1.11 - The UI Failure

So I finally purchased Connections for Erick and had him join up the Writer career at level 4.

I should give everyone a heads up that I was playing this all last night with the impression that I had UI on. I did not, so I'm going to try to write these two chapters worth of screenshots while the memories are still fresh and I can vaguely tell you what they're for. A lot of stuff happened though so, I'm sorry in advance.

Everyone was running a bit late this morning, but Howl and Sophie made themselves even later by having their chat and breakfast on mom and dad's BED.

Erick cooks up some gourmet eggs for the family. A family of six like this goes through food like you wouldn't even believe. I'm not sure how I'll survive when my main cook has to work long, frequent hours.

Erick works on slowly improving his painting aspiration.

And Haru works on her Athletic skill in SPACE to achieve two birds with one stone. She'll master Athletic and she'll get her daily task for space mission completed.

This picture with UI had very loudly announced that Haru maxed her athletic skill. God I'm STILL mad that the UI was off for this!
I have so many points where I thought BINGO I GOT THE UI IT'S GOOD. I'LL HAVE THIS NOTED! And... lies. it's all lies.

Haru is pleased with herself and settles down next to Erick for some flirty time before the kids get home from school.

They're really stinking cute.

The kids got home from school, and Sophie practices her death-glare.

They're greeted by their parents still making out on the couch.
Sophie: Ew, gross!

Lettie came to my rescue and picked up the homework Howl dropped carelessly on the ground and I couldn't interact with. I was able to dispose of it once I got her onto the lot! Phew!

Howl brought home a friend from school who spent more time talking to the bear than the family, but you know, you do you buddy.

Lettie found Howl's Piano and starting tinkling away... until I dragged her away because our tentative heir has other skills she needs to learn.

Today is Howl's birthday, so I attempt my luck at a party (my first ever successful one!)...

I took two pictures here because well the party had to have the birthday boy converse with people for 3 hours... it was also around this time Martha went into a Spirit Animal phase and cannot live without being in a bear costume. She'd get the Un-Bear-ably sad moodlet whenever I took it off... which I took screenshots of thinking you could see... but... lol, UI fail.

Lettie, who I just yanked away from the keyboard, was put BACK on the keyboard because of the party and the requirement to play music for an hour.

I was worried it wouldn't count, because knowing my luck that's how this usually goes, however it did!

Erick made the birthday cake and then followed up with a group dish, because I plan to keep this cake!

I kept trying to compliment the birthday boy, but it took our superstar Lettie to finally make it happen.
With that, it's time to have Howl age up into a Young Adult!

It only took him three attempts to blow out the candles, poor thing.

He gained his final trait of Music Lover. I will eventually give him a makeover, but for some reason it takes me like... 2 days so it'll probably be in the next chapter.

He's still super cute anyways. Yes he'll be Erick's clone for like two days before I finally give him his grown up look.

The rest of the family grabs their dinner and watch a movie while Howl sorts out his job.

I plan to keep all of the children in the house until the careers are completed. Once I get my point for unique careers completed then I can allow them to move out and start their lives. I've not really been pursuing proper spouses for them and this might come back to bite me in the arse later... I hope not. Any tips for spouse hunting? I was going to wait until they were Young Adults (the heirs especially), and I am going for the unique spouse trait points (even if that means having a secondary spouse for the babies).

Howl is finally stepping away from facing the wall... in order to become ONE with the wall and clip.

Sophie is so freaking cute, and I take a lot of pictures of her because I intended to show that she's my first Sim child (so far) that will likely land all 5 positive value traits!

Lettie is doing great with her homework.

Haru has been working on the rocket to advance that skill further and give her something to do as we wait for her last promotion.

Sophie's Emotional Control was borderline, so I was having her jog to clear her mind several times throughout the day to help build that up.
Sophie: I'm feeling pretty positive!
Give it five minutes love, you're a teenager. I'm waiting for the downswing.

And... Howl has yet to move. Oh, yes, by the way, Gold on that party medal. *nods* finally!

Erick loses a bit of sugar-weight he put on.

Sophie attempts at Comedy.

Lettie: Congratulations on being accepted into Club Ghibli, Martha!
Martha: We were accepted at the same time, sis...

Lettie: Oh... right.

Early morning comes and I'm now juggling three adult work schedules, however, I decide to pursue Erick's aspiration and take the family on a trip to the Museum today!

I have a whole list of things I plan to get done today at the Museum.

  • Martha and Lettie are on the Social Aspiration out to meet new people and befriend one new person. 
  • Sophie needs to work on her Comedy with Sims, she also needs to work on her manners, so she'll be friendly greeting and complimenting every Sim she sees. 
  • Howl needs to make an enemy now that he's no longer bound to the teenage/child bonus traits. Making an enemy will allow his sisters to "Fix Relationship With..." so they can get their Conflict Resolution skills up fairly quickly.
So, let's get started!

The first person to show up is a woman... let the swarm begin.

*All the Ghibli family rushes to greet her*

Let the games begin for Howl.

Howl: Being rude makes me deeply uncomfortable but you should know you are... a very... not good person!

Woman: How dare you!

Howl: Have-at-you!

*slow splat*
Woman: Hahahaha! You can't even insult properly!

Howl: Ok, now it's personal!

Mission accomplished. 
Ok so I know Howl doesn't need to be enemies with her but... I figured I was already almost there... 

Enemy status: achieved. 

So far so good for Lettie and Martha, by the way. I got a bit side-tracked with Howl... 

Sophie got to work trying to fix her brother's relationship. Yay for Conflict Resolution! 

Time for BFF status between Lettie and Martha. They're whizzing through the Social Aspiration... I guess I'm getting better at this!

No! No! No! NO! NOOOO! I WAS WATCHING! Agjl;adfskjg!
NONE of these are good options! These are ALL her weaker spots!!!! 
I think I went with "Scream into a Pillow" but I was NOT happy about it.

One last check around...

Howl attempts some reconciliation and is denied... so...

Back home we go!

You mad, bro? 
Erick is probably just upset with that woman that fought with his son. Anyways, Erick, Lettie, and Martha pack up to get some Empathy points by Volunteering while Sophie works on her Comedy, and Howl and Haru get ready for work.
That sentence was really awkward, but I'm tired.

Lettie cuts the tops off and gets some conflict resolution to boot. A+ Empathy run!

Sophie cuts it close to getting hysterical so I run her down to calm herself and then work on Charisma.

Some more kids FINALLY rolled into the neighborhood, so as soon as Lettie and Martha get home, I beef up the Kid's Club and invite over all the new kids for proper befriending. 

Lettie cheers up this boy whose name I forget. 

I took a picture of this because I was skeeved that an ADULT (not even a young adult) was wanting to drag my poor Sophie to the Romance festival. *cringes away* 
I know it's a "friendly outing" but still! Gross! 

Sisters sit down for dinner.
Lettie then returns outside for some quick befriending.

Both girls just need two adult friends to complete the social aspiration. 

Howl got a chance card that I took a risk on and he succeeded!

The day ends with two promotions... including Haru's final promotion!
...which I completely missed...
*shakes fist*
So I'll cut off my long set of pictures here and start up the next chapter. Toodles! 


  1. That woman Howl was insulting? Future wife right there. ;)

    Also, the Kids Club is a cool idea! I may need to use it for my Forgotten Hollow Tinies.

    1. Honestly I had just gotten the Get Together expansion based off of LGR's review, which gave me the idea that I could just create a super focused club to skill the kids skills up with... then I realized it had the added benefit of befriending children outside of the house!

  2. Lol thnk god for Lettie and saving us from the abandonned homework

    Poor Howl lol, I always pity him. Always crying, stuck in walls, can't do a birthday proper...
    Meanwhile Haru and Erick still being strong gives me nice goo feels


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