1.09 - Why?

So we've still got twin toddlers by this point, I haven't opened my game in quite a while because I got super busy, but I'm grateful to have a backlog of pictures I can lean on for this.

I began working tirelessly on flashcards with the girls to help their thinking. I had read somewhere that "Ask Why" gave the same amount as socializing with the Bear does for Communication... unfortunately "Ask Why" is a level 4 Thinking Skill social.

Also, both Haru and Erick reached level 10 in parenting! Check that one off the list!

Howl had a whim to flirt, and this girl came home with him so why not? It didn't progress any further than that though.

More bedtime stories for the girls to raise their Imagination!

Haru, Howl, and Erick: Wahoo! We made a robot collectively!
Also Sophie is going through another one of those phase-thingies.
I'll notice this one more, I'm pretty sure, because I'll catch her shouting and think she's cursing or something and worry I'll need to scold her... but no, EA just chose the same shouting animation for curse words as they did for the "noisy" phase.


I wish I had known I could just cancel the advice ask. That would've saved me a lot of pain up until the point I'm at currently.

The next day brings bath-time and play-time for the girls before they get to work on their skills.

Haru works later now, much later.

I've fully gone into "recap" mode, because I'm just a chapter or two away from catching up with where I am in game. I'll feel better when I finally do that.
*Counts pictures* actually... just ONE more! I can probably do that today!
Sorry for the boring-ness of these until then!

Just as we start the day poopin' we end the day poopin'.

Just kidding; we end it on a bedtime story, as sweet Martha here maxes out her Imagination along with Lettie!

Haru gets off work late and gets ambushed as she goes to tuck in Howl by a panicked Sophie because I still hadn't yet realized Nightlights prevent the monster from spawning under the bed at night.
Sims 4 players are probably going to die as this happens 4-5x more, so brace yourselves... XD

Erick: So... how's that... "phase" going?

Flash-cards, Flash-cards, flash-cards for the tots! They get flashcards until finally...

Lettie: Daddy, why?

Lettie: Daddy, why?

Lettie: Daddy, why?

Howl came home tense so I had him run off some steam here, just as his mom took off to fulfill her daily task.

Howl: and this lady over here is the lady that talks to us all the time. She's invisible.
I've come to steal your SOULS! *ghostly voice*
No, in reality it seems at this point Howl got invited out... on a date.
I couldn't say NO to a date!
I should've...

They arrived. She changed. They plunked down at a seat, and no sooner did he go to flirt with her did she reject him...

So we interrupted my ENTIRE scheduled evening and routine... for THIS? Lol, no. He went home.

What a Lady-JERK.

Back on the ranch I had to get everyone into motion for bedtime routines LATE now, thanks to that JERKFACE... and Howl was so upset.

Mom Haru to the rescue. They had a very long talk about his embarrassment and she gave him self-assurance.

Then they talked about the birds and the bees, just because I thought it was a hilariously good time to do so, and ended with Haru helping Howl with his homework, since his night had been so delayed.

Finally I managed to get EVERYONE to bed... Except...

Howl: Sophie... shouldn't you tell mom or dad?
Sophie: RIGHT! *races off to wake them too*
Howl: *sighs* *types* can't believe my sister woke me up for her imaginary monsters.

Boy I told you to GO TO BED why are you on your phone? Lol this is a bit too real for my liking...

Another monster killed by Haru, the monster-slayer.
Haru: Quite literally. Remember our old pal Vlad?
Quite well. I don't think I could ever forget that.

Despite her waking him up at night, Sophie and Howl are still BFFs. I love it.
Today is Lettie and Martha's birthday... so you know what that means, right?

Lettie: Why, Mommy?

Lettie: Why, daddy?

Martha: Why, mommy?

Martha: Why, Daddy?

Lettie: But WHY daddy?

Lettie: Why?

Lettie: Why??

I started to pity the parents, so I gave them a break with Martha.

They both got Baths... then the fun resumed!

Martha: "Why, mommy?"

Martha: Why, daddy?
Haru and Erick: Ohthankthelordit'sfinallyover.

I did a few, small conflict resolution lessons for Lettie as Erick baked their cakes and the kids got home.

Then it was Birthday time!

Lettie aged up and got the Neat trait!

Martha aged up and ALSO got the Neat trait!
(goes to check notes) no... that's right. They were both supposed to get the Neat trait, and I'm certainly not complaining here!
Here's their makeovers:

So, with the girls all done-up now, it was time to start getting to work on their skills.

Lettie is my first child to need an art table, so I'm excited about that.

I love how tight-knit my little family is. They're such a cute family!

Martha began working on her chess matches with her mom and Howl obviously started working at the guitar... and well this is when I realized I just couldn't do it anymore.

My rag-tag house was cute, but it wasn't meeting my needs. I needed more space - a better layout. I'd run out of places to tack rooms to, so I packed up the important things and...

Gave the lot a good ol' bulldozin! I love the Tudor style of the Get Together pack, so I couldn't resist:

It's super bare because we were running low on funds, but now the house will be there and be ready for each paycheck to come fill it up a little more.

We celebrate the first night in the new house with breakfast at the table... and that's where I'll leave you!


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    1. Thanks so much! I apologize that it's taken me so long to realize your comments were here! Silly blogger!

  2. haahhahahahaoh god toddlers lmao
    BUT WHY is the sky blue, BUT WHYYYY

    That fricking sucks Howl, YOU DESERVE BETTER. I wonder....what's worse...being stood up or being asked out on a date only to be rejected?

    hohohoho the house LOOKS GREAT. i DIG that tudor style heehee

  3. I love the Tudor style too, plus the skill needed to focus on the outside but not the inside. It's easy to get lost in rooms instead.

    Sending my regards for Howl's cockblocking btw


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