2.04 - Near Death Experiences

Sorry for the long delay, I've been really focused on SimNaNoWriMo! I realized I had stockpiled some pictures and I really wanted to get back to this legacy soon so I know I needed to get these images out to the world first!

Haru bags some money and runs off with it -- er I mean she gets her regular check and that's enough to help her with the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration I stuck on her.

The household just couldn't handle having two men in it, so it decided the only way was to merge them into one. Meet Howlric! Erowl? They are the epitome of perfection!
Er, sorry, did I say perfection? I meant average.

My DISHwasher! 
Howl: but... BILLIE!

Yay Sophie! Way to bag in that aspiration!

The girls' adult bedrooms were made, however one was made with specific specifications so that sister is sleeping in the same bed as the other sister until said specific specification's specifics have been met.
Everyone else: Um... what now?
Don't think too hard about it. Haru is fixing up one of the new bathrooms anyways.

Also, this:

Specific specification's specifics have been met. ✔



...Nope, I cannot deal.

Absolute nope. EA, I'm removing your ability to fashion. Ever. Again.

I had to use the CAS cheat on her for this, but I just... couldn't deal.

YES please though, give me a reason to dress someone to the nines in Victorian!

So with that transition finally out of the way, life can resume.

Also Lettie is now the most interesting sim in the world in this save.
Martha: What a boring world, then.

Lettie came down from her vampiric possession and transformation as Sophie kind of contemplates the meaning of life behind her.

Sophie: Whatever that was sis, you do you, though maybe do you as you see a doctor about it.

Sophie: *goes back to eating her yogurt*

Lettie: This is it! I can feel it! I'm finally who I'm meant to be!
Ok, Giselle, let's not break into song.

I think your sister wants you.
Martha: I beg your pardon, but while I'm alone I have no siblings.

Martha: Yes and we all know how much work you put in to 'doing that' and 'becoming one.'
Lettie: I KNOW! So MUCH!
Martha: I was being sarcastic...

(Shakes head at Haru and Eric)

Sophie and Howl start prepping for work and life.

Haru is learning a thing or two about plants.

Then running off the second I leave her alone to dive into the pool.
I think I'm regretting putting a pool in...
Lettie came home from school hungry for the first time, and Mama Haru came bolting over to be of assistance. However, Lettie must abstain as she's being a Good Vampire.
So Haru is instead cheering her on and enthusing about her daughter's new lifestyle choices.

Weren't you a vampire murderer?
Haru: Well of course, I have to protect my babies so they can grow up and become whatever they want to be... including a vampire! *sniffling with pride*

Haru also stocks up Lettie with some plasma packs. The Vampire feeding in this game is kinda wonky as shit, but I'll roll with it.

How did it feel to have your first plasma?
Lettie: ....
I'll leave you to it.

Sophie's good luck at work nets her a promotion! We're almost there!

Family time gathered around a movie.

Haru and Eric seem pretty happy and proud of their little family.

Lettie: I mean of course duh, why wouldn't he be into you?

Martha: Uh... cause he's dating you... Everyone is dating you, sis.
Lettie: Oh, technicalities!

Sophie: Aw, what a sweet romance in this movie... I want something like that.

Howl: They didn't even share the special brownies with me tonight...
....wow... that's... a shame... (coughs)

*counting seats* hmm me thinks I didn't set up this living room very well.

Lettie: At least I don't have a crush on Horny McDoofface!

Eric: I don't think I like the sound of that name.
Lettie: Believe me dad, it's entirely ironic.
Eric: Isn't that what they all say?

Lettie: Either way, if he hurts you, I'll punch him in the face.

Martha: ...you're still dating him, Lettie.
Lettie: Since when does something so minor as that stop me from punching someone?
Here's Lettie and Martha's new rooms, by the way!

No, reality of it is, one of the friends Lettie and Martha made as children passed away, Lettie wasn't bothered by it, but Martha was. So being the good sister she is, Lettie went and forced Martha to open her tough exterior shell to reveal her squishy emotions underneath so Lettie could tell her to stop with the squishy emotions.

Martha: Thanks Lettie, you always know what to say to remind me that squishy emotions are bad.

Lettie: Right, now can we talk about the doofus again?
Martha: Oh my god, right?!

I send Lettie out for jogs at night and found it to be surprisingly popular. I decided to have her work on her skills by having her learn the Sims traits that walk by.
She came in to freshen up and...
Lettie: WAIT!

Lettie: Lemme take a selfie!

Our heir is such a freaking dork.
We've been working to try and level up photography, but I hadn't realized the photography skill took the images and made them screenshots as well. I've been leveling it by mass taking pictures so... crap I've got a lot to sort through, and she's barely at level 2 out of 5! Ugh, this is going to be a long journey.

This means lots of Selfies being had... and lots of vampiric studying too. Those are her main focuses right now. Level up the Vampire side and level up the photographer side.
...I wonder if she'll show up in her selfies even, or if she's just doing it out of habit? I know she doesn't show up in the mirrors... XD

She's also abstaining from drinking plamsa, which is more of a challenge than I realized due to how fast her hunger tanks it and how absolute shite those plasma packs are.

Lettie: *closes book suddenly* not only do I feel more learned and powerful, but my sister senses are tingling.
Martha: (slumping as she walks by sadly)
Lettie: Hey loser! Don't get sad, get glad!
*putting head into hands* no please don't start bringing up those old commercials now!


You know, this was an extremely normal moment here. Haru was doing her space missions. Eric was happy, we were all relaxed - making fun of Howl and his "dead inside" yoga... Eric's whistling as he works on ridding the plants of insects when all of the sudden...

I genuinely thought this would be it for Haru.

I was LITERALLY screaming in my chair as this happened - thinking for sure that I'd have to organize a crash before I saved because I just couldn't deal with losing Haru this early. I mean, yes it would be fine, but... NO! NO WAY!
Haru was ok, though! SOMEHOW! Holy shit.
And I'd never seen Eric book it across the yard so fast.

Me right about then:

Haru: So... how about that airplane food...
At this point we all mutually agree that the rocket will remain in shambles and Haru will no longer go off into space in it.
The kids all get home from their empathy training with Sophie, completely unaware of the near-death experience their mother just had.

Eric and Haru, however, likely won't EVER forget.

Howl was off to work, and he makes good progress as usual!

I realize that Sophie is almost ready to move out soon (as is Howl), so I start to look for someone that she could possibly be with - inviting over a few of her childhood friends.

Lettie: I dunno, sis, you sure about these guys?

Sophie: eh, they're options.
Lettie: Well let me narrow it down for you.

Lettie: *nearly trips over herself* Oh! Caleb! Hi!
I don't even remember what this interaction was - just something Sophie could do to alleviate a bad mood? I think? Either way she looks like she's dementor-sucking his soul out through his chest.

Sophie: Yesssss give me your soul... 

Lettie wanted to know more about Caleb, but she didn't want him to see her doing it, so she went into another room and hid behind a wall. 
She then worked up the nerve to ask for some training: 

Lettie: surely you can do me this solid, we're friends right... I mean, more than friends now, after we've been just bitten with each other for a while now--

Lettie: *makes weird face*
Caleb: *makes weird face back*
It's like you really are soulmates. 

Caleb: Alright, so we start this body origami by folding yourself in half like so-

Um... I thought this was vampire traini-
Lettie: NEAT!

Looks like Howl's work is sharing their secret promotion brownie recipe with Eric's work now...

Lettie: I'm getting so good at this body origami stuff Caleb taught me!
Eric: *spits out non-existent drink* he WHAT NOW?

Lettie: and this here is a TV! You shall give your soul to it. Go on now. 
Boy: *giving up soul willingly* 
Me too, bro. Me too.
Me: *panning around checking on the household later*

Lettie: So, whaddya think? 

Eric (somewhere): 

Caleb: I... think I should probably go home.
Yeah, don't let the door hit you on the way out... or Eric's sledgehammer. 

Haru: hahahaaaaaahow much longer until I can retire? 
Too long.

Lettie: Let's take a social media break...
You've read a PAGE.
Lettie: I know I've worked so hard!

Lettie: Ew, why would he post that!

Lettie: That's enough internet for today.

So, this doesn't count as "sunny." Whatever, sims. 
Still a really neat shot with godrays. 

Haru is almost done updating the new appliances in the house, she finally hit level 10 in handiness (yeah I know, she hadn't yet, somehow)!
So looking ahead Lettie will need some Plasma Fruit. I sent Eric outside to plant a few, but realized that Lettie could make actual FOOD with this, so I decided to give it a shot.

Lettie: Hmmm so... what do I do here... 

Lettie: hmmmm...

I'm growing very concerned for you.

Lettie: Owowowowow! I cut myself!
You haven't even started CHOPPING!

Lettie: Oof my fingers... I can't be expected to do this work...
Just get to chopping, you lazy ass. 

Lettie: this is such a piece of cake!
You're making a huge mess.
Lettie: Eh? Whatever. It'll be fine.
So, this food STILL made Lettie sick. Of course, so now I've got this wasted plasma fruit salad in the fridge I'll have to toss. 
I had curiosity so I had Lettie eat a raw plasma fruit.

And it did... fuck all for her thirst. 
So now she's nauseated and pulling all kinds of typical Lettie faces in her drama-llama moment.

Lettie: I think I could be dying... just dying!

Lettie: The world is ending! The end is nigh!

Lettie: *heaves* I should call Caleb to say goodbye!

Lettie: Yes, Caleb, I'm dying. I ate something and I'm now dying...

Lettie: Oh goodie! He's coming over to help me figure out what I should and shouldn't eat!

Lettie: What a man!

Eric: Um pardon-what-EXCUSE you child? What MAN are we talking about?
Lettie: Um only my future husband, dad... duh!

Lettie: Celebratory selfie! #imdying

Caleb: Good news, you're likely not dying.
Lettie: Oh good, my followers will be so relieved! I'm so glad you came to rescue me!
Caleb: Don't make this weird. 

Lettie: Would hip-bumping be more appropriate? 

Caleb: .... I guess? 

Eric: *eyeing ceiling skeptically* Howl...
Howl: Yea, pops? 
Eric: ... get my sledgehammer.


    God lmao I LOVE LETTIE, she's got such great lines hahahahhahaha

    Holyhell that's SCARY, I didn't know the spaceship could crash hello heart ATTACK

    Lol Legit, I love Lettie's vampire form, and her spunk and her endless selfies LOL, great heir, I adore! and I still love her and Martha's relationshippppp
    Meanwhile Howl is in his corner with shi DEAD INSIDE yoga (snorts again)


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