2.06 - The Day I Almost Disowned Someone

Don't mind me, I'm just casually trying to upload 400 pictures to google at the moment... Let's see how long it takes us to get through these and HOPEFULLY it's not too long.
'Cause I'm itching to go back in and play.
Here's the traits we're going for, Martha is slacking! The girls age up in two days!

I'm so slow at playing these games...

Lettie: Huzzah!
*fart noise as she fails provided by me*
I am having a blast with vampires though, Lettie is such fun to play!

Also I have to admit I love the stench around the garlic only being visible by her. It's a nice touch.
I'm just desperate to get her ranked up enough to where she can finally start USING some valuable perks.

*Dead Inside playing in my head as I stare at these*
*resists bursting into song*

So in other news Erick has a portal to another dimension that leads to the table in his hands. Who knew?
And Sims 4 said they don't have witches...

So yeah, in general legacy "real" talk. Erick is working on Baking; the twins are still in high school and trying to max out the parenthood traits. Howl is level 8 or 9 by this point in the music industry and Sophie's at level 6 in the Comedy. Haru is sitting around on her bum going to work and waiting to retire. Erick is level 8 in the Author's branch of the Writer career and things are really boring when I word them like this.
Really I'm just here for the faces they make.

Haru and Howl both had to go to work and their lowest need was social so I sent them to ambush Erick with conversation. Erick has the day off so he's baking away.

Lettie and Martha get home enraged and extremely tense respectively. Martha goes off for a jog and Lettie tries to bite her sister against her will. 

Only she got bugged out and stuck there so I reset her and sent her inside. I'd like to believe this is her character refusing to hurt her sister cause that's 100% what happened.

Rather than waiting for her to roast in the sun or to die from anger, I panicked and sent her inside. She can't just jog because it's SUNNY outside... so in comes super dad to the rescue.

We spammed "you'll be ok" and Erick got progressively farther and farther away...

It must be a new parenting technique.
After three or four rounds of that and talking it out, Lettie was back to normal. Thank the maker for Erick!
It was around this time I realized I liked her vampire form way more than her normal form so I kept her in it.

Also bet you cannot guess who she invited over.

Did you guess her body origami mentor?

'Cause if you didn't then I have to ask if you even know her at all. *snorts* 
Look at the way she looks at him.

They're dorks and proud.

Meanwhile Martha is off making friends.

Martha makes A+ "I'm better than you" faces.
Because you are, of course.
Martha: Well, no duh.

Someone got the good brownies today.

Caleb got his first taste of a movie with the twins.

Apparently he's not used to them talking over the movie... better get used to it boy. You're an honorary Ghibli at this point.

Even Erick knows how it is, you saw him last chapter as his daughters chirped over him...

Poor Haru's smile could not look more forced. Way to earn a raise though, babe!

Haru: Your sister's working on body origami again?
Martha: Yup. And I'm stuck doing calculus.
Lettie: I technically did that earlier with Caleb, so no whining!
So anyways, Martha is in desperate need of some conflict resolution so... papa Erick to the rescue bright and early the next morning!

Turns out she was a vampire, but Erick wasn't concerned.

Well, I mean, I was for him, but he was fine.

Also Haru finished fixing the rocket in order to max her rocket science skill... But as you can see I was a wee bit preoccupied.

Erick somehow won. Way to go man! Guess he beefed up since that last attack he endured that Haru had to swoop in and put on her murder gloves for.

Martha offered some advice for fixing that relationship and put herself in the green for all of the traits!

Next to max a skill was Howl and the Piano.

Oh and what's this?

Sophie's got herself a love-interest. His name is Isaac.

Erick is almost maxed baking and... what wait... where did Sophie and Isaac go?

To the bathroom of course, because where would a first kiss be more appropriate than that?

Once boyfriend and girlfriend status was solidified he went home. What a nice guy.
I can't recall if we've seen him since.
I've invited him over but...

The girls came home from their last day of school and called off the next day. Tomorrow was their birthday! I was planning to make the most of it!

Guess who?
Nah, why do I even bother acting like this is a surprise.

You know she looks more elegant as a vampire, but she still has to take her selfies...

Dorks who share similar thoughts too. *Shakes head* You two are made for each other.

Wah-la. Baking done. Just gotta get mixology with him and I can mark that as a point gained for the Ghiblis!

Haru maxed her Wellness skill!

Sophie maxed Charisma.

Erick maxed painting!

Aaaaannnddddd Howl got the good kush from his work. 
The next day dawned and it's finally here... Lettie and Martha are growing up!
Let me tell you about the day I almost disowned Sophie.

I was pulling out the birthday cake from the family inventory. 
Lettie put candles on it.
Then Martha asked for advice and lost her fucking character trait at the last possible second.
I was SO pissed! 
So... flaming pissed. 
I began to juggle around trying to get people enemies so Martha could work on her conflict resolution which had been knocked out of the running (ofc it'd be that one)!
I even tried having her fight/yell at Sophie so she could apologize but none of the options came up...
I cheated.
I maxed the trait out again and the girls got on with the show. 

Oh, side note, Lettie has bat mobility now and it's my favorite thing for reasons you'll find out in like two or three chapters.

She gains the Romantic trait. Fitting for her.

Here's my Lettie spam:

Martha's turn!

Martha gains the Family Oriented trait, which I adore her for, as generation 3 is my 10 kids in a generation.

Time to pack up the cake and do it all again later for Haru and Erick!
Until then, I'll stop here. Makeovers and more in the next chapter!


  1. Lol it's so NOT noticeable the difference between teens and adults for me in ts4. Apart from some height difference.

    SNORT at Howl's faces, my god that poor boi ahhahahahah

    Good for Sophie lol, even though she made your life hard at the end there. AND GO PAPA ERIK, support your FAMILY YES.

    andofcourse hi lettie and caleb, sweet you two are and now that Lettie is grown up hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Bat is definitely my FAV part of being a vampire in ts4. ITS A LOT OF FUN.


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