2.00 - Lettie Ghibli

Lettie Ghibli
[Let me take a selfie!]

Generation Two: Howl's Moving Castle

From the movie:

From the book: 

Traits of our Heiress: 

Life Goals: 
  • Vampirism/all vampire aspirations
  • 10 children in one generation
  • Both romantic aspirations completed by one sim
  • An insane amount of parties to be thrown.
  • Get a gold in every party type
  • Earn all 10 upbringing traits (in her children)
  • Marry a unique primary spouse
  • Painting career
  • Collect every type of emotional painting
  • Get some family pictures up around the joint

Older Brother; Neat, Music Lover, Romantic; Musical Genius.

Older sister; Outgoing, Family-Oriented, Bookworm; Joke Star.

Twin sister; Neat, Genius, Family-Oriented; Party Animal.

I've got the next generation's theme lined up and ready to go to accommodate the 10-children I'm aiming for. I can't say with certainty for now how things will turn out, but my plan is to adopt quite a few children early on and save Lettie's biological children for last. If anyone has any tips, please let me know. My plan to keep it from getting too confusing is to try and minimize how much I show you of the "adopted" children. As much as I'd love to show a lot of them, my ideal would be to just KNOCK IT ALL OUT OF THE WAY and prevent confusion by just ripping it off like a bandaid... but that's all subject to change. 
My gameplan is to get Lettie vampired-up (which will make her immortal - all the time in the world for her to work on her family) and start the adoption processes when she's a Young Adult. We'll have to see. I know according to the rules we can only have one adopted infant at a time (and supposedly we can only adopt as an infant - SEE I still remember that rule), so I'll try to take that into account. I'm going to have to do some strategy digging though. Wish me luck!


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