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2.24 - The First Teenager of Ten

Since this is a Legacy and I'm a point-hungry monster, Lettie's generation is going to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting for me, one of these tasks is to max all the skills at least once... well, if I can. Currently she's working on the new Acting skill.

Erick comes in to check on Yuna who's happily asleep in Sophie's old room (with the better bed). Why are beds in this game so damn expensive?

I had Martha and Caleb whip up some confidence posters so when Lettie hit level 4 acting she could park herself in her bedroom with the fancy acting mirror that speeds up the skill gain and the pictures for an extra boost from her confidence.

Needless to say, she gained skills like mad.

We only paused so that Caleb could fulfill some whims and I could get some cute shots. They both still have the soulmates aspiration, so fulfilling romantic interactions with each other is required to finish it up.
I also really just love them.
"What a surprise!" - said no one eve…