2.05 - Dork Parade

I'm going to apologize in advance because nothing is really going to happen in this chapter and I shouldn't be allowed to write when I'm this tired. Someone take the wheel away from me.
Brain: I've been trying for hours, please just stop. 
I also have 500+ pictures... yeah so, I got carried away with playing! I'll try to make this less painful as I know I take a LOT of pictures over short periods of time.

Lettie: Hey so how about teaching me about Vampirism again?
Caleb: Sure! This time we'll go into step two of body origami and the history. This is a little challenging, so we'll probably need to cover it again.

Caleb: So it all started with us needing to fit into these boxes--
Lettie compilation reactions:

Caleb: See, now you're getting it!
Lettie: Woohoo! I'm smart!
Caleb: So let's talk about mirrors-
Lettie: Wait, mirrors?

To be honest I just like watching these two interact because they're so... dorky?

Lettie: Well that was just impressive.
Caleb: *nervous laughter*

Caleb: *dorky face squint*

Martha: Hey Lettie?
Martha: Lettie?

Martha: Lettie.
Lettie: Hm what? I'm just thinking about the future.
Martha: *side-eyes Caleb* you two are dorks.

Martha: Anyways, not to interrupt this dork session but, Caleb, the writer is tired of your face and wants me to fix it, so come this way please.

Some things I kept the same, some things I changed. I gave him one of Kijiko's hairs, which is REALLY weird for me at first because that hair wasn't clay-y like most TS4 hairs are. I didn't think I'd like it but now I'm mostly ok with it (some 500 pictures later).

Caleb: So... better?

Martha: Eh, well, you're passable.

Howl: *whistling* don't mind me I Just vomited out this picture when I was supposed to be doing other things!
Lettie came in and decided to show off her powers to Caleb.
He then tried to show off back to her.

She had to take a break though to go run and throw up.

Caleb was concerned for her. I wasn't.
Lettie: It was your fault.
Well you only live once and it was worth the test to see what counted as food. 

Mhm, yes I dig them. I dig them a lot more now that Caleb looks semi-normal.

Erick and Haru were off to work for the day. I cannot wait to get Haru retired. Poor gal... one crash a lifetime is one too many.

Martha's status on her traits is still barely scraping by on emotional control and conflict resolution, so I put her to work writing out her thoughts and jogging to clear her mind pretty regularly.

Lettie has been devouring the vampire books because leveling the vampire tree is so slow. No joke, it took me forever to realize that Good Vampire is literally the worst aspiration to pick for the first vampirism run.
I didn't realize feeding on people would raise vampirism! Ugh!

I love the stories these sisters share. Martha and Lettie are a hoot.

Howl ran outside to do some collecting. I've severely neglected collecting in this challenge.

And we've officially maxed out the vampire lore without even slightly inching the vampirism tree. *sighs*
Sophie had the option to tell the "funniest joke in the world."
I knew the risks I could be in doing this, but I did it anyways.

Howl's sides were splitting, obviously.

Erick gets home and it's movie time for the Ghiblis!

Even Howl teared up a little, but shh, we saw nothing. ;)

Erick just loves when his twin daughters talk about their love lives over his head. Oh and grilled cheese.
When the movie was done it was time for homework.

Lettie: Psssst! Martha! Don't you love me?
Martha: I tolerate you, so yes.

Lettie: *randomly hisses*

Martha: Mhm, yup, you're weird.

Que what is passable for night time and Lettie starts working on keeping her emotional control up with a jog.

And guess who dropped by while she was out? That's right, her dorky partner-in-crime. Martha let him in.

I'll leave you with their dork fest.


  1. Haaaaaaaaaa I love these two dorks SNORT, yup meant to be and it SHOWS.

    NICE makeover Caleb, I like, I like indeeeeed

    Howl tho LMAO, such deadpan my friend such DEADPAN
    Haaa Caleb and Lettie have great faces, and so does MARTHA, especially that smirk she has when she calls Lettie weird, I lovvvveee it she's adorable!
    Man I love this family, and yes please Haru I support Haru RETIRING


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