled along up the stairs towards the closet.

Caleb: Lettie where are you going, I thought we were going to make out--

Lettie: *yanks him in*

Shira is not happy with me and he's off to let the whole world know it.
So it was around this time I was talking to Teresa on Boolprop and she finally talked me into (well rather told me enough about so I could) buy Seasons.
Only one doesn't simply buy an EP, oh no. I bought Spooky Stuff Pack due to the sale, then went through and bundled Seasons with Jungle Adventure and Kids Room Stuff... so...
You know what that means?

House overhaul. Bye bye old house!
I didn't even have the house that long, but I need to be more equipped for a lot of children. Plus I like getting to explore what comes in each pack I get and building is the best way to do it.
Hello Ghibli Masnion 2.0... or is this 3.0? 4-and-some-change.0?



The pool and bonfire area... I can actually use the bonfire now! (if you can, imagine my eyes sparkling anime-style in wonder)
Prior to this I also tweaked some of my MCCC settings to hopefully keep my town booming.
and also so I can have autonomous proposals from people outside the house to people inside my house hint hint nudgenudge CALEB PLEASE.

There's also a wedding arch that should get some use soon.
Please Caleb. Autonomously propose so I can wheeze, die, and melt all at once. 
Do it so I can do the impossible. 
Right onto the next part--

The backyard movie area, though I actually genuinely had a thought about this thing in the rain... I have no idea if it'll work with weather as it comes from a pack before weather... but I'll just assume it's fine and severely regret this later.

Top down from the second floor.

Top down from the first floor.

First floor living room.

First floor kitchen and dining.

Haru and Erick's bedroom/suite downstairs. Also take note that in this house I planned for closets. (gasps)
I also painstakingly gutted the last house of every appliance, plumbing object, and electronic so I could avoid having to mass upgrade the house.
Poor Haru isn't getting any younger...

We've got the energized workout room/spare room if need be and then Sophie's bedroom/suite is the pink one.
Then upstairs we've got:

Here's the toddler rooms and the kids rooms.
They're the closest to Martha and Lettie's rooms for obvious reasons.

The inspiration room and Martha's bedroom.
Also I would like to point out that my Sims even got decorations. Decorations.
That's right, bitches get toilet paper.
You can't use it, but you can at least stare at it and tell me that it looks pretty.

Here's the master suite for Lettie and I bet you can't even BEGIN to fathom who she might share this room with.
Isn't life a mystery?
If he'd only hurry up and flippin propose already.

Here's the future teen bedroom and the hangout area.

and finally the greenhouse... which does fuck all I think for working on plants that are out of season, but I'll need to check again soon.
So, as you all know I got Seasons which means the Hot Weather and Cold Weather outfits now matter... which I wasn't planning on, so I had to go through and adjust wardrobes accordingly:

Erick first, I'll let you take a stab at which outfit is which:

Haru got a new everyday outfit to fit her more... mature nature.


Lettie's I actually pre-styled, but it deserves a second look. Her cold weather definitely got an overhaul though, as prior I only had one jacket to choose from...

Martha's turn:

Kao and Shira! 💖

Woo! We survived!

Haru: Nice digs, Liv.
Thanks love. It's home now.
Haru: Indeed it is.

The twins are... where do you expect them to be? Being mothers, of course.
You know I was wondering why my boys hadn't had any nightmares yet in this file... then I looked a little closer at their mothers...
Martha: *sluuuurp*
Lettie: *wanders around as the human embodiment of a Vampire*
Guess you can't get much scarier than that...

'Cause when you look at your mommy like this and she's the scariest thing in existence... what is there to be afraid of? XD

Kao is basically done with all of his skills! The last ones are thinking and maybe imagination? But I think he maxed that one... Can't remember at the time these were taken.

I see this picture and all I can think is "FORGET ABOUT IT!"

Kao tackles his numbers and shapes no problem! It's still going to be one helluva long haul to level 5 thinking.

Yeah so Isaac... he exists. I keep inviting him over to parties but he never shows. Actually no one Martha invites shows. How sad.
Sad for you.
Martha: Shut uuuup!
So I had Sophie phone him over 'cause... her relationship wasn't very strong with him to begin with and it was already decaying at an alarming rate.
Yeah say hello to your life preserver when I chuck you off the boat that is the Ghibli family after you reach level 10 of your career!

Erick: *swallows* hmm yea?
You know... I made this BEAUTIFUL fancy room right next door. 
Erick: Did you now? *takes another bite*
Yeah, I did. It's very nice. It has a table. It also has some chairs. They're aligned in such a way so you can sit and put stuff on the table. 
Erick: How neat.
Yeah you could even EAT there. You know, some people might even call it a DINING room.

Erick: That's nice.

Shira got a bath to help with his hygiene.

Kao got mad about his blocks, so he got a hug.

So I'm juggling all these crazy things going on. Counting scores, debating children, thinking about the future and...

Then Lettie got a phonecall:



First we're greeted by this friendly staff/worker who is cussing at the sky. 
Lettie is a virgin to such things, you know.
Lettie: Oh shove off, it just startled me that's all. I know about how dad would sneak off into the bathroom and shout those words when he thought we couldn't hear him.
And there was no truer statement about parenting ever said.

This punk even glared at Lettie as he walked by. 

Please propose, please propose, please propose.
Yet it wasn't meant to be. Besides, they're still barely in the buds of this relationship, according to Lettie, who insists we drag this relationship out another 20 chapters or so.
Lettie: oh hush, you.
Lettie ended up insisting that she go light the fireplace, so she walked past him and Caleb made this doofy face as she walked past him.

Boy is struck.

I can see why, though.

hOwL iMa LITTLE buSY riGHt nOW COuld yOu PLeaSe gEt A LIfe?
No seriously this boy calls every single flippin day. WHERE IS YOUR WIFE?
Here she is.
Without you.

Lettie and Caleb stayed and flirted for a bit more. 

However the clock struck 8, which is bedtime for tots, so Lettie had to hightail it home for her Kao... dragging Caleb in tow.

We arrive home with Kao already out in the streets waiting on his mommy and Martha nearly frying her skin off trying to get him to come back inside to read a book. 
But nope. Mommy's more important.

And he'll wait patiently for her attention.

She feeds him then runs off to play good host to her boyfriend.

Then poofs back in time to entertain her son.
This woman is superwoman.
It's the only explanation.

I also love how he watches and giggles at her bat-form. Like yup, that's momma!

Shira took a shot with some of the blocks! He looks so cute with his confident smile!

But it was time for bed, so time to round up the little ones!

Kao's "I did it" dance never gets old.

Story and bed!

For all parties involved. As you can see, Lettie's mood was barely going to make it with that energy.

Bedtime for Shira too!
Oh, and what's this?

This is Haru will finish her goddamn family aspiration even if it kills me.


  1. HOooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Gods you've got some NICE ASS SKILLS
    I am of the impressed. Would live here 10/10

    Mygod it would slay if Caleb proposed to Lettie on his own and it would be SO appropriate. Game better let him.

    (gasp) You gave them toilet paper?? Livvie you spoil them rotten

    WEEHEEE MY GOD CALEB. ASKING HER OUT ON A DATE. Gogogogo, restaurant I'm excited I've never actually seen how that works.

    "hOwL iMa LITTLE buSY riGHt nOW COuld yOu PLeaSe gEt A LIfe?"
    (rolls over dead) The emotion alone in this punctuation was A++

    SNORT Chap ends with a nice SURPRISE PREGNANCY


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