2.07 - Kaonashi

Martha and Lettie have been decided for the Political career - both branches. Martha will be aiming for Charity, and Lettie for the Politician.

They both picked their own causes, I picked different ones just in case the game recognizes them to be the same, so they can spam things out on their family without running out of people to promote the cause to.

Guess who showed up to congratulate Lettie?
HA. As if it's even a guessing game anymore.

He was too uncomfortable for her to learn from him, but not too uncomfortable for them to spar?
Whatever it takes to level her up, I'll try anything!

So they try.

Erick: *strolls by, casually whistling*

Erick: Huh, what? Wait!

Erick: Stop this! Stop this right now!

Erick: Not in MY house you don't! Hey are you even listening to me, you two! Hey!

Lettie and Caleb: *go vaulting up to the ceiling*
Erick: No... no! NOt mY CeIliNgS!

Erick: Those poor ceilings never asked for this...
Caleb: Good spar! Here, let me help you up.
Lettie: *nervous giggling*

Erick: *glaring at hand touching*

Erick: *glare intensifies*

Erick: Just wait until I get my sledgehammer buddy. Forget stakes - I'd like to see anyone survive a sledgehammer to the face. *stomps off*

Martha sprays herself in the face attempting to make a mural for work.
I dig it. White is a new statement, you know?
Also love that a corner is glitching out because grass. EA...
Anyways, I finally got around to giving my girls a makeover to match their more... "serious" political aspirations.
Apparently belly-shirts are not very professional. Here's a few key changes:

I dig this so much more!
Anyways, Lettie's at the point now where she needs to feed on people with permission, so Haru was FIRST IN LINE for this, as she wanted to for eons.

Caleb cheered her on the whole way it was really cute.

Then it was time to enact part two of my multi-part plan for generation 3.

What's part two, you ask? Martha being cute as fuck, of course!

Caleb also whole-heartedly approves of this.
Time for step three.

Everyone, meet ă‚«ă‚ȘăƒŠă‚·!

What, you can't read that? 😏

Welcome to the first baby of generation three, Kaonashi! Who I'll affectionately call Kao.
Yes! Day one of Lettie's adulthood and we're already starting out with a baby!

Independent, how perfect. Anyways, so I'm starting with the less obvious names for this Ghibli movie. Actually, that's a lie, as Kaonashi is a very obvious name in Japanese. I couldn't use the English version of this name because well, "No-Face" isn't exactly a name now, is it?

Welcome to the Spirited Away generation!

Ah, the 90s style trailers! This is one of Myazaki's that won awards for how gorgeous it was, and rightfully so. Holy shit is it a magical experience. It's not my favorite by him, but it's one helluva experience to watch.

This is going to be a super long generation probably. I apologize, but at least Lettie's cute, right? But yes, Spirited Away was pretty much my only option for a long list of character names I could go off of. A lot of these names will be the Japanese forms, and while I know Japanese I don't know it that well, so I apologize in advance if I butcher anything obviously.

Motherhood looks so good on Lettie.

Everyone in the house is working hard on their jobs, however it's time for Erick and Haru to finally age up... to elders.
*choking* I can't believe my babies are getting old...

Martha whipped a horn out of nowhere to give her dad his first heart-attack as an elder.
Martha: What, I figure I'm just popping the bubble for the next few heart-attacks. Like when he finds out he's a grandpa.
Erick: I'm a WHAT?

Erick decides to don the horn for Haru this time as they both moved into the next stage of their lives together.

What a pair. Mr. MuttonChops and my snarky Haru. 😍💓
Martha needs to work on her first aspiration, so I have her throw a black and white party.

I invited both Isaac and Caleb, but Caleb was the only one to show up. He'll show up to anything if Lettie's there.
Also yes take note, they're not romantically involved. Lettie seems to be in no hurry to start that up, especially now with Kaonashi around.

After chatting a bit with Caleb, Lettie was absolutely exhausted, so she went up to her coffin to sleep, but not before having me rearrange something for her.

Gotta keep her boy close.
I fully expected her to split parenting duties between her parents and Martha... but Lettie refuses. She's the sole caretaker currently of Kao and I have no complaints.

BAM. In the middle I get the notif, so off I rush...

Congrats baby! You maxed your career! You know what that means? You can finally have a life!

So it took me a while to realize that the reason my counter for "talking about black and white things" wasn't going up was because I only invited Isaac and Caleb, and Isaac didn't even bother to show. So the whole family ganged up on talking to Caleb about black and white things... poor boy.

The party was a gold!

Lots of achievements were achieved that night... then everyone crashed into bed and slept for several hours while I caught my breath.

But not before I had Haru retire.
Thank goodness for that!

Lettie was up long before Kaonashi needed her to be, but she still doted on him endlessly. She really surprised me. I didn't expect her to be so involved.
Unfortunately Lettie needed to find something to eat, and being the responsible, good vampire she is, she went to go ask for permission!

HEY he looks like Erick... (coughs) GAME you're not supposed to have FACE CLONES EXCUSE ME.
Even down to the goddamn muttonchops.

Anyways, Lettie greeted him cheerfully for instant friendship. Gotta love the club perks.

Caleb's sister gave Lettie the side eye as Lettie asked for permission from this nice man to have a nice suckle of his blood.
I get the feeling she don't like how gooey Caleb has become since he entered Lettie's orbit.
Get used to it, sista.

So as Lettie was getting her fix, Martha finally got to sneak in and meet her nephew. Yeah, because Lettie was hogging him.

But Lettie couldn't let this stand for very long so she appeared immediately after to tend to his needs.

Both Lettie and Marth worked from home - such a neat feature!

Sophie was on the same page politically as Lettie.
Howl on the other hand...

Apparently he's the political black sheep of this family, *snorts*
A musician that politically leans right... that's gotta be a first.

After that Howl called over his someone special...

Haru snuck in to try and be a grandma...

And I made some special arrangements...

Big arrangements.

Which we'll see next chapter!


  1. Hahaaaaaa welcome KAONASHI! I love it, after No-face hehehe
    Lord your founders growing old, I felt that hit lol, they're still super cute
    hohohoho, getting your lady as a reward too hehhh, Erick and Haru gun get lots of grandbabies yes

    also LOL Caleb, what a beautiful lovestruck dork, always showing up for Lettie, gotta love him <3

  2. I always make my housemates party guests for that reason. Since you can. Can't make anyone feel too awkward at a party, you'll get the gold medal but weighed down with guilt (no not really)


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