1.04 - Haru's Revenge

So we've made it to the point where Haru got her proper makeover. Hi Haru!
Haru: This is a lot better.
Yes I know, sorry for taking so long.
Haru: (tsking) Thinking you could go without CC... heathenistic.

Haru has to leave for work, which makes Howl sad, so he asks for juice and gets a sandwich with it. Man I wish I could just ask for juice and get a sandwich too... Adulthood sucks.

Erick: How's your sandwich, Howl?
Howl: *incomprehensible baby babble*
Erick: Haha yeah...
You can understand that?
Erick: No. I'm just lonely.

Erick spends the entire day with Howl, potty training him, playing with him... I feel kind of bad. He has no outside friends, nor anything but his books and his son until his wife comes home.
But I'm not going to endure loading screens and ruin Haru's moodlets at work just so he can go out and meet people either, so life sucks then you die, Erick.

At least you have a cute kid to make it suck less.

Haru came home from work pulling faces.

Work went well, I take it?
On the contrary, it wasn't. She's been at level 6 for a week. She has all the requirements. She goes to work on time. She's Energized when she goes to work. She does her daily task before EVERY shift to 100%... I don't get it.

Either way she focuses on Erick to relieve this tension she feels before taking over parenting duty.

The next day is a day off for Haru, which isn't helping her promotions. This astronaut career is REALLY sucking. Also noteworthy that I already caved and bought her the Entrepreneurial or whatever it was that gets promotions faster.
So the next day dawns and Haru is PUMPED!

Haru: No, I'm just trying to see if working out constantly will give me that promotion.
Anyways because Haru has been working, I was eager to get her some time with Howl, and that means Erick can write! He's averaging royalties of like... $4,000 a day, which is pretty good and really helping the family out!

So Erick got time to write:

And Haru got time with Howl... until Howl got bored of her and said "nah."

Howl: Bye Felicia.

So Haru took off for some more work on her Aspiration. I'm starting to feel itchy now that Erick has completed one and is mostly done with another that Haru hasn't even completed her FIRST one... AND she's my founder!

Which means Erick is back on dad duty.
Erick: Want to read a book, little man?
Howl: Hehe, yes!

Erick: Well you have to CATCH ME FIRST! *takes off running*
Howl: *babbling and stumbling*
Yeah so by the time Howl got to the bedroom - some EONS later - both of them had forgotten what they were even going to DO. So I reminded them by having Erick ask to read a book again and Howl refused that time.
Really, kid? Really?
So I scolded him for refusing and they sat down to read.
*shaking cane at sky* damn you free thinkers!

Look I actually remembered to close some of the tabs during my UI noobish front.

Howl wanted to learn how to dance, so Erick went over to show him how it's done!

Good lord, this poor child will forever dance terribly because of this.

Hahaha! How cute!

Haru: *stepping out, looking super awesome* I have RETURNED FROM ANOTHER--
Me: *glaring and tapping my foot while pointing to my watch and then the ship*

Haru: I'm LEAVING for ANOTHER trip to space! *she boards the rocket again*

Erick: So while your mother is in space, let's learn about shapes!
And when Haru returned, she quickly took Erick's place so she could continue bonding with Howl.

At least we should be on the last tier of her aspiration.

Howl is also now capable of pottying on his own! Look how cute!

Erick put Howl to bed as Haru worked on her work requirements.

Outside was a new visitor that the Ghibli house kindly ignored. That's right, I got a new EP, Game and Stuff pack in here. Of course, I had to test some of these things out so---

How could I NOT pick her to test out Vampires AND Toddlers? I couldn't NOT.

Erick makes Haru a lunch every day before she goes to work, even if that means getting up before he's ready to (he was actually pretty tired this morning when he rolled out of bed - ah what he does for love).

Goddamn what a smolder on this guy.

Despite that, look how cute Haru and Erick are! They make me gooey!

Howl: *dancing* I DID IT!

The backyard got a revamp to allow for some new toys from my new EPs/SP/GP, etc.

Howl quite liked the Ball Pit. Well I mean I guess I did have this pack for a bit before this, but they finally had the money to afford one, lol!
Key difference. XD

Story time with Erick resulted in the same thing as last time. Boy, you better learn to respect your elders!

Well I attempted to grab a picture as he leveled up.
Livvie's Noob Level has increased.

Haru eventually came home from work.

Still no promotion AND she got embarrassed by something at work. *grumbles* This makes for about a week and some CHANGE now. She's more than qualified for everything! What's the hold up?
Spoiler alert: It's a glitch. I solved it by just giving her the promotion with MCCC in a future day.

Howl only likes his dolls when no one else plays with him, lol. He's a Charmer, not Independent!

Howl does his "I DID IT" dance after every potty, and yes, it's still cute each time. Look at Erick just BRIMMING with pride.

Time to start up his nightly routines after a quick game of Shapes on the Wabbit Tablet.

Haru is looking majestic; sassy hip-pop.

Howl got his dinner before he'd start winding down for bed. It was about this time I was checking Howl's age panel for when he'd be aging up and saw it to be in the next three or four days, which seemed to suffice long enough for...

Me to handle having two kids! I don't think I'm ready for two toddlers yet, but one at a time seemed good, and so far Erick and Haru are in no hurry to overly expand the house. Funds are just comfy enough that I can start a second room as needed and so on.

My first case of sickness, of COURSE, after I have Haru try for baby she'd get sick! I had just gotten Get to Work and if I remember right she and Erick were progressively sick for about two weeks on and off, even with medication (which took me FOREVER and a google search to figure out about. I was really hoping I could take her to the DOCTOR, but NOPE).

Once Haru was jacked up on some Nyquil... or Dayquil? - I mean it made her energized... so... definitely not sudafed or anything like that - she went off to go confirm the next pregnancy.
(Erick was taking Howl to read him to sleep. Bonus points to The Sims 4 for letting Erick pick up Howl from any angle. A+)

Just after Howl prepped to hear his story, Haru gave the big news!
Haru: Honey, I'm pregnant!
Erick: That's great!

Haru: Oh god that means we're gonna have another toddler...

They put Howl to bed and went to sleep like it was any other night when...

Oh no.
I scramble to wake people up, but no dice. The same thing happened to Charlotte on my playtest, here I was hoping she just got unlucky but no, it's a regular occurrence...
I panicked as he went back into the bedrooms - I mean I know this is the Sims, but I still freaked out like SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE COULD TAKE THE BABY! It was tripping all my maternal alarms, ok?

Instead he went for the master-

I was so MAD that it wouldn't let me wake Haru!
So needless to say, I was flaming pissed, but I wasn't the only one!

Charlotte solved this problem by becoming a Vampiress herself, putting this asshole in his PLACE while ensuring her babies were protected. Haru...?

...Had other things in mind...
Like playing chess with him.

Haru: Oops, did I accidentally have the door get taken away purposefully before I could enter? How unusual!
Well, good thing we've got a bit of funds to spare.
Haru: Oh don't worry, I have a cost-saving method. I assure you, ceilings are the most expensive part of houses.

Haru: Mmm, this smells delicious! Isn't life just great!

Vampire: Uh... hey... I can't get out?

Haru: What a fascinating tomb. I'm learning all kinds of things about Vampires! Like did you know they're sensitive to sunlight?

Vampire: It's uh... getting pretty warm out here...

Haru: Oh dear! It'd be such a shame if something happened to our dear, dear friend who broke into our house and assaulted my husband.
You're scary, Haru. 
I dig it.

I was starting to feel a little bad when -

Haru: *inflamed by this* I need to see this.

Haru: Oh my! Something just happened on our lawn! Gasp!
Did you really just say 'gasp?' 
Haru: I'm so shocked!

Haru: I had no idea it was going to be a sunny day in our permanently-sunny-forever-during-days house!
Do you feel guilty at all?

Haru: *pouting* Meeeeee? Why should I feel guilty? I'm a poor woman whose lawn is dirtied by a corpse.

Haru: Ah well, C'est la vie. My goodness it's warm out here, I think I'll head back inside to see my beautiful son and husband who won't be bothered by that trash anymore. Tah now, Grimmie, clean up on your way out!

Grim: *bowing her way* My goodness, what a lady! She even knew what a corpse was! Wowza! What a lucky guy Erick is!
Erick: (from eating inside) I KNOW, RIGHT?

Haru: Come to mommy, Howl! Let's go get cleaned up for some fun, and remember there's nothing mommy wouldn't do to keep you safe!
Good lord you're a force.

Now you can all see why I just can't give up this lady! She's got the most personality out of any of my Sims 4 sims previously!

She's not afraid to take revenge...


  1. HAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA (wheezes) (falls recompses self)
    what an UPDATE
    I get hit with a CHARLOTTE playthrough (bless that beautiful woman)
    and then end with HARU, being badass lmao and putting a vampire in its place
    (wheezes some more) ahhahahagoddd


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