2.01 - Master Kisser

The family that eats breakfast together, stays together!
Martha also used this time to corner Howl...

I couldn't be mad - I love that this is his only option... Like I can FEEL his love and support for Martha.
Today the family heads to the library so Martha can work on meeting 10 people.

Howl got his groove on outside the library. Seeing as it's usually an "all or nothing" to-do whenever the family goes out, I try to plan ahead.

Heh, he's definitely Haru's son.

Martha parks her cutie-patootie in a chair and begins her hello-ing and hi-ing.

She slowly develops a huge following. Howl worked on his guitar, Erick on his writing, Haru was... doing... something, Sophie was getting her jog on to work on her emotional control, and Lettie was working on her charisma in a spare bathroom mirror.

Well holy shit, what a conversation we must be having here.

Oh! Haru was fishing! That's what it was!

With that, we've met everyone we needed to and the Ghibli family could run back to their home lot as fast as humanly possible.

Lettie's making small strides on her Charisma. Funny how she'll have it maxed by the end of this chapter, that either means this chapter is too long or I'm getting better.
I hope the latter, but probably the former.

With that done, time to resume her aspiration. I thought she'd be required to age up, but it turns out she's not! As such, we're gonna knock this one out as fast as we can.
We just can't be picky.

So Elsa gets a call! For some reason she tried to bail off the lot and I sent Lettie out to chase her down.
Back on the lot in the background you can see the Ghibli boys hard at work getting ready for their jobs:

...and they both subsequently fell asleep doing it too. Hehe.
Back to Lettie and Elsa!

Lettie: You like what you see?
Haru definitely had a lasting impression on these kiddos.

With that out of the way, she now needs to work on kissing 10 sims, having 3 strong relationships at once, and getting to level 6 charisma!
Let's work on getting to a good relationship with Elsa and then kick her out.
Lettie: But FIRST-!

Lettie: Let me take a selfie!
You're hopeless, child.

Why not make it official?
Yes apparently you can have MORE than one girlfriend/boyfriend in this game! Neat! We get to work on collecting them for the last hurdle.

We have confirmed high enough relationship with Elsa and Max now to make for 2/3, time to call up... that one boy... from the night before?

Lettie's running on a high of hormones, so she calls up RelationshipNumberThreeBoy just as...

All three of her lovers are on the lot at once. Max just decided to drop by... and well I didn't want to miss this so we call in RelationshipNumberThreeBoy and send Martha to run interference.

Martha: So... Max... you're... uh... dating my sister, right?
Max: ... yup.

Side note: Howl is the luckiest chance card-getter I've ever had.

Lettie: Be my boyfriend?
Boy: Of course!

Lettie: SELFIE!

Lettie: Kay thanks for stoppingby-baiii!
With that boy with no name leaves and Max gets welcome in with open arms!

Then they exchange promise rings, why? Because I like that his traits are (so far) unique.
I liked it.
So I had Lettie put a ring on it.

It's now that I realized I'm going to need a little help completing Lettie's aspiration... Getting ten sims to kiss... well...

Nothing that a club can't fix! Let's get to smoochin'!

Martha keeps asking Max to leave, but he keeps sticking around. It takes 3 tries before he finally buggers off.

Just in time for the kissing to commence!

Including that random girl across the room without moving. SKILL. Pure skill.
I also gave Lettie the Great Kisser reward trait. High Charisma here we come.

I added quite a few households to the town when the girls were younger because it felt so lifeless and I hadn't yet turned on MCCC properly so... there's a surplus of teens, thankfully!

Erick and Howl arrive home - Erick with a promotion in tow before he gets immediately pulled over to "Investigate" what's going on... Hehe...

Erick: Lettie... what are you doing...?
Lettie: About to take a selfie, what do you think?
Erick: No... I mean... all of these people...?

Lettie: Oh well, I needed people for my aspiration so I made a club that lets me kiss people with minimal effort.

Erick: THAT'S my girl!

We've hit level 8 - big strides already thanks to that kissing trait!

Lettie's also taken to Boyfriending/Girlfriending each of the club members - because why not. Though, we're usually quick to remove them from the club shortly after... just in case.

Haru made it home from work! Yet, we're back to Lettie--

Lettie: Selfie!
Don't you EVER tire of that?
Lettie: Nope!

Finally! The last level has opened for us!

Boom! All the way!

I'm sorry, this is just a montage of Lettie achieving her aspiration over the course of a few days.

That's 8 boyfriends/girlfriends achieved, ladies and gents! Time to work on 3 gold dates!

Lettie and I didn't like Lucas, so we broke up with him on the spot. He's a jerk, and he's not even a Max-level jerk.
Get it?
Get it??
I'll see myself out...

But first!

Let's have a party! Why...?

It's Sophie's YA birthday!

She gains the Loves Family trait!

And Martha gets a gold!

So we threw another party - just a house party this time!

While Sophie signed up for her career!

While we'll eventually need to get a gold, this party was bugging the fuck out, so I took my silver and bowed out.

Meanwhile Max-ypoo got a call to help us with our three gold dates we'll be needing.

Sophie went to help Howl with the last parts of HIS aspiration!
Once he's done his aspiration and maxed his career, my baby Howl is free to go... join the world and be happy. I feel bad that I've not yet been able to find him a spouse, but I don't really have the urgency to? Maybe that's bad of me...

Lettie and Max also decided to give the closet a whirl - thank god teen pregnancies aren't in the base game!
... though given I want her to have ten kids I guess I wouldn't be mad. *shrugs*

Right as they were in the middle of their "fun," Erick decided he desperately needed to use the sleep, so he conked out right in the bed.
A+ parenting, right here.

They had a great date, and I think I sent him packing after this so Lettie could get some sleep.

Haru arrived home seemingly happy from work, and the house fell into the quiet sleep. They'll do it all again tomorrow!

Erick is showing quite an improvement with his knife skills now.

I wrote Lettie a song prematurely - I'd like to get physical portraits but these count (so far Haru has an autobiography written by Erick and now Lettie has a song written by Howl).
Howl also wrote a song for Haru - I'm really covering my bases, but I would PREFER pictures/paintings. We'll see if I care enough about them to prioritize them first, though!

Isn't he just so cute?!
He looks so smugly happy over completing almost all of his aspiration. Time to work on the last bit!

Bam! And just like that, we're all done with Howl's aspiration! That's one to take off the list!

Yay! Sophie maxed the comedy skill! That's one less thing to worry about!

The girls came home and had projects... I swear I love Lettie and Martha - their faces are just too good!

Martha's face just screams "I love my sister, but god is she a fool sometimes."

Luckiest. Chance. Card. Getter. EVER.

Which slaps him with a promotion.

...and some potential drug problems? What has that job been feeding you baby?
Howl: Only the best brownies EVER.
Ho boy.

Erick apparently heard my pleas for a decent painting of both Haru and Lettie to go up somewhere, so he's been working at his painting.
I'd also like to get a family portrait of everyone... is that possible? I think I've seen that before, but I'm not sure how to do it so I can put it up on the wall somewhere.

The girls took a break to grab some dinner and head off to bed.

Finally Haru and Sophie came home - with Sophie bagging a promotion! Unfortunately we couldn't get her the "Connections" reward, but let's just hope it doesn't take her too much longer to rise in the ranks here.
So that's all I've got stored in my picture bank! I meant to play recently when I was having a rough night but the game had updated (literally that day) so MCCC wasn't working and I was, unfortunately, kept away. I've got some spare time to play soon, so I'm looking forward to getting Lettie's generation off with a bang!


  1. HAAAAaaaaaaa lol
    Lettie going around making a KISSING CLUB, that was great, and lmao ERICK like i SUPPORT GO DAUGHTER GO
    Snort the loopholes of having all 3 partners on da same lot lmao that was fantastic


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