2.02 - Twins Stick Together

What a way to start an update! Erick has now maxed both Cooking and Gourmet Cooking. Soon it'll be time to move him onto baking!

Yet despite all the yummy, wonderful breakfasts Erick made... Howl will still go about eating his hot-dogs instead.
I just love how zoned out both guys look as they're eating their breakfasts. Then again if I was woken up at 5am I'd be far more spaced out than these two.

Sophie: And so that's why you should elect me as your president!
Uh, Soph, you're in the Comedy career, you remember that, right?
Sophie: Yeah, so? Donald Trump made it to presidency, why can't I?

So I went to go into buy mode but apparently was not allowed because a vampire was breaking in... but then the clock struck a magic number before she hit the door and she skittered out of the way - thankfully for her. She clearly is unaware of how quickly Haru disposed of this household's last unwanted visitor.

Martha: Hey Howl, remember that one woman whose name the writer forgot... that woman you made enemies with like eons ago?
Howl: *still slowly eating his hot-dogs because it's too early to live* Who?
Martha: You know, that one chick?
Howl: Yes, because that clears things up.
Martha: The one you punched in the face?
Howl: Oh, right, that one.
Martha: Yeah, well, you should talk to her.

Howl: Magical advice really. I'll apply it to my situation, golly gee thanks, Martha.
Martha: Anything for you, big bro.

This bedroom is cute as pie, but the girls are getting older so I imagine they'll be moving out of this room very soon and into their own spaces. It's crazy for me to think about!
Haru: Yeah, well, you're crazy, so what else is new?
Shhh. Don't start sassing me now.
Haru: When has that ever stopped me before?

Lettie has taken up a bit of Vampiric Lore studies... before I realized that it would be better to save that for when she's bitten so she can level up her vampire status with that.
Haru took off on a space mission, here was the results:


To quote Red vs Blue: "TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE!"
"Wait! I think today is actually a good day to retreat! Can't we push dying to a week from Friday?"
"Yeah, let's all take dying as an open-action item, and come back with suggestions next meeting."
"No, it has to be today. For our ANCESTORS!" 

I actually was half concerned that Haru would come back from this in an urn. I know death by rocket ships do happen... I think...

Needless to say, Erick was relieved she made it back safe.

Haru is so gorgeous, I swear, but this was unfortunately the best angle I could seem to do for a portrait of her for Erick's paintings. That's right, he's finally skilled enough for those to COUNT!
I saw Teresa try a selfie thing as well, so I had Haru try that too...

However... she's not quite... Lettie proficient at those yet...

Howl is making progress on his Piano so he can eventually max out his musician career.

Haru's face is slowly coming along until...

Finished! And it's Erick's first masterpiece (literally)! I kind of find that pretty adorable.

He would then come back and this would be his second masterpiece...
That's... a masterpiece? Somehow?
God at that rate, here I doodled on my desk can I have $2,000 for it?

Sophie is getting closer and closer to maxing her aspiration, so here she is writing jokes for her job.

The girls arrived home from school happy, but I still have them spin into their athletic wear and go for a jog to clear their minds.

The girls decided it'd be more fun to have a jogging partner, anyways.

Martha: Lettie, your bra is showing a little.
Lettie: Shit, I was aiming for more!
Martha: I know, you better tug it down some.

Something happened on the rocket ship to poor Haru!

Her sad face breaks my heart into little pieces!

Thanks to Mojo I was able to identify Howl's INCREDIBLE luck thanks to his Responsible and Good Mannered traits.
So with that, he bags another opportunity. If only Sophie could get that lucky!

Back at home, Lettie has some last minute dates to finish up with Max.

Lettie: What, can't you handle yourself, big boy?
Max: Of course I can... can you?

Lettie: Pretty sure I'm not a dude...

Lettie: Like... I don't even have the right anatomy, bro.

Lettie: Why'd ya have to go and make this weird?

Max: It's my JOB to make things weird!
Lettie: Yea, I'm figuring that out.

Two dates down, one more to go!
Let's knock that one out right here.
Lettie: Yeah, and let's hope Max doesn't make things weird again.

Doesn't seem like you think he's 'too weird' right now...

Lettie: Yeah, well... he's cute.
Max: *makes a face at her*
Lettie: But he's still weird. MARTHA!

So that was how Martha ended up crashing this third date between Lettie and Max. Lettie also had the most dramatic story of a lifetime of surviving a weirdo.
Lettie: -and that's when I was stuck alone with the weirdest of them all!
Max: No way! This can't be true!

Lettie: Martha was there, though! She was definitely there. You remember, right, Martha?
Martha: *flatly* Could never forget, truly.

Lettie: -and this is why I don't like putting myself in perilous situations with weirdos!
Martha: Mhm, no way, you're such a safety freak, sis. Always.

Lettie: -and that's why you told me you'd always bail me out in perilous situations???
Martha: I'm starting to think this might be code for something...
Lettie: Especially people being WEIRD.

Max: *gasping* Who could possibly be that weird?
Martha: Oooh, yup, this is code for something. Definitely code.

Lettie: It's you, Max. I'm talking about you.
Martha: Wow, Lettie, you have two settings - super, impossibly vague, or straight-shot where the sun don't shine.
*popcorn munching sounds* Don't mind me, I'm just a fly on the wall.

Lettie: You're one shitty fly, that's for sure.

Max: So wait... we were talking about... me?
Lettie: Now he's catching on!
Max: Oh! I think I get it! My weirdness reminded you of that one weirdo you narrowly escaped!
Lettie: *facepalms*

I thought Max was this incredible weirdo.
Lettie: He is.
So why are you seducing him?
Lettie: Because he's hot.
Ah, right. Priorities. 
Lettie: Also because of my aspiration.

Lettie: Once this is out of the way, I've got real plans.
Do tell?
Lettie: Maybe later.
*Tosses plans for Lettie out the window* I'm all ears whenever you're ready.

A few more interactions later and...

That's a wrap! Get it, Lettie!

I'm so proud of her! All childhood aspirations complete and now her first aspiration is in the bag, so it's time to move on to her next life goal:

Let's do this everyone! We can go out now and--

Howl: We're tired, writer. How about tomorrow?

In the meantime, Martha's charisma is coming slowly but surely. She doesn't have a whole club of people to kiss just yet, though I'm keeping my eyes out for some future potential boyfriends for her. I'm so bad at juggling Sims aspirations with a social life...

Hilarious faces brought to you by Lettie.

What a picture for a morning jog, though!

The Ghibli boys are at it again, a nice morning salute to the sun!

Sophie and Haru spent the morning chatting.

Howl snuck in and whipped out a Spore painting when he was supposed to be working on his piano.
Once Lettie and Martha were off to school, though, I settled everyone down to a game of Don't Wake the Llama.

Erick was... not very good at it.

... and it made him sad.

Howl and Sophie were pros, constantly one-upping each other in flamboyancy.

...and Erick still wasn't very good at it.
Unfortunately he had to go to work, so he stopped to get ready, but the three of them kept the game on, arrogance intensifying between Howl and Sophie.

...and suddenly Haru was the unlucky one.

Howl and Sophie: WAHOO! WINNERS!

Lettie and Martha arrived home and settled in for their evening jogs.

Before sitting down for a chat.
Lettie: Tonight we're going to do it. Tonight it's going to happen!
Martha: Are you... sure about this?
Lettie: Abso-freaking-lutely! And you're coming with me!

Martha: I doubt I have much of a choice in the matter.
Lettie: Damn straight! You're my twin, you go where I go!

Martha: ...


Martha: *heavy sighs* Well, I go where she goes.


  1. Snort I love Martha and Lettie's relationship. THEY HAVE EACH OTHER'S BACKS
    or well lol Martha has LETTIE'S back


    Also unexpected SPACE DUEL lol, the more I learn the quirkier ts4 gets lol
    (Always with those events you CANT see tho)


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