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2.03 - Just Bitten By You

Martha: *groaning* Come'on Howl, let's go be wing-siblings for our sister.

With great success, Lettie was invited inside and she strolled right up to Caleb to give him a hug.

Lettie: Now let's hope he gets a good view of my neck. You know, plant some mental seeds for what he'll be doing shortly...
Martha: Good gods I can't watch this.
Howl: *facepalming*

Lettie: *delivers heartfelt compliment* Have I told you how much I admire your self restraint? Except not today I don't, just bite me already.
Oh gods.

Lettie: So, Caleb, would you ever consider turning someone else?
Caleb: Well, I suppose it depends on the person.
Lettie: So... what if that person was me?
Caleb: Hypothetically I might consider it-

Lettie: It is me. Turn me into a vampire. Uhm. Please?

Martha: My sister-is-lacking-tact sense is tingling.
Howl: Gee, I can't fathom why.
Martha: I don't even want to look.
Howl: Suit yourself, I'm getting a fro…