1.07 - Way More Explanation Than You Needed

We left off with  Howl trying really, really hard to make friends with an adult or two - right after he entered the "picky eater" phase!
Spoiler alert: a phase, of which, I'll immediately forget about and won't ever deal with because Howl is a beautiful saint who eats anything that's cooked for him regardless of his so-called "pickiness."

It was also right after this picture (that I didn't get a picture of) that Billie called Howl and asked him to come to her BIRTHDAY party.
Look, point blank, I hate leaving the lot. It's so much travel, anyone who gets left behind's routine gets all thrown to shit - let alone actually SKILLING? No... Hell no. You can't PAY me to do that.
Birthdays are a huge deal in my world, and so Howl not going would be a horrible reflection on his friendship with this girl.
I was stuck in a dilemma for several minutes and...

Birthday won. Howl didn't end up making friends with that adult. *heaves a sigh*
Erick went with Howl so he could have supervision, and immediately upon leaving them, Haru and Sophie threw ALL caution to the wind. I had just put Sophie to bed, yet it read her as awake and playful. *grumbles*

So Billie sat in the doorway while Howl decided to try and make the most of this and befriend Billie's parents.

Mission accomplished, solider! Aspiration complete!

We came back home at 10 and Sophie not only wasn't tired, but she was hungry! What? Ugh!

So this little girl got to play with dolls and get a bath from her mom 'cause apparently she was starting to stink!

Eventually her energy meter was low enough that if I put her to bed at the time it was, she'd wake up at about her usual time. Still was annoying as fuck. Also Billie never aged up at her birthday party - it was a total flop.
Never leaving the house again. Ever.
Bad things happen when I do.
I miss the Sims 3 sometimes for this.

Sophie had a little dance party outside of her ball pit.

Howl had a friend over from school and that friend decided to help with Howl's second Volcano project.

Not bad!

They took a break to eat dinner.

Howl's friend had to go home, but Howl started to work on the Motor-focused childhood aspiration.
Why? Because I... wasn't really thinking. If I had been I would've put him on the Creative one, as that will be more useful to his teen aspiration.

Ooop, not the blue-screen-o-death?!
Haru: It comes for all of us, one day.

Erick is also starting to make use of the gardening plots I put out back. I don't know the first thing about gardening in this game (except that you can evolve the plant when it sparkles), so this will probably be a fruit-less endeavor.
Ba-dum tsss! 
Erick: Well, unless you somehow kill the plants, that shouldn't be the case-
Stop messing up my puns, Erick!

We got the basic packs and planted them, so we'll see how it goes.

Sophie goes for a dunk in her ball pit again.

And for some more spam with her brother's bear until she hits level 5 communication!

Why all this fanfare? Well, because it's her BIRTHDAY!

She gained the Outgoing trait.
-as foretold-

And took on the Social Butterfly aspiration-
-also foretold-

And then we bombed THIS party too with only a silver.
Would you stop that?!

So after all of this, Sophie got her makeover!

Sorry about the UI and pop-ups... I was lazy this go-around in CAS.
So it's around this point that another sale happened, so I caved and got myself another SP/GP/EP combo. As of now I'm fully caught up to all my current SP/GP/EP.
I originally had the Double Deluxe Sims 4. A friend of mine gifted me Parenthood when it came out as I wanted to initially go back and give the Sims 4 a try (and families are my favorite) but I didn't stick.
Finally I started THIS legacy, where I wanted Vampires and the Toddler Stuff pack when Howl was born, and so I picked those up in that "build your own bundle" thing with Get to Work (as that seemed interesting). My husband watched me test this out and he wanted to play himself, so he picked up his own bundle with the Sims 4, including the City Living expansion, which eventually intrigued me enough to getting another bundle that was already premade (City Living/Dine Out/Bowling) I wasn't really into the Bowling shit, but the other two were great, and it was on a super sale.
Finally after SEVERAL MORE WEEKS. I decided I would try out Get Together/Spa Day/Movie Stuff bundle.
And that's where I am currently. I'd eventually think I might like the Kid's Stuff Pack, and MAYBE Jungle Adventure... but I don't really want anything else.
Ahem, that was overly long for no reason, except to say that after getting them I decided to give the house an overhaul to include some new things!

They got a new wellness area and basketball court, I cleaned up and organized things and added some stone rugs around as paths. As much as I really never thought I'd like or use the Movie Stuff pack... I really like the trees, and find my Sims often watching movies on TV (and getting the itch/missing my Sims 3 games).

Anyways, Sophie had homework to do, then it was time for bed... which would unfortunately be disturbed by-

Sophie: MONSTER!!!! AHHHH!

Erick the monster-slayer to the rescue!

Haru and Erick ended up staying up late... why?

Because Haru had gone into labor!
This was the first time I wanted to try out a hospital delivery! Which meant... *gulp*
Leaving the lot.

 Erick: AH! Ok, do we have our bags? Is there enough time? Panic! Panic!

This is the first time I'm visiting the hospital, so I'm trying to admire it as I go. Erick and Haru rush in and I'm confused as to what I'm even supposed to do. Eventually I figure out that I need to check in at the front desk, so they go to do that, and the nurse at the computer ignores Haru.

Erick was real happy about that.

Erick: Excuse me, sir, but my WIFE is in LABOR.
Haru: I remember this pain. This hurts. A lot.
Good lord I swear that Haru always looks like you've said something to deeply hurt her feelings when she's in labor. No wonder my normally-gentle-Erick is pulling all kinds of pissed off faces.

So there was no doctor, apparently?
Was she just going to have to have the baby in the lobby?

Finally they poofed onto the lot and escort Haru back, but Erick wasn't allowed to come with her??? I was so annoyed! I was hoping he could be in the room like I've seen in some other legacies/stories.

They strap her all up to this machine (and as you can see, Erick's queue is just him waiting to walk back to the room to be with her, as I ordered him, yet he's not fulfilling it).

Ah, yes, because I'd trust a medical intern to deliver my baby! Ahhhh! (closes eyes as woman doesn't even know how to operate the machine) I'M SORRY HARU!

After "hilariously" dislodging and replacing her heart, the machine grabs out the baby and-

*Slowly calms down*
*walks numbly back to computer*
Twin girls, everyone.
I had 3 boys names ready (Calcifer, Markel - despite his name in the books being Michael, I'd go with the Ghibli variation - and Justin) and there was only 1 other woman in the movie that I could theoretically go off a name with, so I had to reach into my book lore. Book lore impending in 3... 2...

So Sophie is the eldest sister of 3 total through means of a blended family. Her mother died and her father remarried and she has 2 younger sisters from this which... let me check my book again to see... OK yes, so Sophie and Lettie share a mother and father, their mother died when they were 2 and 1 respectively, and their father remarried and later had Martha. Point is, Sophie has two sisters according to the lore, granted only one of them makes it into the movie for an appearance, the other IS mentioned, but I'd bet my treasured left nut that no one actually heard/made the connection to it unless they read the books. So for the short version - meet Lettie and Martha Ghibli.

Lettie is going to be a Fussy toddler (which is painstakingly fitting), and will also be my Serial Romantic. I'm looking forward to that! As that's definitely fitting of her. Lettie... sort of... made it into the movie? Well ok she "did" but... I'll get to it in a moment because the plot of the book mind-fucks you a bit in such a way where I don't actually believe the named character "Lettie" is truly "Lettie." But here she is anyways:

Martha rolled these:

Which is... also really fitting, up until the "Party Animal" aspiration, as that seems very not like her. I guess I could spin it. "Martha" is the sister that gets an honorable mention briefly in the Ghibli movie (when Sophie takes a ride on the back of a man's cart and he's waving her off when they part ways, the man's wife pokes her head out and says "Where is she going? Out into the waste?" and he responds "Yea, she says her sister's out there." Which is true to the books... sort of, for reasons I'll get to... now), but before I rant, here's her concept art:

Anyways, let me spoiler out the explanation so those who aren't interested don't have to read it.

So there you have it. Long-winded, and more than anyone will care to even WANT to know, but I'm a big lore-nerd, ok? And I love Ghibli films so much... but I also love this series so much, so... Talking about it is fun for me. Despite the lack of all that depth, I still love the Ghibli adaptation. It's my favorite to this day.

So yes, we have twins now.

Haru gives Lettie a cuddle and then... cheers?

Haru: Yes! Twins...! More... children! *eye twitch*
So it seems we're on the same page here.

We get the babies home and they immediately shit themselves while Haru's needs deteriorate.
... This was a terrible idea.
I should've been happy with the two kids she had.
They were happy with two. I was happy with two... but noooo I just needed to try again!

How you doin' Haru? 
Haru: I'm fine. I'm totally fine. I'm not freaking out at all. Why would you think I'm freaking out? I'm not freaking out. I'm completely just fine just like this.

What I see:

Erick was outside staring blankly out into the world. Yes so... this family is definitely not freaking out.

So Howl decides to ask for advice right then because why the fuck not.

How could you think you're not smart enough boy?! Your mom is an ASTRONAUT and your dad writes Best Sellers! Like PRECIOUS NO! You're SO smart! (dies fussing over him) You're an A student and you always do your extra credit! Baby no!

This is the face of a father who doesn't know how to be with surprise twins.
He's also exhausted because he had to wake up earlier than everyone else to cook for them. He also did the night shift diapers/feedings for the terror twins.

And suddenly Erick is feeling better and no one in the world could possibly figure out WHY.
Work that strut, Haru! Own the world. You did just bring two tiny sims into the world the night before. 
Haru: *sours* Don't remind me.

For some reason Haru really likes her ducky outpatient gown from the hospital.
Haru: What? It's really comfortable.
No judgement here. *Sips drink and looks down at ratty t-shirt and pajama bottoms I'm currently wearing* absolutely none.

I tell her to keep running because life sucks then you die. No slacking here, babe. She gets a performance boost for her new personal best time.

No! Absolutely not! I'm not leaving MY lot so you can tank your school performance with a teenager. No. No. NO. And STOP CALLING DAILY TO ASK.

The twins got removed from the bedroom as they prevented Haru and Erick from sleeping at night, here they are seemingly acting angelic, but in reality they're a tag-team of death and doom.

Haru is STILL working on her same aspiration. This is so... PAINSTAKINGLY slow.

Erick is expanding the garden.

Howl and Sophie together: Ah, the sweet smell of being buried in diapers from twins. Wonderful.
Seems this whole house caught the crazy.
Well it was at this time that I decided I wanted to try out the new club feature, and seeing as Sophie also has the Social aspiration, it seems only fitting that we bring the kids to THEM!

So meet the Kid's Club. The hangout is on the Ghibli lot (I had not yet added), the requirement is you must be a child only! And the activities you do including: doing homework, playing on the playground, playing an instrument, playing chess, or being friendly (to anyone). Things you DON'T do include being mean (to anyone) and fighting (anyone).

Howl: *on phone* SOPHIE, sis, why don't you come hang out at our house as part of our club meeting?
Sophie: Howl, I'm standing right next to you.

The kids came right over and got to work on their activities.

Sophie stopped for some advice.

Howl! I thought you were happy about your mom's pregnancy?
Howl: I was when I thought it was just one!
Touche... that seems fair. 

I added a new grill to the house so Erick could cook out for the Kid's Club Meetings. He made lots of food for everyone, though very few actually ate.

Sophie got to work on her Social Aspiration.

Howl is so damn fantastic even HE is sparkling! 😉

I actually really love how busy the house feels.

This kid came in and joined Haru just as we finally squeaked to the finish on her aspiration.

I was so damn proud I took three fucking pictures. Damn straight!
We'll wrap this chapter up with Howl doing some tippy-tap-typing on the computer for his Motor Aspiration.

That's all for now, folks!


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