2.03 - Just Bitten By You

Martha: *groaning* Come'on Howl, let's go be wing-siblings for our sister.

With great success, Lettie was invited inside and she strolled right up to Caleb to give him a hug.

Lettie: Now let's hope he gets a good view of my neck. You know, plant some mental seeds for what he'll be doing shortly...
Martha: Good gods I can't watch this.
Howl: *facepalming*

Lettie: *delivers heartfelt compliment* Have I told you how much I admire your self restraint? Except not today I don't, just bite me already.
Oh gods.

Lettie: So, Caleb, would you ever consider turning someone else?
Caleb: Well, I suppose it depends on the person.
Lettie: So... what if that person was me?
Caleb: Hypothetically I might consider it-

Lettie: It is me. Turn me into a vampire. Uhm. Please?

Martha: My sister-is-lacking-tact sense is tingling.
Howl: Gee, I can't fathom why.
Martha: I don't even want to look.
Howl: Suit yourself, I'm getting a front-row view.

Lettie: So what-da-ya-say, my dear friend? Could you do me this solid?

Lettie: Pleeeeeeeaseeee?
Caleb jumped up suddenly and made this weird hiss as he hid behind his arm.

Caleb: Alright, I'll do it.
Lettie: *sighing* I've decided. I'm going to marry him. Yup. He's the one.
You know, Max is calling to ask you on a date...
Lettie: Max? Max who?
Caleb: Come child, I will grant you my gift.

Lettie: Ooh, what beautiful eyes you have, my dear.
Caleb: Don't make this weird...

Lettie: This is like love at first bite, isn't it?

Martha: ...She's being weird, isn't she?
Howl: Oh, one-hundred percent.

Caleb: Alright, now you must drink from me. I know this might seem a little gro-
Lettie: Ok!

Caleb: Oh, gods, she's locked her jaws!

Caleb: That's MORE than enough! You were practically an animal! 
Lettie: I feel strange...
Caleb: Are you alright?

Lettie: I'm just bitten by you, that's all. Get it? Like the play on 'smitten?'
Caleb: *hisses* You're weird.

Lettie: *doubling over* Says the man who just hissed and hid in his arm like a doofus. Ooh, man, how high is your blood sugar, mate? Ye-ouch this hurts my stomach. Lay off the sugar, man.

With a quick goodbye, the family headed home... and somehow abducted a toddler on the way...

He disappeared shortly after I pressed play. Weird.

Billie had come over earlier and was still over when they got back. She's been Howl's friend since childhood, so I decided it was time she finally got a makeover... and Howl took notice.

Howl took a lot of notice.
I took notice too.
Everyone was taking notice.

And both she and Howl love music.

The decision certainly wasn't hard after this.

Howl had easily found his one.
Well,  maybe she was his two for all I know, but we unfortunately do not have the resources to verify, so she claims one by default.
Howl: Shhh, you're ruining the moment.

Gosh isn't he such a dope?! How adorable!

Hehe, he thinks he so smooth...

... but we know the truth. Heh.
He's a poor awkward turtle, but we wuv him anyways!

He asks her to be his girlfriend, and the snap a selfie to celebrate!

Sophie finally got her deciding promotion and is now on track to be a Comedian!

Way to go, lovely! That puts her at ALMOST done with her aspiration! Just has to perform 3 routines!
... but food and bed should probably come first.

Howl and Billie go on dates so that he can start completing his Soulmates Aspiration.

Lettie and Martha, not sure if this is known, are actually pretty intense movie lovers. They usually try to do a movie night every night whenever they can.

Lettie: Oh god I can't watch!
Martha: Ick, me either!

Martha: Lettie, I know it's difficult but could you shut your face? All those whale sounds are interrupting the movie!
Lettie: *whale noises* WHhhyYYY thHHANNnnnkk YOOUuuuuu!

The house got upgraded to include a pool! My exterior decorating skills are sorely lacking...

Don't worry, Erick always looks this dead inside when he does yoga. This is par for the course.

Haru: *squinting* and you, my dear, are a plant.
*audience gasps* She's so smart! How did she know?!
Haru: Pure skill, I promise you.

Howl woke up and Billie was on him immediately for some autonomous love.

Lettie: Ughhhh indigestion.
Yeah, no I don't think so.
Lettie: Shh, let the readers think I'm stupid, I jive better that way. It'll make for a smooth transition of my confusion of "who, me? Vampire? How STRANGE?!"
*snorts* whatever you say...
So, Lettie and Martha went off to school, and Howl decided to take a chance on a second date with Billie... Enjoy the montage... I know I sure did.

...yeah, I've no idea why the gorgeous Billie is with my dork, but they seem happy, so I'm happy for them.

Howl and Haru have later work-shifts, so they take to later yoga routines, just as the girls are getting home!
Oh, and look, they brought a friend. How much you wanna bet that's one of Lettie's boyfriends?

A+ Lettie face here, by the way.

Haha, of COURSE he is! The girls go off for their run as he goes inside.

Martha: *snorting* I can't believe my sister posted that picture... *shakes head*

This boy thinks he can impress Lettie.
This boy is wrong.

Lettie: Yuck! Gross! *takes another bite* Yuck! Gross! *takes another bite* Yuck! Gross!
...you do you.

Lettie: *spoiling the end of the movie* I mean, everyone knew that!
Martha: I'm going to smother you tonight when you go to sleep.
Lettie: I knew you loved me!

Martha has entered the rebellious phase...

...and Sophie entered the "Picky Eater" phase... lol that one is pretty damn fitting, all things considering.

Lettie: ughhh I suddenly don't want to eat chili ever again...
Well, maybe not THAT kind of chili... at least... 
Lettie: *groaning and dying on her homework*
Martha: Sis, I mean this with deep love and affection, but shut the fuck up please, I'm working on calculus.
Lettie: But I'm dying! Probably literally!
Martha: Could you speed it up then?
Lettie: Maybe for you, sweet sister.

Howl: *happy promotion face*
Goddamn they gotta stop giving you weed brownies when you get promoted...

The Ghibli's all settled in for a movie night with their dinner, only...

Lettie: Uh oh...



    Ohmygod Lettie and her puns just about killed me

    And my love for her and Martha's relationship GROWWSSS they have such a sweet dynamic MY GOD
    Hehehe and HAPPY FOR HOWL who got himself a sweet lady ;)


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