1.13 - Passing the Torch

Author's Note - Hey everyone! This is the last chapter of Haru's generation! I sort of decided this on the fly, but I realized I put a huge emphasis on the heir (rightfully so) so I'll let this be my transition chapter and we'll start generation TWO in the next one! Sorry for the informalness of this whole... affair.

This chapter starts with a family outing.
Why did I do this?

It was super awesome to see them all dressed up though! 
After much fussing I was able to finally get them set up at a table!

Lettie tried to make a get-away but I dragged her riiiiight on back, lol.
I'm not suffering alone... get over there!

Howl was the first one to break out the crayons.

Soon everyone else was joining him though... take note of the beautiful artistic difference between Howl and Martha...


Conversations were had all around as each person ordered a very... strange dish. Everyone seems to be regretting that I didn't send them to the diner after all...

Well, the first round of food got completely wasted on the floor.

Eons later the food arrives and the waitress does a bit of magic...
Howl, watch your head! 

Pictures are taken and then I leave them to take their first bites.

... mixed reviews, I see.

I sent the family home late after they all finally finished their food. The trend of me never wanting to leave the home lot again continues...

All of the adults are at work today, so I have to celebrate the twins' birthday with just Sophie.

I was trying to hold off for Martha to complete her last aspiration, but I knew it wasn't going to happen, so I finally sent them to their cakes.

Lettie grew up to teen, gaining the Serial Romantic aspiration and the Loves the Outdoors trait.

Alright... let's move out of the way so Martha can-
Lettie: But WAIT-

*music intensifies* 
Why... is this song so catchy?!

Martha's turn!

Party Animal aspiration (whatever one that is) and Genius are added to her repertoire.

Martha: Yes I'm so cute! 

I took this picture because I had been in a party but for some reason it didn't count ANYTHING that happened! *frustrated groaning*

Look at the overgrown garden... Tsk Tsk. Someone should do something about that...

Martha started on her homework and then finally the family came home so I could break down and do the makeovers. 


Formal Outfits





"Hot Weather" Outfit

"Cold Weather" Outfit

Then it's Martha's turn:







"Hot Weather" Outfit

"Cold Weather" Outfit

So with that out of the way... life resumes in the Ghibli household. I can finally say I settled that Lettie is our heiress. Please don't make me regret this, Lettie.

Lettie: Hmm, sounds important... better take a selfie first!

The real question is... will she stop taking selfies long enough to achieve for generation 2?

The girls eat some dinner together and head to bed - where all of the rest of the adults go. Haru is now the latest worker.

And her age is starting to show more and more.

Magic floating plates! Also Lettie is struggling with emotional control... she better start going for jogs soon! 

No, Martha! Not you too!

Sophie, Haru and Lettie all congregate into the dining room to chat - Lettie is studying up on Vampires. Haru is mourning constantly these days as he friends start dying all around her.
What a cheerful world we live in!

So she seeks support from her loyal husband, who happily listens to her as he gardens our extremely overgrown garden.

Howl was showing signs of sickness, poor boy, so down the hatch the medicine goes! 

This pack pleasantly surprised me by being something I actually use very frequently for its buffs. Wellness is an A+ skill... even when Erick and Howl fall asleep doing their meditative routines...

Howl is getting really lonely, so I have him start chatting up people from work and single girls around town... there are unfortunately not many.

The kids brought home fresh meat other kids from school!
Get 'em Lettie!

Max from the Get Together pack. So far he's got unique traits so he's qualifying for a potential spouse.

Lettie is super cute as she hunts him down.

Max: I mean, who would actually want to do anything not evil!

Lettie: Do you think my outfit is cute? I tots do. Oh hey, you're not seeing anyone right?

Max: Nope! Sweet! That means I totally have a shot with you!

Lettie: *coughs* Uhm, yes I heard that. So how about-
We need him for your aspiration...

Lettie: -HOW ABOUT you come on inside with me! *pained smile*
That-ta girl!

Lettie: There, how's your shoulders now?
Max: Much better. I never knew how tense they were! 
Almost done with this date love. Keep it up.
Lettie: *quiet groan* 
Max: What was that?
Lettie: Oh, nothing! 

Lettie: How about you be my boyfriend?
Max: I'm totally into that!
Lettie: Selfie?
Max: Let's!

Max: How about that kiss now?
Lettie: *stares at me* Uhh...
Not yet! We need to get to the next aspiration level first!
Lettie: How about a hug! Must remain... chaste.. you know!

Max: Ohhh, I see! Slow burn. I dig it!
Lettie: *whispering* how much further?
We need more interactions love, keep at it!

Date down! One more!
Max: So that's how I plan world domination.
Lettie: Uh...huh...
Other girl whose name I've forgotten: This book is really neat. Lettie is also cute.

Sophie: Hey sis, it's dinner--
Lettie: *gives the death glare* Bu-sy.
Max: What a nice chess table.

That calls it for the date! We're good!

Lettie: Finally!
Max: I know right? Rain should come soon enough!
No. No seasons for you. No seasons for me. No seasons for ANYONE. I'm the ANTI-OPERA.
Lettie: *whispers* What do I do now?!
Go for the kill.

Lettie: Hey... that wasn't so bad!
Max: *smirking* You sound so surprised, babe.
Lettie: I genuinely am!

Howl: Stomach... upset... world... ending...
*shoves medicine down his throat* get this family sick and so help me god...


Martha: HEY pretty boy, going somewhere?? 
Martha is just as ruthless as her sister. 
Boy: Uhm... away... from here?
Martha: Not anymore, you're not!

Back at home while Lettie shoos Max out the door as fast as possible, another couple has decided to renew their affections in the closet...

Which resulted in negative moodlets because of clothes hangers. Lol, you two really are getting old! 

For some reason, Howl comes home from work with his "daily task" already complete? I mean I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I get worried about corruption... Anyone have any thoughts? 

Sophie is still adorable as all get-out, and she's working on her comedy.

Lettie: *shoving face full of food* souhmyou'rereallycute *gulping* and stuff, you know that handsome *shoveling more food into mouth*
Boy: I'm somehow really flattered by this...

Lettie: youshouldbe! *swallows* I'm- *shovels more food into mouth* evengoingtoputmyplatedown *swallows and puts plate on table* to do this!
Boy: Do what?


Lettie: Hehe! *whispers* that counted, right?
You betchya. One more left.
Lettie: Piece of cake. I already have someone in mind.

So that's where I'll leave you. Thanks so much for sticking with generation one as I fumble around in the Sims 4.
I can't believe I've made it to generation 2 already
Let's do this!


  1. Haaaaa generation one is already over heeeee, Erick and Haru were a great pair to start with hehe

    The twins look GORGEOUS, and Lettie makes me snort XD


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