1.08 - The Twin Terrors

This guy is taking way too long to fade into the abyss. Please speed this along, thank you.

Haru's painstaking morning routine is she wakes up, eats her breakfast, talks with her children, goes out to do a morning salute to the sun in an energizing fashion, has an energizing shower, and then has some Oolong Tea.
In case the "energized" portion wasn't obvious. She needs an "energized" mood for work. She's going down the Interstellar Smuggler route. Don't ask me why. I picked it for money, lol. That's the answer.

Howl comes home from school every day and breezes through his homework and extra credit, then he'll usually do a journal entry of some variety, and then he'll play with other kids as part of the Kid's Club. The Kid's club is always in session after school from 4-9. I figure the kids will be doing the stuff that earns the club points anyway, so they might as well do it with a positive mood boost and the potential to rake in club points!

Sophie takes a lot longer to do her homework, as she hasn't had the same amount of help Howl has. Instead, Howl helps her and works with her.

Erick is still writing throughout the days. He just needs 3 best sellers now, which is surprisingly harder than it looks. Sophie snatches Erick's attention before she scampers off to school.

Then she went to school and got a nice teachable moment.

I dunno about you, but if my kid drew a dick in class I'd definitely be giggling too. WE ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY! Manners are easy to earn back.

Erick sneakily got the bassinet babes out for their toddler birthdays before everyone could get home and cause a stir.

So as foretold-
no don't start that again.
Well Lettie is Fussy, now.

And Martha is Angelic.

They can't get makeovers until everyone gets home (lest they lose their moodlets), so they're forced to wait and spend some time with some stuff bears.

Everyone comes home, so I can finally show you...

Our heiress, Lettie Ghibli.

And her twin sister, Martha.

I'm so psyched!
I got my perfect genetics combination! Granted I've played farther ahead and I'm still not REALLY sold perse on the idea of perfect genetics being the sole factor here, and you'll see as I get through each chapter.
I'm just having a good time, lol. That's all that matters to me.

Oh Lettie's gonna be a handfull already, I can feel it.

Bear hug time! I went into these twins knowing all the tips and tricks required!

The girls were pottied and given food to fill up their now-empty bladders.

Then it was time for the twin terrors to head to sleep.

Lol, JK did I say sleep? I meant nightmares.

And back to bed for you.

The next day dawns and Lettie found the slide. She was angry because I fed her yogurt in the morning, which apparently can bring on a sugar crash? Serves me right, I guess.

Martha is not brave like her sister seems to be, and instead she finds the slide very scary. So she hugs her bear and plays in the ball pit instead.

Happy potty dance!
It was Howl's birthday tonight, and seeing as he's currently the Kid's Club leader, I needed him to step down so Sophie could take over and not some random kid.

So Sophie asked him to step down, and he did. I didn't realize that if he stepped down himself it would've gone to her so long as it was her he was talking to. Lesson learned, and unfortunately Howl got a sad moodlet from it. He took it with pride, and even BFF'ed his sister.

I was too discouraged from the last parties to attempt another birthday party, and instead had him grow up quietly with his birthday cake and family.

He gained the Romantic trait, as planned.

He aged up and got some food before I gave him his makeover, to which I tried to compare him to his parents (pre makeover him). He's DEFINITELY Erick's son.

Still when I clean him up with a makeover he's really adorable.

Almost 100% Erick when I made him over, yet he's still different? Hard to explain. I don't quite "get" the genetics system here yet.

You know, with my high chair dreams fully given up, I find the cuteness of two girls eating on the couch pretty sweet.

Howl got himself a piano to get started on his Musical Genius aspiration, I would eventually switch him over to a guitar, but I hadn't thought about it at this point.

Sophie continued running the Kid's club with all of the members sans  Howl.

Howl can now help put the girls to bed, which is good because poor Martha needs it!

The girls only have a little bit left in their toddlerhood, but they're doing pretty good as far as skills go. A lot of this is thanks to Teresa, who at the time of playing this I was heavily following her Baby Boom, the Bladderstones, and learned so many fast ways to level the skills that took me forever with Howl and Sophie.

As such, they got baths and got to go work on their movement skill!

Erick worked out in the garden, it had gotten a bit neglected.
Erick: A bit?
Ok, ok... it was a lot neglected.

Meanwhile Haru practiced her yoga routine.

Sophie finally maxed the Social Skill, the last thing she needs is her adult friendships... so... I started luring them into the back as well as buying perks for the Kid's Club.

So it happened in no time at all!

The girls get read to as much as possible. Imagination and Thinking are the last two skills they need (except I think at this point they both needed a SMIDGE more in Movement).

So they get right on that the next day.
Meanwhile, Howl shows that he's a good son by repairing the broken dishwasher for Haru before school.

I've been trying to keep Lettie and Martha at the dollhouse as much as possible, because they seldom seem to tire of it and it's good, consistent Imagination experience.

It's hard to not love Toddlers here, they're pretty stinking cute!

Haru is at work so Erick has to learn how to fix his computer all by himself!

School project time! Everyone chips in to help Sophie with hers until Haru arrives home in time to help Howl with his.

After they bang their heads on that for a while, they go inside to watch a movie with the rest of the Kid's Club.

Everyone: *le gasp, it was the lampshade all along!*

Simultaneous tot nap!

Sophie is improving her... responsibility here? Or rather just dealing with my low tolerance for dirty things.

Erick and Sophie help her work on her homework and then the house all crashes for some good night sleep.

JUST KIDDING! Lettie had a nightmare and came in to make a fuss.  Also looks like by this point she hadn't quite hit potty yet either! She was pleased as punch that her daddy doted on her though... hehehe.

Whoop there it is!

So I'll leave you with toddler butts to round out this update!


  1. toddlers are so STINKING CUTE
    especially these two haaaaaaaa

    also i snorted at Erick. LOOK AT THAT PROGRESSION. There was once a time he could not repair the computer on his own. How times have changed (wipes tear)

  2. The TS4 facial genetics tear me between "finally no more copy/paste of facial features with no changes" and "uh I spent time tweaking the parents for nothing huh". The big areas I've noticed changing are noses (especially size/scaling) and jaws (kids getting weaker jawlines than either parent lmao) I even crept into my most recent save to do the thing I promised I wouldn't do and look at my most recent batch of toddlers to confirm all this. If nothing else it usually makes for alright kids but there was an uggo hiding right under my nose...

    And the raising of a legend! I'm glad Lettie turned out to be the unexpected gift you wanted but mad that Sophie is the only grey one from the start. What's more perfect than a rare skintone anyways? :P


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