2.09 - Clean Up in Aisle Relationships

Martha was on the hunt for fresh meat... and hey... isn't that fresh meat familiar?

Meat's meat, though. But yes! He's one of the people "dating" Lettie.
So Lettie popped out and risked her own skin to rectify this.

Lettie: Hey remember me, cause I don't remember you. Wanna be friends instead of romantic?
Dude: Yeah, sounds good!

Lettie: Sorry just had a quick errand to take care of.
Yes this would be the start of me spending all day cleaning up Lettie's relationship panel.
Also the only reason Caleb is bored is because Haru tried to watch a movie with him when Lettie slipped out, lol. Silly boy.
Caleb had to go shortly after this, but Lettie spotted another one passing by to peacefully end that relationship.

Lettie: Just friends?
Dude 2: Sounds great!

In the other room, Kaonashi was getting out of bed all by himself, he then toddled off to tell his mother all about it.

She asked if he'd be up for another round of potty training and he enthusiastically agreed!

I'm getting SO lucky with how amazing Kaonashi's been.

With that done, it was time for Lettie to resume her cleanup. She was also thirsty so I was asking around if anyone would give her permission to drink.
She was, unfortunately, denied by all.

The jerks.
Oh but look, Kaonashi snuck into this one!

and again! What a cute baby!

He's so proud of himself I just can't.

This was the only girl to take it poorly... and I have no idea why. They barely had a relationship to BEGIN with...

And this girl was the last. As you can see, the only romantic relationship she has left is the little she started with Caleb, who has remained PERFECTLY CELIBATE and single while Lettie was aging.

Meanwhile during all of this Kao is happy to entertain himself... however he's happier when he sees mama's bat form comin' his way.

Lettie asks to give him a bath and he enthusiastically agrees! God I love this kid.

The people of Boolprop's Discord server are likely losing their minds as I spam them with adorable pictures of this sweet baby. It's hard not to! Look at him!

One guy stuck around hoping to get lucky with Martha, but I don't think Martha was feeling it, as she mostly ignored him.

One skill mastered! What a happy baby! He even went potty all by himself after that!

Then he got some food from Grandpa Erick and had a nice chat with Grandma Haru.
I wasn't supposed to show off these adopted kids so much but here we are.
I'm so attached.
Send Help
But don't
I love him.

Lettie asks to read her boy to sleep and he enthusiastically agrees because this kid is perfect and has no flaws and I'm starting to wonder if he's even real!

Lettie tucks him in, then she and Martha go out on the hunt.

After many struggles they were finally able to get some dinner.

The next day started with promotions for the two politicians.

Off they go into separate branches!

Lettie and Martha begin their work day tasks on each other before realizing they'll need to call in for backup.

So they both phone people they know. Martha called a guy she befriended the night before (who is also a vampire), and Lettie called you know who.

Hilariously, Martha's friend bailed out saying EXCUSE ME I CAN'T COME OVER I'M A VAMPIRE.

Boi if you were anymore love struck you'd be a pancake.

Poor Caleb was embarrassed for some reason. This boy always comes over with some horrible emotion afflicting him. It's like he needs Lettie to help him be normal and sane.

She happily helps, though. Only until Kaonashi wakes up, though, then she bails to praise her son for getting up all by himself!

Kao gets himself dressed then comes out here to inspect the new man who's holding hands with his mother. He also gets himself a toy to occupy himself.

These two started rolling in the flirts and I realized it was about time I started to progress their relationship.

Granted, I just like seeing them progress by themselves.

So, I'm finally all caught up! My next goals are to progress Lettie and Caleb a little and adopt another child for Lettie.
Let's hope this next child is as sweet as Kaonashi. 😍


  1. Hello Ghiblis, been a while!

    eeeze yes lets start with lettie cutting off ties to be with Caleb only. I just came from your last wonder child chap so what a PERFECT transition.

    IndependentToddlers are really the cutest my god Kao

    IM ALREADY HERE, without fail this man

    They're so cute I'm so into them hehehe
    LETS HOPE FOR THE NEXT KID (crosses fingers)


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