2.08 - The Gooey Chapter

That's right, we ended last chapter on a nervous note. 

Howl: *gulping*
*gulps with him*

She said yes!
Thank goodness, 'cause I didn't want to have to kill someone today. What would that teach Kaonashi?
That eating people is ok?
Absolutely not.


How is it already his birthday?!
Lettie helps him out of the bassinet.

Mr. Independent.




So when I decided that this would be my 10 baby generation I realized that might get complicated/confusing/hard to follow if I focused on ALL the babies. Or very long... so I told myself I wouldn't really take pictures of the adopted children/any children until the heir came into play but...
I failed. 
I failed miserably.

Look at this little bun!

And he's a mama's boy too, oh god!


Lettie is SUCH a good mother I'm floored by it!

He's such a happy baby!
So I placed the slide inside. I wanted Lettie to be able to see him and help him through his first few slides, so she picked him up to speed him down the stairs (as babies are a little slow about stairs for quite a while).
Only instead of walking...

She turned into bats holding him!

... and he just giggled like it was the best thing ever!
So Lettie took him over to the slide and helped him up... I thought for sure he'd be upset from his momma hovering over him, but nope! Happy, independent Kao doesn't mind.

He makes it to the top and... *poof*

Bat momma teleports to the other side of the slide! I can't get over how cute that is!

He was so pleased with himself, and he autonomously snuggled into his mother.

I'm so weak for this kind of parenting.
Time for Kaonashi to do it all by himself!


Also seems Lettie is the definition of a hoverparent!
Oh, right, behind all this adorable child-parenting... we have a wedding going on! Which means we invited Billie's mom!

It was here I noticed something in the relationship panel (as I was making sure this was, in fact, her mother).

Passive parent? So I had to go check with Howl and...

Damn straight.
All the kids have Super Sibling, Daddy/Mommy Dearest for their families... cause the Ghibli family is the best.

And with that, Howl married his childhood sweetheart. Lettie even drank a sunlight preventative so she could witness it.
Kao, on the other hand, was bored by weddings and enjoying his slide.

...and making me melt.

Martha was dancing in response to the vows being said?
... and you call Lettie the dork...

Speaking of, Lettie didn't like being away from her son so... *poof*
Also she made it back just in time to ask him if he'd like to try potty training, to which he gave an enthusiastic 'yes.'
This boy is too cheerful. When will the ball drop, hm?

Independent tots are my weakness I think.

Martha and Haru enjoy some chatting outside with drinks which reminds me of what I usually do with my own mother.

 So I accidentally signed up Kao for a second round of potty training? I only meant one, but he got two, and by the end...

Poor boy was hangry.
So Lettie gave him food from her inventory and told him to eat it, which he CHEERFULLY accepted (I fully expected a tantrum here, but nope)!

He's all smiles!

Resist THAT face, I dare you.

The wedding was a success by the way, you can see where my priorities are...

Billie even had a bubbling age bar that I noticed and ignored so she aged up all on her own before I moved her and Howl to an apartment in the city. Seemed fitting for them.
I almost kept them around, because Billie was level 8 in the science career... but the house was just too full. I felt too overwhelmed. I'll have more chances to pursue those careers at a later date.

Erick: AH!
What?! What is it?!

Erick: Children! Ah!

Guess who came over?
Guess who.
As if.
We wouldn't.

What's this?
The first flirt has been released!

Lettie isn't nervous at all. Nope.

I got distracted by Sophie crawling in with desperate needs and a promotion in hand.
So I didn't really notice these two:

Getting gooier over here.
Martha had her full transition in the night.

No game... WHY.
I fixed her.

And these two somehow got gooier.

They stayed like this for an hour.

Martha: *slides in* HEY GUYS---

Martha: *awkward coughs* OK NICE TALK!
I thought they might be stuck in that position, so I had Lettie whisper something in Caleb's ear.

So they let go of their hands for a brief minute and then... went right back to it.

I think this is a nice enough image to close out on.
What gooey dorks.


    I GET IT. (i wheezed for a nice long second at that snorrrttt, ur puns always make me weak)

    Kaonashi is so freaking CUTE MY god hiii, reading this makes me want to get into TS4 again, look at him gooooo with Lettie being such a caring parent, snort - using bat powers to be cute with your child is always accepted.

    I am not against seeing all these kids close up at all. You bring out such a personality in these babies, I'm so here for it.
    And on a last name, Martha's vamp side is super gorg, heyo girl ;)


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