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1.10 - The End of the Reign of Monsters

Howl is asking the real questions here.

Martha gets her read on with momma Haru for her childhood aspiration.

Sophie gets some journal-writing time, because I'm starting to try and hone in on the fantastically difficult 5 parenthood skills. Teresa would later give me a tip to ignore advice but I hadn't yet heard it by this point in my pictures.

Howl only ever seems to work on homework in the shots I have of him... *shrugs* He's a studious boy, what can I say?

Erick takes his dinner in to keep his daughter company while she cranks out some pictures.

I really dig that I could change the mailbox without complication.
Oh yeah, and this is all the kids going to gain some Empathy lessons with dad Erick on a volunteer mission.

And I took pictures only because I snorted and then wanted kindly to remind everyone that I'm going for hard to hit goals... so EATING DIRT IS FUN, KIDDO. Now don't let your goddamn volunteer experience go to waste.

Oh look, here Howl graces us wit…