1.12 - Howl's Overdue Makeover

It's Erick's turn to practice his salute to the sun before work for the most inspired mood I can manage.

It's early, but I send Lettie on a hunt for her adult friends, and I spied with my little eye... a Vampire! This works out perfectly!

I have plans for a Vampire. 

Sophie and Howl do some chatting over his dismal relationship with his enemy to net her some more conflict resolution points.
Sophie: So yeah, you should talk to her.
Howl: Gee, that never occurred to me, thanks.

I... don't know... why I took this.

Haru takes off for a space mission.

Martha latched onto our new Vampire friend that Lettie had previously befriended.
Me: *sitting around watching the lot* *spots someone* FRESH MEAT. GO GO GO!

Lettie and Martha form their swarm of befriending on this creep that I'm pretty sure asked Sophie to go to the Romance festival earlier...

Speaking of Sophie, she's working on her homework as Lettie returns triumphantly home to work on her motor aspiration with Martha.

I'm stuck on Sophie's Aspiration - she can't do anything more until she ages up. Unfortunately she doesn't have more than 3k points for connections (which will help her to get out easier), so I'm trying to do as many whims for her as I can. She's wished so far to do her homework and then do her extra credit... so... studious Ghibli child as always.

Erick came home with his first promotion (see below) and in the family inventory I've found a second computer which I temporarily slapped down in the girls' room so both of them could work on their typing skills at the same time.

Lol, so now this woman wants to make amends? Nope. I'm not leaving this house for you to get on Howl's case and be mean to him. I know showing up will do nothing.

Sophie still has some of my favorite genetics, even when she pulls whacky faces like this XD.

Or this.

Or this.

Martha is really stinking cute though.

Motor Aspirations are being completed here. With that that will leave only the Creative Aspiration for Martha... and Lettie is finished entirely! Holy cow! I have no idea how these girls are so productive compared to my prior two!

Monday night means school projects. For the first time since starting this file it takes more than one day for me to have them complete it. I wasn't really in a hurry.

The family sits down for dinner. I hate not having UI... All kinds of stuff was SUPPOSED to be going on these two chapters and of FUCKING course I would accidentally have UI flipped off! *throws tantrum* I only have the end results now and can't remember WHEN everything took place!

I love her face. I will always love her face. I'm also extremely contemplative of my future Vampire I'll need for this challenge.
Well someone has to complete all four Vampire LTWs.
Part of me also really wants to get that 10 children in a generation out of the way. An immortal heir would be so useful for that...

Things to consider.

Howl is movin' on up into the Musician career! Finally I can stop worrying about him needing that damn playful mood!

Nope... I'm 99% sure based off the congruent set of 3 pictures in the middle of the night that this was the set of career shots that was supposed to represent her maxing her Astronaut career... *throws confetti*
Either way I knew it happened. When was another story entirely.

So as such Haru has a sudden burst of time on her hands and she waters the neglected garden that's somehow still alive.

Howl can finally embrace being "Inspired" for work, which means a happy yoga routine for him.

The kids get home from school and Sophie goes for a run.
The other girls are going to need some conflict resolution skills too so...

Mama Haru to the rescue! Take that Mail-lady!
Haru: She's lucky I didn't have her killed.
Well I mean... we do have a whole list of deaths we need to go through...

Lettie finished her project first and the other girls are catching up.

It was NOW that I realized that Howl needs a makeover so without further ado...

Yes, he even got some tattoos! He's a musician now, and it's time for him to stop looking like a clone of his father!

Lettie gets to work on her empathy skills and... AHA! FINALLY! OH THANK THE MAKER! I REALIZED IT! I FINALLY REALIZED IT!

I never thought I'd be so happy to see the UI back on... Finally! Semblance! Peace!
Also Howl confidently wants to flirt with a boy. I mean, good for you babe!
I'll end up ignoring it anyways because I have bigger fish to fry with this family, lol.

Like... achieving... THIS!
*marks a point down*
Thus completes the "have at least six sims all sitting down to eat together" portion for the Food Points.

*Rubs Sophie's precious face* Look at her! All her points aligned up to get her positive traits!

Now let's watch Haru enter full parent mode to complete her aspiration before I change it to one of the wealth ones and achieve many levels in that right off the bat!


Erick: You're so gorgeous when you accomplish things.
Haru: Tell me something I don't already know...

Howl helps his little sister Sophie out with her homework.
Yes that's right ladies and gents - Howl may look incredibly badass now, but he's still his soft, gooey, nerdy self that he always was before.
Howl: Hey!
Well, I'm not wrong... at least you're cute, too. 

Martha has a long way to go on her skills, but at least we're moving somewhere positive!

She resumes her creative aspiration before school. She and Lettie will be aging up soon! I'm so excited!

Howl belated licenses one of his songs off and I groan at how long it'll be before he can license another.

The kids return from school and Erick comes home with a promotion, in which I have him head into the Author's branch.

Haru and Erick decided to celebrate.

Haru: So... am I still sexy even as I get older?
If we all don't know the answer to this one by now...

Erick: You better believe it.
Annnnditsstillreallycutesomehow. Dorks.

Let's end this chapter on Howl's pretty face talking to Sophie's pretty face! Mostly because I ran out of pictures, so... Next time should be Lettie and Martha's birthday at least. Sophie is also approaching her birthday! Exciting stuff! Thank god the UI is back!


  1. Howl looks so handsome! (I did like him with glasses, though.)

    And you TURNED DOWN the dinner date? OH, COME ON! ;)

    Awesome as always.

    1. Hehe, I loved him with glasses but he was due for a makeover that wasn't too similar to his father! I couldn't help but dress him up in the most badass thing I could find...

      I DID turn down a dinner date! I was actually fearful because every single time I've done an event outside the house it's gone POORLY! I'm just hoping my Sims will grow up to be agoraphobic at this rate... lol!

      Thanks for all your comments and support! I'm not as good with the Sims 4 as you or any of my other inspirations for this Sims 4 legacy attempt, but alas I'm somehow making progress!

  2. Hohoho NICE OUTFIT CHANGE, with the ff15 outfit for Howl i dig it

    I always love seeing the kids and their science projects, didn't know that was a thing in ts4 till I read this legacy heh

    I adore Martha she's SUPER CUTE I think she's my fav right now


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