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2.16 - The Best Dork

So the last chapter was REALLY heavy for me when I was both playing and writing, but I have enough pictures for one more chapter... bear with me. This chapter is easier explained than me trying to add dialogue to it. Sometimes I feel like Sims have their own ways of telling a story.

Caleb immediately went out to grab little Yuna. She was tired and sad... the whole house was.

Martha was torn up, but she still spent time reducing Shira's depressed moodlet down to 6 hours, which would easily go away in the night. She then took him upstairs to read him to sleep, hoping the night would take away the sadness that had enveloped the house.

Lettie went upstairs and best-friended Kao, who, like her, was doing a pretty decent job of not falling prey to the sadness.

This brought him up to the next tier of the aspiration.

Sad babies are so sad.

Yuna was sad and beyond exhausted, so she fought with Caleb instead of letting him put her to sleep... which caused her to get out of her bed and pass …